Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 174 of Hueding Crash System

After some kind of search, the eyes of the moment finally saved a snowy white, full of ice and snow, seems to be much larger than any other time space.

After locking the time space in the ice and snow in the void, I immediately launched Chakra in the body and volatilized the sleeping power of God.

I saw the rain curtain of the highest iron tower on the rain in the rain, and I opened a space channel with the air, and the other end of this space channel, it is a snow-capped world, and the gray tones around Yuyin Village Form a distinct contrast.

Reincarnation !!

When the whole person suddenly disappeared in the rain curtains of Zhejiang, Zhejiang, the highest tower high building, the space channel suddenly turned off, as if everything did not happen.

Alighted space.

Surrounded by a snow-capped view, the sky is constantly sprinkling out the goose.

In addition to the surrounding environment, all of the ice is outside the snow. There is a frozen river in the distance. Everything seems to be very different from the real world.

I finally succeeded in ... Factory

In the ununnated snow, sudden appearance of ambulous figure, the silver white long hair wearing a white-eyed robe, is opening a perfect immortal mode.

' actually consumes so many and Chakra ...

Feel a lot of pupils and Chakra, I feel some surprised, but think about it carefully.

No wonder that he saw the blogger of the Naruto Ninja. After Unexpectedly entered the space of the big Simple Wooden, the turn of the round-e-eye is so big, and the cooling needs to be waited for so long to reuse.

It is necessary to successfully enter the time space, and the consumption of and Chakra is far more than his imagination.

Fortunately, my eyes are not ordinary reincarnation. It is a higher-level god to reincarnate. It is almost endless, and it is not necessary to worry too much about the problem of dissipation.

The difference between ordinary reincarnation eyes and God's blind eye is like the difference between the ordinary flowers, short-eyed eyes and the eternal wairt, and the consumption of the will gradually be weak, and One can show a variety of powerful pupils without any scruples.

I will come back again ... This world seems to be outside the ice and snow ... No other things ...

Recovered all his thoughts, and the moment that started carefully, it appeared to enter the eyes of wet sky and there were no other things.

Going to the province, provincial provinces ... maybe I will find something related to the big simmering night ...

With such a thought, the

'In addition to snow or snow ... It seems that there is no other thing ...,'

Staring at the cold wind in the high altitude, mixing the snowflakes in the slice, and the slight sight of his god into the eye. Search on the scene on the ground in the high altitude.

Finally, after a few minutes, suddenly the blind eye is like seeing a large-distance snow seems to have a building similar to the palace and castle.


Finally, after discovering a difference in the world, it turned directly to the direction of the castle palace.

I don't know how long it took, I finally landed from the sky, I came to the construction of the 660 castle and like the palace in front of the temple.

I saw the castle palace in front of you, almost all by the ice circle, which should be luxurious and magnificent entrance. At this time, I hope that I have a broken wall and should have a lot of history.

Holding a brightened idea, the moment is slowly entered the castle palace in front of him, and I have gone through the dark palace, and the two sides are the gray stone pillar, which looks rust.

Gently came to the depths of the main hall, and the orthodontics met a waste-abandoned god in front of him, and carved a good woman's appearance, and the forehead was also inlaid in the third eye, and wearing a loose robes. It seems to be like a child.

Big Jane Wooden Night God Statue ...

The self-written words muttered in the mouth, after the philosophy, the moment is finally determined that the world is the frozen space of the big simmer, here is the castle and palace that she is sitting.

Just in the moment of the big simmonism, the gods of the big Simple Mountain, this piece seems to have a strange voice in addition to his own room, there is no other creature, there is no other creature.

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Chapter 216 Da Jiehua Gold (I wish you all a happy new year)

"Who are you? Someone will come here ..."

This voice came from the moment, it was very low, but it took a surprise and doubt.

The blind eye observes the people behind him, and the moment is slowly turned, and the eyes are turned to him.

Big Jane Gold?!

The province clearly came to the moment, and I found out his identity.

Gray white hair, pale skin, a pair of pure white eyes, burly arrogant, this kind of body style, wearing a light-colored casual dress, a white in the forehead like a six-way form of Unexpected spot Hard block.

There was no surprise that the big simmer in front of the eyes, the blind eye was found and found out four traces observed the big simmer, but found that this castle palace is now in the whole snow, in addition to him. Outside the big simplicity, there is no other person to exist.

It seems that the big simmer is not near this ..., 'The heart is dark in the heart.

You haven't answered my question yet ..., the sound of the heavy sound once again, and the big simply wood is in the eyes of the eyes.

He and the master of the master of the master of the past There were countless months in the past, often shuttle between the world, in this original sky-timben night, like a strange person in today, or the first time.

'I didn't have an obligation to answer your questions. ... and say this space is not your place ...,' a pair of blue gods to the eye drunk, the big simmerous wood gold, which appeared in front of the eyes, and the moment is in the heart of the heart, the mouth Mangle on the spot.

'Then I will catch you. ... answer my question! "

In the moment, this burly and strong stream game seems not to be good at words. After hearing what I said, Chakra, I suddenly launched, the whole person disappeared in the original place.

Good speed!!

I have seen the front of the sky, and I will disappear in the original place. The pupil is slightly shrinkage. It is hard to imagine that the huge body shape can make such a fast action.


In the moment, I'm looking forward to the front, a huge giant force, and the whole person is now open by this huge inertia, hits countless walls within the castle palace.

'Good power ... _.' ' raised hands and holds a lot of big fists on a big drape, is shocked,' It is a person who can make a flat hand with Yuxi Bozuo after more than ten years.

'Well?!'. It seems to be more surprisingly the big simplified wood gold, I saw him a little surprised to widely widened his eyes, looked at the moment in front of him, and he took his fist, behind the tofu block The broken wall is simply impossible to cause him. The province is not an ordinary person _._

Sheng Dragon !!

I feel a horrified moment, and I instantly mobilize the huge fairy in the body. I raised a violent dragon air gun in the middle of the two very close to the space.

Strong to see the dragon who can tear his eyes, he felt the big simplification, but it was a little surprised to find that his body was not too big, just blocking the arm of the arm. Burned traces.

The promotion is turned out to be blocked?!

Looking at the big line of golden golden trend that was hit by yourself in front of him, I looked intact after I took my own hits. This situation is still in the first time.

'Very powerful power ._. You are not an ordinary opponent _._ "Da Jie Potion seems to have some power of shocking brakes, the province of the province's own painful arm, like this feeling in the past countless years He also felt it for the first time.

'You have a very large Chakra II _. I want to grab you to the peach adult _._. "On the side of the big simmerous wood, the big look is started to reveal the serious look.