Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 170

Thousands of generations of grandmother. ... all everything. ... You can draw a journal today ..., '

After sealing a crane from the cave, the two of the Didala flew over the sky outside.

I didn't speak in the way along the way, even in the vast sky, the atmosphere between the two is still extraordinary.

All experienced, all of the eyes, Naruto, Akai, and, brought all unprecedented impact and touch.

'The leader ... Where are we going ?! "

It seems a bit to endure this dull atmosphere in front of you, and if IM's Didara can't help but ask, open this silence.

'Go to South China ... Capture the three tails ...,' seems to be awakened by Didara's voice, and the thoughts of the moment are gradually pulled back to the reality in front of me, and the moving opens.

In addition to eight tail and nine tails, the rest of the beasts have been arranged to capture recycling before they have been arranged. I believe how long they can't use it, they can complete the task.

Three tails, the original Naruto is captured by Didara and instead of Unechyo belt with soil, and the previous three-tail column has been killed by himself, and his involvement leads to the original The plot becomes more unfair, and the three-tail care of the wild state is not known.

Where is it?

Therefore, it is intended to bring Didala, go to the original, Sanyuan, the soybery, the soybery, can be found to find its trace.

'Well? Capture the three tails? Isn't my mission of my wife?' I heard the answer, Didaraton is somewhat puzzled.

' ...,' I heard Didala's question, I am slightly lost, my mouth is slightly murmured.

He has chosen to leave the state of numbness in its own way. ...

You will never see him again later ...

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Collapse jade system Chapter 210, San Tail, Wanto, Reward, Automatic)

Chapter 210, San Tail (ask for reward automatic)

Water country.

A inner sea outside the village of the foggy village.

Like all the terrain in the country of the whole water, all of them are filled with water mist, and there are countless prodigants under the foot. There is a huge lake-like inner sea.

'The leader. We all have been looking for a few days ... less

A slightly drunk is like a mirror, there is no hint of the sea, the two wearing a red cloud is getting closer and closer, one of them is a silver, and another golden horse tail is orthodontically. Dalla.

'The native of the South, there is no. ... Do you determine that the three tails will be here? "

After a few days after I found it, I had some complaints in Didala mouth.

'Reassuring Yarti 97,' front of the sea outside the one kilometer. ... Have a very huge Chakra ..., 'Faced with Didala complained, it is not tarea smile,' In addition to the three tails ... I I don't think there is any other better explanation ..., '

In front of this Naruto World, after you have intervened, it has become different from your own familiar story. Originally thought that the three tails in the land of the country of the country of the water, the result is that it is still in the past, but even the shadow is still there.

Instead, after a few days of car blanket search, it is finally looking for a huge Chakra reaction at the bottom of the village of the village.

'I hope this ...,' I heard that I have finally have a trace of three tails. The Didala's face is immediately out of the expression,. The leader. ... Waiting for the next three tails, give it to me !? "

'No problem ...,' provincial Didarania deputy with the child else to see his beloved toys, and shake the head, and the original three tails is to capture the drill bomb by Didala. When it is, it is believed that there should be no problem.

'Yes ... here is like this is so close ... Will you affect our plan?'. Didala seems to think of what, suddenly there is a moment around him, say: 'After all, the fog The first spoaches are the leaders you kill ..., '

'Fog hidden ...,' After hearing Didala, it is unprotected to muttered, looking toward the sea, the blue eyes, and the blue eyes can not help but bring a little desolate and remember.

They have also been here to this place. ...

It's just that the transit is moved. The sea is still the original sea, but the Ninja, which is only Yisi Wave and Shui Water and the Ninja of the Suiwu, has already become a passing smoke cloud. ...

'This point you don't have to worry. As long as you want to hinder the people I go to the road ...,' gradually recovering some of my own thoughts, the sound of the moment gradually became no temperature.

'I will crush them all. One.' '

The two continued to walk on the sea after ten minutes.

At the moment, I finally stopped my own footsteps. His gods have been able to observe the sights in the depths of the feet.

The huge Chatque, and the body similar to mud turtles is the three-dimensional care that I have seen.

Is it here? ', Didala hiped a four-week scene, and found that there is no difference between the sea and other places here.

Just about 500 meters of the position at our feet ._. '' give it to you_._.''

It turns out that there is a decision of more than a dozen meters after the end of the flash, and the Didara Shi will make a large space as possible.

'Haha ... _. I will give it to me! "

After listening to the San Tail, I found an exciting expression on the face of Didala, and I was shocked by Chakra slightly. I spit a big group of drill soil from my mouth. It planted a huge huge. The flying bird, and the Didala consortium jumped on this white bird.

'Next ... _. It is the time to showcase! "

Different, Didara does not regard art as an eternal beauty, and pursue in a moment ... Didara is the art, after the joins, he. Many different capabilities of other members, so He believes that the members of Xiaoxiao, their unique ability is an art.

Plus the fighting process of capturing tail beast, quite compliance with the qualities of artists, so Didala is a 'artist group, "For one of themselves, from the beginning of the best, I will later I am very proud.

The face with an unstable excitement, Didara ride a white bird to flies on the sky, I saw him put his hands into the endurance bag around him, the mouth of the two palms began to start fast Ming chew.

After a short, more than a dozen hosted fish-shaped drills have been shaped by him. I saw that he was almost two of his eyes, and the color of the excitement was in the words. I still try this kind of breadth, I'm trying to try it. The perfect work _._. ''

Of through! OF Tong! _._.

Gently throw these more fish in the sea from the half-air, Dida La is gently closed into a handprint, and there are more than a dozen fish and explosive drill tour. Sea.

After about dozens of seconds, Didara suddenly opened his eyes, and it was still a squeezed expression of 2.1 compression of Junxiu.

Art is explosion! Drink !! "

With the Didala's rock, the original Shuhe Subsite suddenly came out of a stuffy rang sound and vibration, and countless bubbles began to float the sea.

With the explosion of Dida, more than a dozen explosions, in the moment they were in the sea, there seems to have any cluster wake up, and huge spells have been spreading from the bottom of the feet to the sea, forming another piece. Ripples.

At the beginning, the sea is beginning to appear shadows, and it began to gradually enlarge.

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Chapter 211 of the Crash System Eleids (seeking reward)

Chapter 211 Cut fog (ask for reward automatic)