Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 173

'And according to the previous information to Zhe ... Xiao hit the sandy and took the five generations of wind shadow ...,' At this time, if you think about it, 'Calls them are there. The purpose is to collect the tail beast ..., '.

Attacking the wind. ... Collection of the tail ..., 'Light and read these vocabulary, shoot the brilliance of Thinking in the eyes of the beauty,' Calling the endurance soon will usher in a huge storm ... '

'The other party has used a unknown time and space to take away three tails. Let's go ...,' Live all the fog on the sea, I will turn my eyes to the youth, 'once Killing the former water shadows, now has become the day of the leader of the tissue, and I rapported the three tails of the foggy.

After going back, you will send this disappearance to other rushed people in the hands ..., '

The day is now ...

I really want to save your purpose, what is it ...

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Chapter 214 Crazy Idea (I wish you all a happy new year)

Wooden leaves.

Five-Generation Spirit Office.

What do you say?! At this moment, it has become the leader of Xiaoxiao ?! "

The agency is excited from the back of the Nangjie Office, and the hands are on the desktop, the beautiful. Li's face is full of shocking colors, standing on her side, I also take a while.

Kakasi, they gang, a wooden criminal. Self-satisfaction has never seen their five generations of watching shadow so shocked and excited look.

'According to what he said. ... He is indeed wearing a dress and shotting us. ... Akai almost almost killed him ...,' Kakasi is abnormally a heavy and reported this action The result of the mission,. Naruto adult ... This rescue style task we failed ... Russia arrived.

Nine four zero "Waiting for one tail has been dropped ..., '.

Movement, I love Luo, I have died. ... Finally, the sandy consultant Millennium sacrifice himself to use banned, and then the birth of a born, and the wind shadow ..., 'Kakasi's truly header reported this action task As a result, the face of a group is covered with a gloomy look.

What did the Olympic boy doing ?! "Silently listened to Kasi's mission report, the first anxious actually is not the result of this action task, but more in the exhaustion is that the moment is actually become the leader of the Nature. Thing.

I have already known ... You just have finished the task and come back to rest first! ', Then the prime sheet has a little anxious to sway, let Kakasi will go.

Control Xiao. Catch the tail.

What do you want to do in an instant ...

When all of the people in Kassi, all the people were in the back of the fire, they were deeply holding their own chin, and the alley is full of doubts, worry and restless. ...

The village of Yuyin.

Never stopped rain is still Zhejiang and Zhejiang.

Soon after returning from the country of water, the force of the three-tailed frozen fruit was frozen, and the seal was sealed into the reel.

Next, two unscrupulous groups of flying segments and corners will be taken back from Lei Zhi's second-tail tour of Yun Yin Village, and the peeled seal is implemented together.

'System. Isn't it? "Standing in Yuyin A, looking at the rain curtains of Zhejiang, Zhejiang, flashing a long time without a drunk system.

'There is something to say, thank you. "This system is very reliable, and the sound of ancient well-free sounds directly revokes the bottom of the moment.

'Don't come here every time ... I want to ask you, when I can break through the next stage?'. At the moment, I gently asked.

'Host your ability of your frozen fruit is very close to the bottleneck. It is expected that you can quickly reach a critical point as long as you have experienced several combat applications, breaking the boundaries breakthrough to a realm. "The system is detailed to answer the problem in the heart.

'Soon you can break through it ... There is a small mouth muttered, and the blue eyes will turn your eyes to the extremely far, the system's answer makes him have a more accurate grasp.

Because he may face the opponent, it is not only a whole tolerance, and there is a hidden and black, and it is also possible to be Yizhi Boss, or even the final Chakra's rack of Night, Or is a big simmer and big simplification.

There is also a legendary six cactus, a legend that has been dead, but can do so many incredible things in the final endurance war. Given the streaks and Sasuk Yang and the power of the streak and resurrect them, and can also call the soul of five shadows from the bliss purge.

Tell the Naruto and the nine big beasts from the spatial space of the night back to the Ninja World, and waved to enforce the reincarnation.

Is this a dead person to get it? I am afraid that Lianhui's night cite can't do it?

At least one traveler, I can't save this matter simply in the moment.

So if there is an opportunity to enhance the strength of the frozen fruit to a realm of a god of God before the final war, then there is no doubt that you have a victorious victory to face any opponents who may face ...

'System ... There is still a problem in Russia ...,' It seems that suddenly thinks, the moment is in my heart again.

What is wrong? "The sound of the system is still slightly uniform.

'I remember the original nature of the ninja, the Wanhua, the Wanhua, the Wanhua, the The anti-eye of the gods is the time when I can go to other people's time and space? "

In your own heart, I propose a question that he has always been.

'Theory is completely ok. Because in front of this Ninja World, countless time space is like a hive, every time there is a timeday, just slowly launch, as long as it communicates up to another time space, You can open the channel of the space, free to enter and exit ..., '

The unspeakable and moment is explained. 'But because it is not your own space ... so you have to take more A force and Chakra ..., you want to enter the time space of others.

'Sure enough ... and I have the situation you expect, you have finished the system's explanation, and the heart is dark, and a master is documented ... 2

'But the host, why suddenly raised such a problem. ... Do you want to ...

'Yes ...,' I heard a somewhat on the system, and the mouth of the moment appeared in a smile. 'I intend to go to the time space of the big simply wood gathering ....

The time space of the big simmer? But you ..., 'The system seems to explain what to explain with the moment, and it is broken in the heart.

Don't try again, you can know ..., then after you have decided, the eyes of the flash shink shite smooth.

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Chapter 215 Frozen Space (I wish you all a happy new year)

After the system is finished, I started my own attempt.

Standing on the high-rise tower of the highest vertices in Yuyin Village, the rain curtains in the rain.

The blushing of the moment, the blood of the blue gods, the secret of the sky, the endless sleeping power was projected to the extreme.

Like usually used, the places where all the provinces of the moment have been opened by him, and at this time, the eyes of his eyes are doing nothing, and they are not as usual. The same shuttle space is transient to the point.

Instead, countless layers of layers in front of messengers are like a lot of time space, which seems to be carefully searching for.

Because the moment, there is no time to have a good time in the night, I want to find out the time space of the big simmering night in countless time and space, it is definitely not an easy task.

"No, this is not ._. ''

Mind gently in the mouth, the moment to exclude another time and space, never see a relatively special time space. 14.

Wait .... Big Jane Wood Hui Night as a Ten Tail, with three major patys, like her level, the time space created with a round-write wheel, must be bigger than anyone else. '

In the moment, I quickly look for the analysis of Cang in my heart. According to such a thinking, I finally saw a few worlds that were much more space than other time.

'Is here! "