Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 178, Chapter 178

'Provision I need to go to the country of the fire, I'm going to the second _.' 'Read here, the moment is flashing, and I have died.

At the moment and the young two silently stood in the tallest tower tower building in Yun Yin, and looked at the village of Yuyin at the foot. 'Next? _. The endurance will usher in a huge storm. '

Rain, it seems to become bigger and bigger.

Wooden leaves, extrap practice fields.

'Good _._. Start cultivation. "

After the 's intelligence, in the aperator's allowance, the people who followed the big and leaded to the Tiandi Bridge, who went to Tianzhi, and finally saw Sasuke.

I saw the gap between the two people. After returning to the wooden leaves, the Naruto was wrapped around the film, and the written eye was used to use the written eye to enter the hospital to cultivate the hospital cultivated, and the new tobach.

' ._.' 'Naruto is inexplicably smirking.

What's wrong? '. Caassi appears to be foggy water.

'No ._. Nothing, just think of it for a long time, I have not cultivated Carti teacher, some inexplicable excitement _._. "Naruto is still a smirk.

_._. '' After seeing Naruto's performance, Kasi is speechless.

'Time is not equal, the enemy faces the enemy is getting stronger and stronger _._.' 'Caassi stone said:. The main purpose of this cultivation is to be your spiral pill. Successful Injection Properties Change: ._. Practice to Beyond Spiral Pills?

Beyond the spiral pills ?! 'After listening to Kaki, the first picture in the Naruto is thinking of the spiral spiral of the moment, and immediately excited,' is like an flash. Is the spiral pill ?! "

Thinking of this, the Naruto is more and more exciting, and I think that it is so shocking that I can learn the power and the moment. His whole people can't sit.

After the performance of Zhe, Kakasi fell into a silence. His mind also remembered the scary power of the fencing spiral hand in the moment. He didn't help but feel that if he is not his millions. Short-on-wheel eye, the neighter is just caught up, it is estimated that one of them has made all of them.

The bones are not available.

"No, it is not the level of the level of the level." I will see the excitement of the Naruto, and Kakasi is not to bear to fight him. His spiral pill contains at least three Chakra properties. Variety?,'

'Chakra quality changes? The "Naruto sluggish Zhang Da has his mouth. The words of Bar, Kakasi let him seem to listen to the heavens.

Normal situation, with the born, two Chakra nature changes into new nature changes, we call the blood session?, 'I borrowed that the Naruto is still confused, and Kasi is a bit helpless. He is detailed with him: ', for example, a large and wooden, is the combination of nature changes in soil and water.?

'And three Chakra's sexual changes into new nature changes, it is to transcend the level of blood, we call it to eliminate it? Leave less with the Naruto, while Carti's own face has become More and more dignified, the endurance surgery of the old to the chop is the level of the blood and elimination.

Does he combine more Chakra nature changes in that intravence. Is that you know?, '

'Blood is eliminated? The' Naruto is surprised to have their own eyes, although he still does not understand all the meaning of Carti, but at least he understands the meaning, that is, he can't learn the level of the moment. I don't know what it is.? But Carti teacher, you hurry up.

What Chacra's nature change! I have to go beyond the moment! I have to recover Sasuke !! "

Beyond the moment.?

Do you really get the degree?

Looking at the sorrowful face of the Naruto, Kakasi shook his head in his heart, and then said: 'Now these are still early.? You still learn how to invest in spiral pills Claret changes?, '

After a while, the big sum came to the practice farm, and the next Kassi began to teach the Naruto how to use the shadow.

As everyone knows, at this time, the fire is in a ground change.

When Fei Fei Asa knew the members of the friends who were taught by one of the friends who were guarding one of them, he led Nara as the team leader in the twenty team dispatched by the team. Lu Pill, Shen Moon, and the steel iron tracked to these two enemies.

Above the empty land outside the ground, Asma and the three inheritance, the orthodox looks at the two of the ninja in front of the red cloud big A, and puts out the battle posture.

One hmm? You are not the guardian of the fire of the fire in the underground black city to defend one of the one of the scholars? "The Astma in front of you seemed to be empty in the eyes of the eyes. Interested glory, 'Your person's head value of 3,500 million? Actually, I sent it to me?,'.

Corner (Li Zhao). Don't hang your money all day?? We still have to complete the task of the leader of the leader? Advise the horns, 'If it goes to go late ?? The leader is angry?,'

To be here, the flying segment seems to think of some pictures that make him painful, and the whole person can't help but feel it.

You two are the Ninja of the dangerous organization?, 'Asma's mouth with cigarettes, look at the eyes and the eyes of the flying segment, "" actually killed the land! "

Abandoned unmanned underground replacement, a smartless blast blowing, a destined evil battle is about to break out.

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Chapter 222 arrives (seeking reward automatic)

In the country of fire.

A vast louder is not in the marginal forest.

In the moment, it is not slow in the tree in the tree. Since the nature world in front of the world, many years of ninja career have made him a little habit of this action.

Occasionally, he will also miss this way of action in the sky.

God's reincarnation has played the extension of the field to the ultimate, penetrating the entire forest and searching for flying sections and corners.

A wide wrapped dead forest.

The corner is solemn, and some dignifiers look at a dry wooden ninja in front of the eyes, the situation that is originally rolled, but now has become a bit tricky.

So far now, his heart is hit by Kakasi, flying is destroyed by Luku design, and a group of little ghosts who are not placed in the eyes, but now it is possible to cause him fatal. Threat.

"What kind of ghost is flying?" Since the flying segment is taken away by the small ghosts using shadow bumpers, his heart is inexplicably destroyed, so that he does not help himself .

There is also a mountain in the mountains and the autumn Ding Ding, and the other 120 dealsuit doesn't matter. At present, the biggest threat to him is that Kakasi's combat experience is rich in peaks, writing the eyes Excellent insight and skillful combat skills have caused great constraints.

'The two devils are less than suffering. First solve the write-wheel eye cardi? After you think, the corner has set up the idea, and suddenly launched Chakra in their own body, and behind the two ghost face masks. There are countless dark tentacles fly out.

Fire · Heart !!

Wind is full!!

In Kakasi and two wooden devil, the powerful fire and the wind suddenly combined together, formed a strong terrible destructive power, and instantly destroyed the entire dead woods around the whole piece. They come.

"The wind is strengthening the power of the fire ?? Ordinary water is not allowed to resist? Shakkasi has made his favorite eyes, and the sound of the two familiar sounds came out from behind the two.

Wind and spiral pill !! ".

Water breaks the rush !! ".

!! "

I saw that suddenly a huge dragon roll appeared in front of Kasi, and the strong fire of the wind and the strong fire released by the angle was offset.

Naruto! Dahe Captain! "

Wello and Ding Jun suddenly exclaimed. Carti returned to the head and found that the Naruto just started to complete the new montage.

'Is new?'. The drunk rushed the Naruto, and Kasi asked.