Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 167, Chapter 167

'Japan is now ... Russian love is our sandy five-generation wind shadow, a tail guard is also the most important strategic weapon of our sand. Transmitted a little bit, "No matter what your purpose ... I won't let you get.

, can have a person ... What said it is your sandy thing? "

'Is it used by a tailed crane as your sandy war weapon ... that is not as good as you control it ...,'

It is said that there is a sudden thinking about something, and the face shows a smile. The eyes suddenly turned to the Naruto who was still standing by himself.

Naruto ... You seem to be very interested in my spiral pill when I was young. ... I'm saying, just that a smile that he coming out at this moment has brought greatly. The sense of crisis,. So I will teach you a new spiral pill now. 'Two less

Immortal · Fusion Spiral Hand Sword !!!

The voice fell, and the moment was gently launched in the vicinity of Xianke Chakra. He turned a huge palm of the palm when he was turned on. Outside the wind blade of the stabbed sound, there is still a group that does not stop

Heat hot row of hot row.

'that is.…"

This is like a huge spiral pill in the hands of the planet, and all the people in all people in all people can't help but come out of the show.

'What is the level of spiral pills.

In all everyone in the field, the most shocking is not a nun, but the disciple of the four-generation fire wave windmen, only the pupils of his eyes, the pupil, the shaped size, the face The expression is shocked and huge, then at least at least. Two or more Chakra Properties


· ... seeking flowers ...

'Is it a spiral pill? The huge huge spiral hand sword, can not help but have a big eyes.

Drunken all the expression on their faces, the face of the face is a lot of color, 'If you can't get this trick, you will turn it with this forest into ashes ...

The sound of the moment is just falling, and it will slap in the hands of the fusion spiral hand in his hand.

At the same time, almost the step of simultaneous synchronization, under the power brought by the moment, Kakasi left eyelid written eyes began to rotate, quickly changed to a darts. The shape of the sword.

Wanhua short-eyed eyes · Shen Wei !!

The fusion spiral hand thickened in the moment is suddenly anesthes from all of them, and suddenly broke out from the air in front of their eyes, and the whole forest land will be turned into a devastating magma.

At this time, in the heart of the fusion spiral hand, the spiral spiral twisted in the spatial space, a spatial point that seems to be to the foreign world is opened.

A distorted space forces instantly absorb the entire explosion spiral hand, and the space in front of the people seems to be tears like a tablecloth, and eventually all restored calm.

In addition to a piece of land burned by high temperatures in front of the empty space, it seems that there is no need to happen.

Call. Ha. ... call. ...

Only after Kakasi in the woods consumes a lot of Chakra and A force, the voice that is constantly ambitious is reminding them, and all the things they have saved have happened.

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Crash System Chapter 206 Takada arrives (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 206 Kaiza arrived (seeking reward automatic)

"Carti teacher." What did you do just now ?! '. Sakura is bonded by everything in front of me, and looks at Kakasi asked questions about everyone's heart.

'I transferred his sickness to another space _._ "After the sentence, Kakasi can't support it, the whole person is squatting on the ground.

'Fortunately, I caught up _._.' Carti sidelines, while seemingly painful to touch their left eye, 'But he just scored too much _._ Using Shenwei Open that big space _. ''.

I have already used the second time _._. 'Carti only feels that the whole body of Chakra is almost exhausted, and the written eyes are also severe pain.

Wanhua short-eyed eyes.

Everything I just didn't escape from the eyes of 'Zero seven, and I saw a good look on his face, saving almost almost almost in front of Kakasi, which is very clear. How much is the rest of Chakra in his body, is not the people of the Yuxi Bo_._ use this eye

Make such robs. Is it very hard? "

'Then my next sickness _. What should you do? "The flash of his hands said that the moon is said, and the blue eyes reflected in the face of each person on the face.

Is it today _._. Do all of us die here.

For a moment, in addition to a face of a relaxed to stand there, all the people did not help but bloom on a layer.

Why can't I take away my love _._. Why is him every time. One. ''

At this time, the Naruto who was originally fell to the ground stood up, and it took the fire red nine-tailed Chakra. It seems like muttered in his mouth. Sand put the monster into his In the body, you will now take the monster now to kill him. One. ''.

He just planted the shape !! "" The emotion of the Naruto seems to be more and more excited, dieting, holding the fist in his hand, there is two lines of tears hanging down.

As with I Ai Luo as a nun, I can understand the pain and loneliness of my Ai Lu, in his eyes, I love to be another one.

I have seen this other one, with so many loneliness and setbacks, I finally got everyone's identity, became a wind shadow, but I was grabbed by the people who got the organization, and I was in the body, and I was in danger. How can he not?

The Naruto stood up, heard him in his hysterical, all people in the scene were deeply silent.

In the moment, there is also a silent nun man, and I found that he didn't have something in the world, which is a kind of road flying in the One Piece world, which is able to infect someone else.

At this moment, it seems that it seems to be a little understanding, why the Naruto can rely on a mouth, convince and infected with so many people, or even those who have soil, because his body has this character.

Very nice eyes ..., 'silent. Looking at the Naruto staring at his eyes, suddenly there is some unique opening.' Your eyes are like your father ... less

My father ?! Hear the words of the Pasta, the Naruto widened his eyes.

'Perhaps everyone has their own difficult pain and experience. ... But as long as it is for my ideal and purpose ... The body is talking, the sound of the moment is gradually cooled,' Everything has to make the way! "

Calculate the time, there is almost the same sealing over the end ...

Just in the moment, when I was going to pick up all four people, I saved the new changes in my life.

Wooden rigid whirlwind !! "

A strong hard wind came back from the moment, and the moment, it was as if he was unknown. He suddenly removed a step in advance, and it was easy to escape the attack behind himself.

'I haven't seen it for a long time. Akai ...,' It is easy to avoid the attack behind, and there is no back in the moment. I clearly observe four people coming from behind.......

Also. ... Ning. ... When the moment is spit out of this name, just slowly turn around, and the four horrific faces behind it.

'... ... less especially when I have turned around, the expression on the face of Ning is horrified to can't describe.

I saw that I haven't seen it for three years, I have also grown from the original boy to a good ninja, the face of Junxiu, the straight figure, there is also a post on the forehead, the imprint of the birds in the cage, appears that Bai Zhe is flawless.

I haven't seen it for three years. You grow up ... less openly, look at the Ning of your mouth, his mouth has a inexplicable smile.

'Elite tolerance ... There is no special training for him before you have no white fee ...,' Province, the strength of the original strength has increased a level of Ning, and the heart is dark.

"The day is now in the moment ?!" After the appearance of this enemy in front of the four people in Kakasi, Akai also opened his mouth.

"Cardi! He ..." The time Akai has a little surprised to turn his gaze to Cardi sitting on the ground.