Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 172 of Huedings

Once killed four generations of water shadows, the whole sea area was all frozen. At that time, almost all Ninja were killed in the battle. He is also very difficult to escape a life. He is that the memory is also worse in this life and I can't forget this name.

'Why are you in this organization? "The green face is unbelievable look, and a pair of eyes stare at the moment in front of them.

'Because ... I am now known as the leader ... The corpse is always with a smooth smile, but every word he says will make the youth of the youth.

What is the leader of Xiao ...

No. If you die, I have to take this message back.

It is a deciding color on the green face. It is preparing to flee it. When you take this intelligence back to the misty village. At this time, the blind eye of the moment seems to have some subtle changes.

'No. ... You don't have to go back ... The corpse suddenly fits a (Becg) a subtle angle, the blue eyes are behind him, say:' Your five generations of shadows have arrived ... less

I saw that I didn't know when, I have a grand figure on the sea behind the moment, a blue low-month Hungarian long skirt, a brown and belly, and her face seems to be a long life. It can be hidden.

It has been with an qi, and now the five-generation water shadow of the village of the village.

'Qing. What happened ?! "

Some stunned sounds sounded, and stood in the sea from the sea. At this time, with her arrival, there were dozens of foggy people appeared on the sea.

'Other Ninja? "It took advantage of the beauty of the sea and the fog, and in addition to the Didara, which is in the far-ended Didala, the whole sea is only green and the red cloud. Great man.

'Water and shadow! Yes. ... is the day to the Baby !! "After the province, after dozens of ninja rushed, the green face shouted with a strange expression, reminding every one present. The mist, 'He is now the leader !! "

On the moment, I'm now?!

I heard the blue reminder, every fog, all the fog, in the past, took out their own endurance, made a guardian, and the look of the face was incomparable.

Because ... this name is a highly sensitive taboo that the entire mist is a highly sensitive taboo.

'I haven't seen it for a long time ... like beauty ...,'

The little voice came out, and the moment was slowly turned to his body.

I saw that the last year of the past, the beautiful fog hidden ninja, now is now one of the fog hidden in the village of the 10 Ninja Village, and it is more comfortable. Xi Mi, smoke in the middle Everything is able to take the soul.

"Japan ... ... The body of the corpse is turning around, and I read his name as the same word, because this name has given her too much shock and memorable memory.

'Long time no see ... The changes on the appearance of the appearance make it a little surprised to open your eyes. After the small mouth is slight, then the face has a charming smile,' You really becomes a person than anyone. Excellent man ...

When the fog was in a hurry, it was a handsome boy who had been moving in the moment. Sure enough, the appearance of the moment was as expected, as she thought, as she thought. More perfectly, ...

Chapter 213 takes three tails (I wish you all a happy new year)

Chapter 213 takes three tails (I wish you all a happy new year)

'Female mouth, I didn't make a mistake ...,'

I heard the demon. I burned it. My charming is a little smiling, I can't help but smile on my face. When you said, you will give me a sales. Soul is unforgettable. Kiss. ​​....

I don't know if you still remember? "The face is in the foot of the beautiful, such as the beauty, especially for this demon.

'Alternative to the little brother now is already a handsome man ... becomes more humorous than before ...,' I heard the words of the moment, and the look of the mood on his face, as the beauty of the beauty, pick up Pulling and smiles.

How to make a glower's hairy make it ...

According to the beauty of the beauty and the day, the day is like to play with a general dialogue. The next blue slightly bites the teeth, the opening reminds: 'Shadow people. The ninja that has been coming with me is all killed! " .

What ?! "All the mist in the scene arrived in the scene, it is no wonder that you have a young, even a misty figure is not philosophical.

Kill us so many ninja ... I really want to give you a pin. The soul is unforgettable ..., 'After listening to the reminders, I saw the smile on the beauty of the beauty. The color of a frost, and the hands were instantly a handprint.

Such exchanging !!

Look like the beauty. After the mouth, a big. The film was sprayed over, and he reached the moment, and the heat of high temperature has evaporated in the sea.

It is worthy of being able to touch the agent.

God's reincarnation, in an instant, insight into these tiny details, although the beauty of the beauty suddenly released such horrible sickness, but the moment is not shocked, because there is any change in the next five seconds in the world, it has already been advanced. He is involved in his eyes.

I only meet the boiling of the murder of the United States, and I stopped moving on the sea. It seems that there is an invisible placement in front of him. All boiling fog placed on him is absorbed.

Ni ?! "

The philosophilically touched all the boils and was so easy to resolve it. It was not just like beauty. All the remaining fogs in the scene were also surprised.

Sold, ... seems to be absorbed by him ..., '3 see the scene of just now, secretly analyze the alley.

'Didara! Hello ?!'. After absorbing the peak of the beautiful mantle, the moment of the distalda is shouted. The leader! I am getting it !! "

Finally, after the strong explosion drill, Didara excitedly shouted.

What ?! Three tails actually ..., '

I heard the drunk from the distant. At this time, all the mist but also a surprised colored colors, and the ninja that saves you is not a simple role. ...

Since the beginning of the moment, when I killed the fog, I was also sent a lot of ninja to search for the regenerated three-tailed drop. I finally learned that I was inhabit inhabit in habitat. Dozens of kilometers from them. Among the sea area outside.

It's just that San Tail caught in the end of the year, I have been deeply simplified in the sea, and I don't have a good way to get it out and uniform. Now I have been attacked and Didala two families. Three tails, so it will be surprised by this group of fog.

'Since the three tails have been caught ... then ...,'

The province has been seen after the Didara uniform, the moment is slight smile, the blue god of the gods, the eyes of the eyes, and gently send a bit of pupil.

'Day is now! Don't want ...,' It seems that you seem to be separated here, and you have just wanted to open, and you have disappeared in front of the moment.

When all fog remelling the trace of the moment, I found that he had appeared around Didara and Sanwangwangwang, still far away from Zhao Ming smiled: "I will take away it first ... I believe soon. After we will see you again ..., '

'Beautiful spots ...,'

·· ... seeking flowers ·· ...

When this sentence fell into the air, all the fog in the sea was amazed, and there was a huge three-soylavatu for the whole, and there was a huge three-soylass, which had disappeared in the sea.

'Time and space spheres ...,'

The province has a three-tailed and Didala after disappearing under the eyes of each of them. It mutters the martyrdom in the mouth, and the eyes have passed a trace of different spirits.

Will you see soon?

The day is now. ... You are an unforgettable guy ...

"Water Shadow" ..., '

After the thoughts disappeared with the three tails, all the fog left in the sea, they were talking to the beauty of the beauty, waiting for the next indication of their spoaches.

'The day, I actually became the leader of this dangerous organization. The corpse only saw the beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the people, still immersed in her own world, "This is really a shocking News. Factory