Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 175 of Hueding Cracks

I saw a dazzling red light flashing, and he reached out from behind the giant, the giant, the stick, which exudes an inexplicable breath.

'Yinyang? Not a second _. It seems that it is not _._.' '

The dead staring at the red giant giant in the big simmer gold. Bar, the heart is secretly analyzed with its nature, from there seems to feel a little familiar, 'I seem to look And the nature of the yin and yang is not the same ~ _. ''

Looking at the huge burly golden golden golden golden gold in the body, it was found that he and the previous momentum had been completely sentenced to two people, and the invisible pressure was like a windy wind. He swept himself, and did countless gravel in the foot of the castle.

'I didn't expect to encounter such a rare opponent in the time space of Hui Yiji. One.' '

Feeling the powerful compression of the big Jane Tsuki, the mouth of the moment, began to raise inexplicable smiles, and a pair of ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAO ZAOUR). Because the big Jane Tsui gold in front of you will feel better than the enemy of the enemy that is encountered above the moon.


Immortal · !!!

In the big simmer, there is a bit of a strange look, and the moment is mobilized to the body's huge Xianke Chakrab, which is slightly lifted. Under the combination of Fengshui Three Xianke Chakra, slowly hold a huge (Li's good ) Spiral hand sword, constantly tear the air sharp whistling wind blade, is a blue white

If the laser is the same, the energy is like, exudes a smile of light.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

The bright blue eyes of the flash flash, the instant disappeared in the original place.

The province's big simmer, white pupil, suddenly turned to raise his hand to raise the red light in his hand. Bihe's stick, directly hit the moment, from him, the top of the head Spiral hand sword.


Two violent power have hit together, and the flash of the spiral hand sword suddenly illuminates the entire dark castle palace.

Fight, one touch.

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Chapter 217, fighting (I wish you all a happy new year)


The huge spiral spiral hand in the hands of the sword and the red light in the big simplewood gold. The great violent hit together, and the sound of the sound and the glazing shine flooded the whole dark castle palace.

I saw that the spiral hand on the hands of the spiral of the spiral, countless blue white seemingly laser-like rays, penetrating countless walls in the castle palace.

'Well ?! "Saved that there are many clothes and skin that are sputtered in the hands of themselves, and the big simmer is gold-style, and the handsome force will force it.

'... The power is really incredible ... less by the big simmer gold, the mouth is slightly San, but the movements in the hands are not stopped, and the eyes of the eyes are blue, and the next instant will be launched. It has once again appeared behind the big simplic wood gold.

With the unparalleled force, the momentum time mentioned the heart, the whole person is like a spring, and the whole one is playing out of the leg.

I saw that the big simply wood-based movement was not slow, as if I had a red light in the general hand. The stick immediately turned out, and it turned out to be a purple lightning. Around it, it seems to use this strong sinking. Will I will kill the moment -

247, one of the big simplicity, the fascination, the fascination of the left eye, the god of the gods, the eyes, the gods saved everything in advance, the legs just hitted were just a trick, only Seeing his entire man quickly turns his body in the air, flashing over the big simmer.

Turning to the situation suddenly kicks your other leg.

The big simploidal gold is completely unpredictable, and there will be such a abrupt change. After breaking the stick, the face is smashed, and the whole person is kicked out, and the castle palace is smashed along the way. The middle road wall.

'Your eyes seem to have some very special ability ...,'

The low and thick voice came out, and only the dusty dust is filled around. The huge burly figure slowly came out, after the contour gradually became clear, the big simply wood-based philosophy did not have a serious problem.

Not an ordinary human body ...

The fight against fighting is actually so strong ...

I saw almost no hurt, and I wand my brow. I had a lot of hardships that I have just kicked out, and I am very clear, in the perfect immortal mode. His strength has almost reached an unapropted point, but it is still unable to

A fatal killing is caused by big simmer.


A slight sound in the air came, I saw it slowly from the big simplicity of the broken wall to reach it back, and suddenly pulled out a huge ax with red light. Take it in hand Gently waved, the stone pillar around the castle palace was cut into two paragraphs.

The floor under the foot is broken, and the big simmer is a whole man's shell. It is generally flying towards the moment. The whole body purple lightning shines, and the momentum of the heavens and the earth, and I suddenly swayed.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

In the face of big simmerous wood, this is an unable to resist, the moment is decisively launched to the shuttle space. After instantaneous movement, it is full of punch.

A game of goldenstorms, the big simploid gold quickly turned around the ax in the hand, and the head of the moment was blocked. He only felt a huge strength, the whole person was bombarded to the floor. , Countless spider web general crack cracking whole people.

The big simply put the red-rated red ax forward, and the momentum will fight to a piece.

C! Boom! C! ...

There are countless shocks in the castle palace, and only the moment, and the big simplicity is all kinds of electricity, and it is crashing again and again.

Around the old castle palace in the era, it turned into a thousand holes to rush, and countless stone columns collapsed, and the intact wall was hit.

Two people were quickly hitting, and they wore a wall of the castle palace. In an instant arrived in the snow outside, the violent Chakra flies in the process of handling the snowfall.

In the moment of the big simmer, the blood of the gods, the mysterious light, the left eye, and the left eye is often able to expect the enemy in the process of making it, and predict the movement of the opponent in advance.

But it is very clear that the big simmonous gold in front of the moment is still difficult to deal with it, and the huge borders have no impact on his speed, but the whole person moves agile, and the body is also unimaginable. Great strength.

It is often pre-enlightened by the left-eyed in the left eye, and the progress of the two battles has already entered the next stage, making it imposing all the spirit to respond to this battle.

Ice Emperor !!

I only saw that the two flesh eyes could not capture quickly, the moment was once again launched, instantly moved to the big simple wood gold top, the immortal Chakra broke out, and he was so fierce, and the cold is cold. The frozen force suddenly condenses, a huge frost dragon instantly swallows him.

Millennium ice !!

The short-on-peer-to-peer-to-peer-to-peer-to-peer-to-peeled moment is swallowed by the frost dragon. He immediately continues to launch the immortal Chakra, and the hands have been extended forward.

At the moment, it immediately flicked, and countless trembled pillars, quickly gathered in the middle, and formed a huge ice cream in front of him, frozen the big simplic wood gold whole person.

In the heart, I know that this is also difficult to sleep. Because his body has completely transcended the level of the human body, the strength of the strength and anti-fighting ability have reached an increasing level.

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Chapter 218 Eighty Gods Capture (I wish you all a happy new year)

"It is worthy of the characters who have come out after Big Simple Mountain ..."

The province has begun to have a crack-free ice origin, and the face has a honest bitter laugh, but there is no panic.

Because his hands have been made a string of handprints, the blue eyes of the blue eyes broke out, and the whole body began to continue to circle countless green Chakra flames, and the past reincarnation eye chacla model is different, break the boundary into the god The Chakra model of the revivement of the eye, almost infected the whole earth

Colored Chakra brunette.

The whole space is full of Chakra flames that exudes Ying Ying green light, and the white robe of the original perfect cactus has emerged on the white robe. There is twelve shining, a fluorescence, a drunk animal, surrounding