Surrounded by the moment.

God's reincarnation eye check Kra mode, start !!.

Your Chakra ..., '

Just from the millennium ice, I broke out the ice, I opened my own white eyes, and the philosophies were full of spaces outside the entire space. The moment of the bright Big Chuangla has become like a fallen god. The powerful and boundless momentum is like the mountains and hooks.

In the perfect immortal mode, open the blind eye to Kra mode, which seems to surpass this world's limit of the surrounding air, all the snow on the ground is touched, and the proud animals are in the air. Among them, it is an indifferent to the big simmonism.

The color of life.

'In addition to the peach adult ... I still have such a force ...,' The big simmerous wood gold double-eyed face is difficult to cover the color, and his white eye is clearly seen in the moment, every breath is now between every breath. It seems that all the air among this space, which feels a bit of suffocation.

Suddenly, the big simple wood golden eyes were full, and the little abdomen was painful. The blood did not stop in the mouth, and the whole people shot into the snow mountain behind the whole man.

too fast!!

The big simmer of the snowy mountain was barely opened his eyes, struggling out, and his white eyes just captured the air surrounded by the flash, and then even the anti-the Still not yet, the moment has spanned the middle distance, appearing in his

He fly in front of him.

Where are you?

A trace of simulation, the sound written from the back, the big simmer is turned back, and it is found that the moment has been ghost. The whole person is suspended in the air, and the corner is hung, a smelled, a pair of blue mystery The shines that it is difficult to say brilliance, province to his eyes

God is like a dead person.

This is dead. Is it a white eye?!

Seeing the appearance of the moment, the big simply wood gold condition reflects the full body out of purple lightning, and slammed the red giant ax on the hand, but the eyes of the eyes of Zhan Lan Guanghua flash, and I have already stared in advance. In the eyes of the big simmer, kick it in his hands.

Flying out, I didn't enter the endless snowfield.

"Users are useless. Everyone you have been predicted in advance by me!"

Just as the sound is still in the air, it has already turned into a phantom in the moment. In front of the big simmer, the body shape, suddenly, it hurts, almost kicking his chin, huge Bring the big simplic wood gold, the burly burly body is in the air.

"All ... not his opponent ..., '

The huge body shouted in half air, the big simmering gold struggled to open his eyes, but did not capture a movie in the moment, which made him instinctively feel a strong uneasiness.


Suddenly, the big simmering golden white eyes, he suddenly observed that it was once again appeared in his top, and when he quickly reversed his body attempting to deal with the attack on the moment, he resolved his unforgettable scene.

· ... seeking flowers ·· ......

I saw the whole person in the moment. The face of the silver and white long hair dance, and a pair of ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHAO ZAO II .

This feeling has only feeled in his long and endless years. It is an ancient, a ancestral, and is the ancestral treasure of him and the master of his master. It is only a powerful An experience that the woman only felt.

Eighty god air hit !!!

At the moment, it seems to be just a palm of him, and there are countless ahead of the air in front of the air, and the heads between tangles and invisible, every moment of joys. The internal air exclusions have a s dry, as if it is contained. For some kind of mysterious mystery,

The mountain is generally hit by him.

For a time, the time and space seems to stop, the big simmer is only a color in front of the world seems to have changed, and all the scenes around them are all hidden. It seems that there is only the countless fists of the world.

The big simmer is not feeling pain. It is just that every cell in the whole body has lost all the perception. There are countless huge vacuum heads in the air. All bombarded in his body, let him even think that he is the whole person. It was made into a commercial powder.

The whole huge burly body cannonball, in the bottom of the ground, almost completely lost the big Jane Thain gold, no extra gas, he only felt that his body's bones seem to have become powder, even A finger can't move.

Chakra's ancestors, Jane Wood Hui, the night blood, and the eighty gods of the vitality of the vitality, and the power is enough to destroy the earth. ...

(I wish you all a happy new year, the monthly ticket is less and less, rhyme).

Chapter 219 Big Jane Tao (I wish you all a happy new year)

The moment seems to have a bit full of the killing power caused by the eighty gods, the whole person is like the gods, generally suspended in the air. Looks with the foot of the earth, and the big gap is almost hit by yourself.

'Is a tenacious vitality ...,'

Some amazing voice came out, and the blind eye of the moment, and the big gap under his feet. Although the big simmer gold has completely lost the strength of the resistance, it is able to see the death of his heart. There is still still a flame of Chakra.

'More. ... In so many inevitable time space, we can encounter, then I will send you a gorgeous funeral! "

Some sigh, some move, i ticket floating in the middle of the ,,, The suspended seeking jade is in a strong ray, and quickly rotates the flying to his hand, giving together into a heaven and earth

Buddha smoked the golden Chakra scream in Chakra.

Golden wheel is blown up!!!

At the blink of the blindle, the golden Chakra scorpion in the hands of the flash is so drunk, and all the floating clouds in the whole ice space are all blown, as if the wave is the same as a wave of madness. Dispersion.


In an instant of the huge golden Chakra scream sword in the hand, the blind eye of the left eye suddenly predicted that the world of his feet has different changes.

Oh. Big Jane Tao Tao ..., '

At the moment, the left eyelid of God, the eyes of the world, seemed to be worn by him by him, and he didn't hesitate to show the golden Chakra scream in the hands of the world.

The harsh metal cutting sounds through the whole space, and there is only this shining golden glory between the heavens and the earth. It seems that the whole world is in this sword, and only the huge Chakra Sword in the hands of the moment. At the point, the entire frozen space is completely cut, a long dark groove

I hope that there is no longer, I don't see it.

Amount !! "

It seems that there is a painful voice if there is no sound, but soon, I will have disappeared together with the big street gold in the gap in the earth. I haven't got into the dark space, I left a pale. Arm, lying on the snow.

'Well ... The ability to pass through ...,'

The moment seems to be a little unwilling, but the big simmer in the snow is in the snow, in order to pull the big simple wood gold into his own time space, you will cut off the arms in his own sword. The mouth of the moment is raised again. A smile of a smile.

The reason why Big Jane Tao Tao will suddenly use space shuttle ability to take a rescue to the big simplification. On the one hand, it is not expected to have the ability to predict the future of the world in advance.

On the other hand, because the big simmer is in addition to the loyalty of him created, he is still his most important standby Chakra fruit and medicinal herbs. It is necessary to swallow the big simplicity. No matter how he can't sit on the flash, you will

A sword kills ashes.

In the half-air of the snow, the blood of the moment is around the eyes, but it seems that the big simplic wood peach seems to have no longer appear again.

'Zhe came to he didn't intend to swallow the big simmerous wood gold and then came out and he was a battle ...,' Some happy moment gradually relieved the gods of the gods of their body.