Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 166 of the Capabar System

'Have a whole ...,' Listen to the moment (Qian Li Zhao), and all the people in front of all the people are unbelieving.

'You actually ... Shakkasi is ambiguous.

The Ninja in the moment is the leader of this organization ...

Is this a bad news or ...

'Your guy. Actually became the leader of those people ...,'

The Naruto has an indignant staring at the moment in front of him, as if he has been stepped on the foot. 'Listening to the colored cactus once said. Rejected by you ..., '

'It seems to have been such a thing ...,' I heard that the echien put this past, and it is some eyebrows who are not in the moment.

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Battle in Chapter 204 of the Crane System (seek reward automatic)

Chapter 204, fight (seeking reward automatic)

'Results, now you go to the leader of you!'

'That is my dream. ... You actually ... The Naruto smashed out, he has been trying to do things. Now this man is clear and easy to do, the result is. ...

'I want you to make a mistake ... Nog shadow is your dream ... but it is not my dream two.' The look of the fire, the fire, the end of the eye, the face did not show a wave, 'If you want To tell me, I want to be a village head, my dream is the village head. You have to be like a village head like me, these no

If you talk about the words, I advise you or free ..., '

'Today, my purpose is very simple, the extraction seal ceremony is going on ...,' The opening interrupted the veto of the Naruto is about to say, the moment is lightly moved to the front of them.

No one don't want to go out from me to the forest! '

When I finished this sentence, I saw him gently and again. I opened the perfect cactus mode, and the gorgeous royal gods in the white background. One invisible momentum spoiled Out, all the people in the field can't help but take the hand to block the strong airflow to blow to your face.

'Is evil! I am still waiting for me!' Listening to the moment, the tail guard in my love is being detached, and the Naruto suddenly rushed out of the moment, 'I won't worry about you. This guy! ',

Everyone in front of him, even did not find a brakes, and I saw that the Naruto is like a shell, and the long trajectory is dragged out on the ground.

'Good pain ...,' was flying in the moment, the Naruto on the ground, and the province seems to be a hard stand.

'The people who have a nine tail ... Your physical quality is really not general ...,' The province see the niece who is blowing by himself, and there is no hustle and hurt, and I am interested.

If it is not the outer road, the seal, the beast must be in the order from one to nine, maybe I can take the nine tail of your body now. ...

Just don't know if you are a history of Ashura, your cheap old six cactus will come out to resurrect you. ...

When I was thinking about some flavor, I heard him suddenly mentioned Kakasi, but the face was flashing and uneasy, 'If he wanted to take away the nine tail of the body ..., '

· Evergarten !!

Just when everyone appeared and what they said, the thousand generations that had been silent, and the hardships of the four folks were all in the case of the Chakra wire. Fly, from all dead angles, I suddenly talked towards the moment.

Don't!! After you have a thousand generations of offensive, Kakasi is busy, but it is obvious that the Qikila's Chakra wire control skill is more competitive.


The next scene made the thousand generations of horrible eyes, and I saw that I didn't flash it. I was inserted from the ten sharp, in addition to the flying sip, the whole person It's intact.

'Most physical attacks are invalid to him ... Shakkasi said. A scarlet written eye stared at the moment in front of him.' Since the enemy is his words ... Today we A person must do a good idea, '

If you want to deal with him ... (BDCE)

'The only effective means ... probably only the Qiwei ... "Kasi's heart analyzed the situation in front of the eyes, and the heart was dark.

'It is a terrible enemy ...,' , ,

'You a bastard !! I must save me back !! "

At this moment, the Naruto after being hit by the flash, I didn't know when I had already appeared on my face, and I started down on the red Chakra, and I gradually wrapped his body. .

' ...,' moment said, his life of his God can be clearly altead that Chakra in the Naruto has formed a flaming fox form, and it seems to be swallowed in front of him.

But a tail is still not enough ..., '

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

Of course, the other people present once again saw the figure of the flash, found that the moment has replaced the position where the Naruto is located, and the whole person is already like a rival arrow, and she hits along the way. Broken a few big trees.

'Naruto !! "Seeing the Naruto was stopped in an instant, Xiao Sakin shouted, and some angry turned to the province to instantly,' You actually gave people ..., '

'Sin of sin ... The senior in the moment ...,' Shuangshui voice fell, suddenly the whole person nuts to the temple. It stab, the whole body, Chakra concentrated in the arm, and the incomparable giant force is a flash. fist.

'Seniors?' I heard Sakura's name to myself, and I was a bit awkward.

Then I immediately recalled it, I almost forgot this time Sakura, I have already become a disciple of a program, and I am still his teacher.

In Kakasi somewhat shocked, Xiao Yak contains a relaxed hand, and it is easy to pick up, and Xiao Sakin can't control the center of heart, and the whole person will go out.

Your progress is very fast ..., '$ Troubled for a smock, the Sakura is thrown out, and the inevitable opening point is coming.

In front of this, there is a pink hair. In the past, the eyes of the moment seem to have a girl in the whole body. After three years, the teachings are teachings, the growth rate is indeed very amazing.

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Crach Yushu Chapter 205 Wanhua Shiweng Eye Shenwei (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 205 Wanhua Shiweng Eye Qi (ask for reward automatic)

Just don't know how it is now a plank for the five generations of wood, how is it ...

If she knows that I have become the leader of Xiao ...

Will it be surprised? Anger? Or disappointed ...

Schlen Sakura, the Sakura, and the brain of the moment I can't think of the harsh personality, but the very good woman is waiting for him. It is a bit complicated between the mood.

Da jade spiral pill!!

When I was slightly disappearing in the moment, the Narler who was kicked by the moment did not know when to wrap a lot of Jiuji Chakra, with a huge spiral pill, and suddenly Smash down.

'Spiral pills ...,' Some degradation raises their mouths, with his ability to go to the eye of the eye, I have long predicted that the Naruto will be a sneak attack from his own.

Under the eyes of everyone, the blind eye A force is slightly launched. The big jade spiral pills in the mulers have not encountered the body, and Chakra on the top of Chakra has been absorbed.

At the left hand, I grabbed the Naruto's wrist. The right hand looked raised his hand and brought into a small abdomen of the people. I saw that the Naruto is like a cooked shrimp, and the red, her face, the whole body, shrinkage. The group, suddenly flew out, fell to the ground, constantly returning.

White secret technology, close ten people !!

In this case, the Naruto sneaked the attack, and the year but experience is very rich, the Qian Dynasty is immediately grasping the time. After using the psychic surgery, she suddenly surrounded the ten artificial places of the different forms. In her ten fingers, the formation is constantly changing.

'It's not a sadness of the sand buried, I have never been decayed. The exquisite jumbler is in the Qian Dynasty. This exquisite manipulation technology and the control of the fighter, I don't know how my mind suddenly remembered this. Most people evaluated her, so they said.