Although this continued breakthrough bottleneck broke the boundaries in these years, he got his strength and physical fitness, but after all, God's reincarnation eye challenge and the perfect immortal model two on the huge amount of power increase, still Let him feel very hard.

'Zhe is the most urgent thing ... Just find a way to get the power of Yangxi ... Make your own body into a fairy body ...,' Flying in the sky in the heart of the heart.

As long as I get the power of Yang, I get the strength of the immortal, then I can be yin and yang, master the yin and yang, enter the level of the sixth road, when you look at the entire world, in addition to being sealed, Jane Wood Hui, Legend In addition to the six cactors, they will no longer have no enemy ...

Of course, if it is possible to fuse the strength of the Ten Tail, become a tail column force, then in the same time, it will face two abuse of the slag.

With a variety of flying thoughts, it was a few days in this snow-capped space. In addition to the Castle Palace, the other things, the other things did nothing.

In this frozen space, there seems to have not found any valuable things and clues. After a few days, I had a good time to launch the time space of God's reincarnation, open the space channel, and returned to the real ninja world.

at the same time.

A piece of immersed in the eyes of the absence of the absence of the endless yellow sand.

In this desert center without any other creatures, a withered giant tree is standing, as if it is inserted into the clouds throughout the world.

On a branch of this withered Tongtian giant tree, he stood a gray hair, pale skin, pure white 2.7 eyes, wearing a light taking, and a transparent tulle is also covered.

Tick. ... Tick. ...

The blood falling on the withered giant branch, the big simmer is a face, and there is a disconnected arm, and save a big simplified wood gold, the pure white eyes of lying in front of him. Almost spurting red flames, "No matter who you are. I have remember your breath ..., '

'Right. ... I am not his opponent ...,' At this time, the big simplicity on the ground seems to have a breath, and the very difficult opening said to the big simmered road standing in front of him.

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Chapter 220 Storm is brewing (I wish you all a happy new year)

Chapter 220 Storm is brewing (I wish you all a happy new year)

Speaking of this, there is no struggled color among gold-style pure white, and some reluctantly continue to open: 'I am almost ...,'

'Now. ... It seems that it is time to absorb my Chakra ... Less almost the bones of the whole body are blown out of the eighty gods that hit the powder, and the powerful vitality supports the big simplicity. Said, 'is like the past. ... when my guards have entrusted their power to me.

Wait like ..., '

'Do not hesitate…,'

'Herd?! Haha ... Less hear that the gold lying on the ground said this sentence, the big simmer is like a smile.

In the face of this, this is accompanied by the heart of the heart of countless years, his pure white eyes are not infiltrated, 'I certainly won't !! "

The voice just fell, the big simmer is not hesitant to extend the only right hand, Zhang opened a hand, 14 palms, 3 out of the palm of the blood, and gently launched the big simplic wood gold under the feet. Check in Chakra in your own body.

Amazing scenes, I saw the big simplified wooden gold trend lying on the ground, and the whole person was taken into the back of the right hand palm by the big simmer, and turned into a bright red blood color.


One of the brink of the fresh red blood, which absorbed the entire big simmer, and put it in his mouth, and then swallowed into the belly, the big simmered treasure happened. Amazing change.

The original pale face gradually became a dark red color, forehead and chin gigant, the whole body of the whole person continued to become big, broke all the clothes, and finally became a big simplification Almost burly huge body, even if it was originally attached to the golden wheel

The left hand also gradually reappeared.

Just the dark red skin color and the epic on the face, the evil spirits of his entire person, there is no half-point difference, swallow up the whole big simmering, the power of skyrocketing, let him not help the beast is generally Smash it.


A convexual wave visible to almost naked eye is constantly spreading, the stone in the surrounding loess desert is actually shocked by this sound wave, scattered into powder.

'Can birth such a strong person ... The world must have a very huge Chakra. ... almost eaten. Many, the big simmer, a somewhat distorted evil noodle, the ghost, the beginning, 9 out of the crazy possession Hope,. If you don't say the fruit of the god tree, you will fall in that world ..., '

Thinking of the fruit of the god tree, the big simmer seems to be associated with the boundless huge power in memory. It is almost swallowed with the whole of the eyes, and there is no brilliant night. Traces ... As long as I get the fruit of the god tree ..., '

'Hahaha ...,'

The traces of madmanly laughs are filled with the whole loess desert, echoing in the whole height.

Yu Yin Village.

It is still the top of the highest building iron tower tower building in Yuyin Village.

I have retired from the big simmer of the night ice space, looking at the rainwater of Zhejiang, Zhejiang, and trying to recall the people and things that this all-in-one space, suddenly hear a slight footsteps came back.

Xiaonan ..., ' ., Don't look back, he also knows who is coming.

'You seem to have been missing for a few days ... less cold voice came, the moment is slowly returned, and I saw a touch of pretty. Li's figure, is a small South of many days.

How to ... I miss me? '. ,,

"...," Faced with the mission-like tone, Xiaonan is not silent, and there is no change in the face.

Yesterday, the flying segment and the corner have been caught from the Yun Yin. The second tail is columnatically, it can be prepared to peel off with the three tails ... After the silence of the corpse, the small South open reminded the moment.

"Two by the wood man ..., ' , ...... . The tail and three tails took a empty time to convene everyone.

Well ... Yan Xiaozhong is low, it seems that I have thought about it, the province is in an instant: 'Since Didara and Scorpio, I caught back the five generations of wind shadows, and you will go to the sky and fog, plus this flying. The paragraph and the corner are from the second tail of the cloud.

'The turmoil of the nearest endurance is very big. ... All the big ninja villages have known our existence, causing their high attention and happiness. ... This may be very unfavorable for our next action ... When the situation in front of me, the glamorous eyes stared at the moment, observed his reaction.

After listening to the words of Xiaonan, the 840 moment is lightly nod. He knows that Xiaonan may have the case that they may face next, but in the moment of the moment, he doesn't feel that the five Ninja villages can cause themselves. Short break. ... Let them continue to perform their work and

... I will shoot when necessary ..., '

After listening to this, Xiao Nan silently nodded, and she had a deep understanding of the power of the moment.

Although the five ninja villages symbolize the top power of the Ninja World ...

But in front of this man in front of you. It is indeed too much for a long time ...

Looking at Xiaonan Qingli's face, suddenly said: "Right ... The second tail is columnatically grabs it. ... What is the flying segment and?"

I heard that Xiaonan suddenly stunned, it seems that some problems did not understand why this suddenly put forward such problems, but he replied:. After the flying segment and corner bring the second tail column, continue to hunt to hunt ninja Gold. I listen to the goal of this time seems to be, '

, Fire temple, land. "

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Chapter 221 goes to the country of fire (I wish you all a happy new year)

'Fire Temple, guarding the land of one of the one who is one of them. Factory

After listening to Xia Nan's answer, there is a little murdered in the mouth, and the blue eyes flashed in a shade.

I don't know if I have my own intervention.

The flying segment and the corner will not be buried by the deer pills as the original, a semi-finished wind spiral hand sword killed _._.