Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 169 of Hueding Crack System

In the face of the seven doors in front of you, Chakra completely surpassed the ordinary film-level Akai. At this time, although it is just a shadow, only the strength of the body, but under the perfect immortal mode, it will take it directly. Upper wind.

His body is actually strong to this point. ... Even the seven doors can't deal with him ..., 'under the body of the wind, the body of the wind, and the heart, the hard-supported Akai has set off the waves of the sky. , 'Is it only ...,'.

What happened? The legendary eight-door armor only has this extent?! "The moment is constantly hitting the Akai in front of him, and there is a slightly ridicule.

At this time, the blind eye of the moment is completely clear, see Chakra, which has skyrocketing in Aka, and unless he can immediately open the eighth door and dead door in eight armor. It is the eight-door armor in the legend, and it will get a few tens of times the video stage.

One hundred times, the power can be reversed.

Unlike the Aka, which is gradually weakened in vivo, in the infrastructure of the perfect immortal model, the body's movement is increasingly over, and each trick has become unable to make Akai.

At this time, it is increasingly obvious that the huge gap between the boss of the human function and sacrifice the bonding and fusion of the natural energy.

With the unmatched giant, the moment to hit the kick of Akai, instantly in the body, Chakra launched to the ultimate, seized the timing of the Akai Zhongmen, and slammed a whip leg. A huge gas is hurt, and the air is bitten to the Akai in front of him.

Sheng Dragon !!

Looking at the strong killings that are almost zero from zero distance, under the crisis, the crisis is desperately broke out the whole body of Chakra, and the dead is lifted in front of the body, and the whole person suddenly was taken by this huge dragon air gun. Bombard out.

Just in Akai, I felt a pain in her hands. When the whole person was bombarded by autonomy, I barely opened my eyes, I would have a moment that I have chased him.

Under his horror, the moment of the moment is solemn, the immortal Chakra marks in the body, revealing a disturbance of ancient times, and the gentle of words can't describe, slamming Out.

God blows!!

I saw that the whole air between the two was detached, a huge and unparalleled vacuum head suddenly formed between the two people, included. Drasive for all power, slamming in Akai.

The dull impact, Suddenly Akai is like a sharding, instantly smashed the entire forest, and finally smashed on the rock wall outside the forest, nesting within the rock.

'Do you want to continue ?! "

It seems that a ghost is unseen, and the moment is in the eyes of Akai, which has been driven into the rock wall, and her face with all the looks.

Akai, which is embedded within the rock wall, can't help but pain, he has been completely separated from the state of the eight unscrupulous, and it is a hot amount of amburitus. He also counts now. How many bones are broken.

After listening to the voice of the Bounce, Aku, who was embedded within the rock wall, opened his own eyes, and the troubles that have gradually blurred him still staring at the figure in front of the moment, with a soft blood. Unclear: 'Neckle can't let you go ... even if you open the last door. Even

Dead here ..., '

I feel that I have been almost dying in front of myself. I have to lose all of the Akai, who is in the Akai, I have a little bit of the ignorance, and I am a little confused. 'Why ?! "

'For your companions. ... For everyone ..., you don't seem to answer the problem of the moment, and the Akai, which has become very vague, is just self-speaking.

And the blind eye of the moment saw the Akai at this time, and actually in a few cases left in the body, trying to hit the dead door of his heart to open the last door in eight armors.

'Are you crazy ?! "I couldn't help but have a big eyes, and I was shocking, touched, more or awkward.

Is the world of this world?

I have a good idea to see the stubborn and persistence of the Akai, who appeared in front of the Aka, and the mood of the mood of the so-called companion, and the mood of the moment became bored.

As a traveler, he found that he couldn't understand their mood, ideas and experience.

The female mouth is replaced by me.

I will do this like this ... I am in my heart silently asking yourself.

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Crash System Chapter 209 Sealing Completed (Recruitment Automatic)

Chapter 209 Sealing and printing (seeking reward automatic)

Om two _.

At this time, the brakes were engraved with, zero, the words, the white jade ring, seems to pass a slight fluctuation.

It seems that the seal of a tail guard has been completed, and the heart is silent in the heart.

'Also criticize two _. I hope that we will have the opportunity to hand in the next time _. The factory has passed the countless ideas and thought in an instant, and finally entered a sigh.

'Of course, the second _. Is my body _._ floating mouth to open the eight armor's array,' '

After the last sentence, I made a inexplicable smile on my face. I made a smoke in the horror of Akai, disappeared in the air.

This is actually ._. Is it just his shadow?!

This is the only thought of the only idea in my mind before the past.

'Is it already printed?' '

Chakra and all information passed by received the shadow, and instantly digest everything you just experienced.

Among the dark caves, the blue eyes of the flash shot, glanced at all the people who were present in front of them.

'Well. The seal of one tail has been completed. "At this time, the nearest small south of the moment said, she kept obsolete, and she had recovered the shadow.

'Very good "._.' Heada looks at the outer road behind him, I saw the nine eyes of the huge outer road, and there was already quietly opened, and my love under the feet I have already lost all the breathing, so I said that the depressed opening said: 'That all walks go back to continue to perform the tasks in your hand.

Let's take the progress of the tail beast. Don't stop _._.

'Thousandd of grandmother. _.' 'Hear the name mentioned in the moment, the whole body is wrapped in the , it seems to have a strong memory.

At the moment, all the well-being members were present, except for the three identities of the moment and Didara, and the remaining people suddenly spread the projection of the slide of the slide, and disappeared in the cave.

In the moment, the use of the round to the eye and returned to the huge outer road behind him. He turned to look to the scorpion and Didala, ', Didala, I used my time space sleep with you. One.' '

'Lead of you first ... I want to stay. ... This time suddenly said.

'Sandy thousand generations ... I have some unrequited grievances between her ...,' The sputum of the whole body is in the puppet, I can't find the expression on my face. Just use his low sultry sound to explain .

'... you ...,' is a bit stunned, now in the original, after your own intervention, the scorpion does not need to stay in the face of the ninja and thousands of generations, and now he still wants to make this. s Choice.

Abandoning the human mind and flesh. ... has you already feel the pain brought by numbness ...

In the moment, since the heart of the scorpion chose this road, the outsiders can't interfere with his choice, 'What do you decide? "

'Feeding the old brother ... If you don't stay with you, you will play with them. ... At this time, Didala said, he can't figure out the idea of ​​the heart at this time.

'No ... Your bomb idiots ... You will go first with the leaders! "Swayed the metal tail behind him, like the usual, as usual, hit Didala.

'That's better ... The province is coming to enjoy this opponent exclusive. In this case. ...,' Didara helpless shrugs, turned to the moment, 'then I will go with the lead ... less

The gently put on the shoulders of Didala, and the moment deeply looked at the scorpion in front of him, and she collapsed all their own minds. God's revivement of the eyes and died. Suddenly and Didala disappeared In the dark cave.

After the moment and Didala left, the entire cave was only left in the Olympics, and there was a bodies that I had completely lost breathing on the ground.

In the dark environment, could not watch X mood eyes. Staring at the light in front of a dark dark.