Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 168 of the Crash System

I saw Kasi, who sat on the ground, saw 2.6 At this time, Akai, who was arrived at this time, nodded in Shen Ri, 'His current identity is the leader of Xiao ...

A silent.

Akai, Ning, and the latter Little Li and every day, the face did not achieve the same flow of 9 out of the feelings of dare not confidence.

The leader of Xiao ..., 'Akai assumes that the province is in the eyes of the moment, filled with the uneven colors,' I can't think ... this enemy. ... It will be you ..., '

Is there a worse message in the world?

Ning Ji. ... How will you choose it again. ... The blue eyes drunk in the eyes of the past, the heart is thinking about thinking.

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Crash System Chapter 207 Seventh Door · Shorture (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 207 Seventh Gate · Shortestators (ask for reward automatic)

Among the afternoon forests, the atmosphere looks unusually depressed.

Only the sound of the wind blowing leaves, in the forest.

' _._.' '

At this time, I have been promoted to the neighboring enemy in front of the leave, and the enemies in front of you are unbelred, and it is a moment that broke the day to the family for thousands of years. It is the most advocated in his heart. The moment.

'Ning Ji -. No need to intervene this battle! "

'There is also Xiao Li, every day, you have retired _._ "After that, Akai stopped Xiao Li and every day,' If the opponent is his words. _. I think you can't join this battle. two_.''

The performance of Akai, and although his appearance and dress still ridiculously, but at this moment, the face has revealed a little appreciation.

Use your own efforts and action, implement the body's madman Akai.

' ._. Although I don't know why you become the leader of this organization. One. The expression on the appearance of Akai is condensed M, but a pair of eyes have issued a strong fence,' But in addition to Kakasi outside _. You are an opponent I want to defeat !! "

He will always remember that the moment, in the battle of the leaves, the use of body will open the six-door, he will defeat, although his strength is far away from now. The extent, but the powerful figure in the moment is still giving him an injustice.

Impression of destruction.

Byto the second _. You should now be able to defeat Cardi. _ ,,

I am shouting in the mouth, I want to defeat Kakasi, you will not open a eight-door without anything.

'Borrowing you very eager to fight with me: "_" I will see the eyes of the sparks on the face of the sparks in front of you, and the face of the moment has begun to overcome a dedication of the ejaculation. Light uses body with you to play! ".

Eight-door armored seventh door, surprised, open !! "

I saw the voice of the moment, and the Akai in front of my eyes opened the seventh door in the eight armors. The whole body began to spread the blue steam generated by sweat evaporation. The powerful airflow continued to flush the surrounding ground, set off For a while another

'this is_._.''

All everyone in the field surprised the huge blue steam that broke out under the eyes of Akai, and the light was judged from the momentum of the body at this moment, and it was absolutely more than the ordinary film level.

You will go to rescue the shadow. ... here is gave to me !! "Akai was erected with an amazing momentum, and the whole paint black hair was erected by Chakra impact, and his face was full. Out, rising a shocking blood red color.

'Akai ...,' I heard that Akai intends to have a person in the shadow. Let them first rescue my love, Kasi immediately want to speaking.

Don't say Kakasi! '. Akai direct opening interrupted Kakasi as the behavior of his persuasion,' Now the most in the most, the thing is to save the wind! '

The province's unknown is unable to refuse. Everyone has dispelled with other ideas, Xiao Li and Ning immediately helped the ground Kaki.

When all the people took a jealous look through the appearance of the gods, the moment did not stop, but after the time, there was a little bit of a bit of a bit.

I didn't think that I laughed in my moment. I didn't talk to my nodes. I silently left.

Anyway, the seal of a tail guard is almost almost completed, and it is not necessary to go to Ning.

'Akai. You must not die ...,'

After Xiao Li and Ning, Kasi, who flew quickly in the woods, and looked back deeply glanced at Akai alone in the back of the moment, said silently.

After seeing all the people and thousands of generations of the leaves in the wood, only two people in the whole woods were left.

Have you ever thought that he would die here today? ', Look at the seven doors in front of him, enter the amazing Akai, the moment it seems to say some emotions.


I saw Akai to answer the moment. It is a hands holding a box, forming a tiger's gesture, with an extremely high-speed boxing air, and the Olympic time has formed a huge tiger shape high pressure air bullet, with violent impact wave Into it.

I would like to say that Akai, who came in front of him, didn't fight, just hit a box of tiger air guns, a huge violent shock wave directly rolled out countless forests on both sides, but also didn't reach yourself. It took off a strong spirit that caused one of yourself to breathe.

Fight, one touch.

Sheng Dragon !!

In the face of Akai directly bombards, the moment is not willing to show weakness. In the body, Xianke Chakra suddenly broke out, the whole body was tightly tight, and the strong kicks were suddenly slammed.

A dragon-shaped air gun that was torn in front of the whole air was shouted, and he hit the tiger hitting the Akay (Got Li).

It seems like two hydrogen hits, and strong is that the wind is in an instant, and the strong airflow m covers the whole forest in front of him.

There are countless diffuse dust and white airflow, the two movements of the moment and the Akai are not started with instant. They directly slammed the surroundings. The hard wind brought by the move will blow the surroundings. Alternatively. Tv hits it together.


The other hit the sound of the two people, almost rushed through the whole forest, and the constant trees were broken by the two people. The ground between the woods was bombarded by another deep pit. .

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Crash System Chapter 208 Perfect Cactus Pattern VS Eight Gate (ask for reward)

Chapter 208 Perfect Cactus Mode VS Eight Gate (ask for reward automatic)

'Is it really the moment of being sentimentary? "

Just from the forest, Carti and others, some horrified returns, almost torn forests, from there, let them can't believe this is just two people The turmoil produced.

'I hope that Akai will not have anything ... Shakkasi muttered, silently collecting the line of dependence, don't let go of Akai's determination. ... Let's go to rescue the wind! "

The Carti voice fell, everyone nodded, and quickly rushed to the position where the people in which everyone was seal.

At this time, the battle between the two people at this time is still still continuing.

Boom! Dudu! Boom!

I only saw two people, a floating glamorous white line, every trick is fast, and it is so hard, it seems like a light dance. The other one is a full body wrapped in Chakra, and the whole person took a blue steam, and each palm was a 420.

Family, but it is very unparalleled.

Every time I saw it. The body's strikes have issued a deafening sound, and the speed is fast to the naked eye. If it is not the fact that it is almost hard to imagine that the human body can achieve such an extent.