Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Chapter 171 of Huedings

With the shadow on the sea in front of the moment, it has finally enlarged, and finally a large substant is rapidly floating.

The mud turtle shape body, behind three long tails, a pair of angry eyes within the sturdy shell, like two huge lanterns, generally staring at the moment in front of the moment and Didala.

Enron's sleeping three tails, there was no adventure of Didara, and the sea was angry, and the sound of the naked eye visible is spread from the moment of the moment and Didala.

'I haven't seen you for a long time. ... small turtle ...,'

In the face of the huge nest of the sea, the moment is crying, and the face is full of smiles.

It seems that the breath of the body is still in the moment. Ten years, the time is simply in the long life of the tail, and it is still a picture of it and its last person's picture and feeling. .

After recognizing the breath of this human body in front of this human body, Jami seems to remember the horrible picture among memory, so it's hard to resurrect it, suddenly prepare to turn toward the sea.

A vibrating explosion came out, a group of birds shaped the rhinestone and sootherthir interrupted the active movement of the Jami to escape. I saw the smile on the Didala face on the white bird. Such a big sea area. If you are fled into the sea, it is really not easy to find.

Didala and Sanliji care. When I wrapped, my blink of my eyes suddenly observed the sea surface behind him, and it was nearly 10,000 ninja that was in a fast speed.

Fog is endured.

At the moment, I tried to identify the identity of these ninja, which was the ninja of the village who had already opened the hand.

Didara! You continue to capture three tails! Other things are handed over! "

Provincial Ninja, a group of constantly surrounded by the sea, and the mouth raised a subtle curvature, shouting the Didala over the body.

No problem! "Take the white flying birds and Didala in the half-air, but also worried about the surrounding sea, but thought of the power of the moment, his face did not flow 9 out of panic, but emerged. Excited smile, because all this made him feel unprecedented.

It can also capture the tail ... and you can save the leaders and fog fight. ... this time it comes to the country is right !! "

'Is three tails !! ".

The three tails appeared !! "

The bustling voice came, I saw the moment, as well as the sea, and a group of ninja came over, from his head, it is the fog of the country. endure.

'You are? "" One of the misty people, I walked out of a short hair middle-aged ninja, and the right eye also took a black eye mask.

'Qing ... I'm recognizing this middle-aged ninja at a glance. It was once in his hands, I was lucky to escape the fog, now the five-generation water shadow photo, the left right arm.

'You. You are ..., you're going to slowly turn around, the province clear the black-faced red cloud big A wearing in the moment and Didala, the green face changed,' You are the Ninja ?! "

'I recognize it? ... I have not recognized it ... I didn't recognize myself, I didn't think of myself, I didn't think about the interest, after all, there were so many years, and there were so many things. The change.

'It is a child. In our fog hidden village's jurisdiction, he arrested three tails ...,' Dating the identity of the moment, and the young brain rushed over the village about this organization of this organization. After the heating immediately reacted another ninja around him: 'Quickly inform the shadow!

'Want to inform the people in the village ...,' I saved the movement of the green, suddenly laughed, laughing is full of dangerous hairy.

I don't know why, the green saw the smile on the face, and the heart of the heart was not curbed, and the sense of the crisis that made him sigh. It seems that the silver man in front of him is a man with a peel. Ancient giant Beast, you can always swallow the two nets of all people.

Qingyan shakes his head, and forced this comic idea into his own mind, and secretly discreat yourself in the heart, as a elite Ninja, who participated in the endurance battle from the bloody sea of ​​the corpse, How can you have this comic idea.

But the next scene, but let him endure the fog of the Warring War, I have never forgotten.

I saw my hand in front of my hand, and the above gradually extended a long-emitted Chakra cutting blade that exuded green light.

Reincarnation of the eye!!!

In the blossom of the blushing, Zhan Sheng Guanghua, as if the endless 0 power was urged to be the ultimate, the next instant disappeared in the original place.

He is doing 127 _. '' After seeing the moment, after the disappears, the green face seems to have a convincing look.

No matter what ._. Let's inform the shadows first.

'Hello ._. You don't want to notify.

At the beginning ._. As an once. The cruel training of blood mist villages is so bad ?!

However, when you have just returned, when you want to open the mist to compile the mist, the scene seen in front of you almost let him have a white eye in his right eye.

I saw that in front of him, all the ninja around him, followed him to come over, all the silent and informed poured on the water.

Each ninja has no wound, but all between the nose is lost, and the body is slowly sinking into the sea.

'There is one left now _._.' '

The light voice rang in his ear, but it seems that the thunder is generally taking his soul.

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Chapter 212, look at the beauty (ask for reward)

"You are left now ..."

The sound of the moment is gently sounded in the green ear, almost frightened his soul.

what happened?!!"

Green turned into the body, I saw that I just stood on the water, and I looked at him. It seems to appreciate his face on his face.

'What did you do ?! "Qing almost smashed.

Every ninja he brought over, all the essentials of the hidden hidden blood fog, the elite ninja, who is going to practice, now seems to be dreamy, even a blink of an eye is not enough to lose Breathing, the body slowly sinks into the sea.

This is the hundredful of the village of the blood fog, to endure elite! Isn't the cabbage of the roadside !!

What did this devil do in front of me?!

Some tastes appreciate the appearance of the eyes on the eyes, surprisingly and unbelievable expressions, and the mouth of the mouth raises a distilled smile.

It is almost endless A force that is almost endless A power, and there is no limit to the same goal or multiple targets within one second. However, the number of times and frequencies of transients, and the A force and Chakra compared with the moment consumed.

First ... the leader is too exaggerated, one 557 ..., '

At the same time, the other side and the Didara, who is fighting in the Sanjo, also noticed that the situation of this side; brother

I saw the white flying bird with the three-soylavant and rushed Didala, and surprised, almost bite his tongue. Head.

Although I have long known that the leader is very strong ... but a moment of hundreds of ninja is ... nine white, and the Didara, which has been shocked, secretly biting his teeth, and speeds up the speed of the three tail. Alternatively, this is the performance of all the days of the night, he doesn't want to be flattened by the flat.


The leader is the real art.

Unconsciously, such a thought begins to gradually deep tea in the heart of Didala.

'You can inform you of your five-generation water shadow ...,'

At the face, there is a sudden smile, it seems that I have thought about what I have, and I said: 'Yes ... Russia is the day to the Basket ... I should have an impression? "

The day is now in the moment ..., 'The green mouth muttered muttered, his face suddenly became a passion, and his mind seems to suddenly remember what this name is exhausted, and it is you ...,'