'Well? This enemy will give it to me!', Chati, Kardi, and the Naruto's face M out confidently.

Wind, spiral hand, sword!!

I saw that the Naruto was divided into two shadows, with the assistance of two shadows, quickly sailed a sword shaped spiral pill in his hand.

Using two shadows as an attack, the Naruto finally broke through the grievances of the corner, and hit the spiral hand in the hand, and smashed the stomach of the corner, and he knew that it was shocked in the corner, everyone's In the expectation, the spiral hand in the hands of the nun is all spread into a virtual air.

Naruto failed in Xinji instantly kicked out the first foot.

'Sure enough, the first ninja is the first ninja. "Canada, Carti, etc., which is hereby, and the mouth of the mouth.

Obvious.? "The Narley who was kicked out of the horns got the teeth and climbed from the ground. He immediately summoned four shadows, and then went up in his hand." This time (BEBG) Will be successful! "

With the four shadow, the Naruto finally successfully transferred the attention of the corner, and the body was close to the body, the spiral hand in the hand blocked the lightworked light, "the wind screw hand sword !! "

'It is completely finished by this crackdown? "" The light of the Naruto spiral hand is illuminated. The horns have the first time to show the frightened look, and the memories of the past 100 years have taken him with his mind. Quickly scribbled.

In the initial period of the Ninja Village, the first time of the Ninja Village, as the elite of the light, he accepted and implemented the task of murderous murder of the first generation of the wooden leaves, but he was almost killed in the woods of the first generation. The strike, eventually finally escaped the life and return to the village, but wait after going back

His is a crime and m penalty for mission failure.

This is a very cruelty behavior for the village to gamble, so he jailbreak and took away the banned painting of the treasure by shallowness, then Kill all the superiors in the village took their heart,

After a long time, I finally joined a member of Xiaolan, I only trust the money from now on, I think that only eternal money will not sell him.

Finally, the spiral hand of the Naruto is getting bigger and bigger in his eyes. It is necessary to bombard with his body. Everyone has smashed his eyes and dead.

'Corner? _. Be a few ages than you are a small ghost that is a small ghost ?_.' '

There is no sign, and all people seem to have some familiar sounds. There is also a hint of Yusu in the tone.

In the air, the silver white long flew dancing, the Naruto only felt a flower in front of him, and his spiral hand sword and the corner were more than a person.

Under the unbelievable eyes, the air seems to open an invisible shroud, the spiral pills in the niece, and it is absorbed in an instant.


The Naruto is like a shell, and it has been in a huge deep pit.

'Day is moving?! "

All the wooden leaves in the dead forest have grown their eyes and shouted out.

I saw a sudden appearance of people in front of them, and I raised the corners of the wolf, and the white long sprinkled, Zhan Blue eyes glanced at the people present, and it was.

(On Friday, I was the strongest recommendation, please pose the monthly ticket and flowers to me. "

Chapter 223 Inserting a hand (ask for reward automatic)

'You are really a wolf. Corner? Less

Recovered his eyes, I put down the corner of myself, I saw him look. Wolf, there is a limbs behind the mouth, and there are countless paint tentacles. I can't help but say a little ridicule. " A hundred people who are born.? It turned out to make this kind of ninja to make this picture?


The province has suddenly rescued himself, and the corner slowly returned the land of the whole body. He said helloned, but the look became a little cautious. He didn't want to see yourself so that you are so awkward.

'What about others? "There is no cautation in the troubles of exhaustion, and the moment will be asked. It is ignored between all the wooden leaves in the court.

He was taken to another place by another wooden ghost with shadow?, 'The corner is as explained in the flash.

'Deer Pills? After listening to the words, I murmured, I murmured, then my eyes slightly,' The action of calling our movements is a little more than a little?, '

' ?! "At this time, the big sum of Naruto helped from the ground, and his face was suddenly appeared in the moment of their eyes, and the surprised opening said.

'Is a big sum ?? I haven't seen you for a long time? "I heard the sound of the big sum, I also put my sight to him, like Kaki, the big sum is also his teammate in the dark, before, I have been up. The battlefield of the front line.

I can't help but feel some emotions. When I was a young woman, I really became a uncle, replacing the original plot development and the inertability of the long and disabled did not change because of their own interretion.??

'Are you? The big and some somewhere is the same as in front of you, and the shackles of the red clouds are very complicated.

Ox! The moment is you !! "When the Naruto of a foot, the Naruto was struggled at this time, and his hands quickly in front of the body." Multi-shadow face?, '

It's just that the multi-shadow of the Naruto has not been able to show it, and the flash of the blush of the blue and the blood of the blush is slightly launched. It is gently reached out to him. Suddenly, the body is hysteresis, and a huge gravitation that cannot be resistant is instantly absorbed him into the position of the moment.

With the huge gravitation of God's reincarnation, the relaxed nun of the moment was quickly smashed, and his neck was held in hand, and he mentioned his entire man in the air.

'Naruto !! "The province was in the moment, and a hand held his neck to mention the air, Cardi and Dahe suddenly exclaimed.

Oxful?, 'Is attached to a hand in his hand, the Naruto finds that he doesn't have the hand of the brakes, and the vitality of the nine-tailed chase is a disturbed beating. 'Well ?!'. The blind eye of the moment immediately saw the huge red Chakra, quickly formed a shaped demon fox, and Zhang Kaijun seems to be swallowed in him.

'Sucking? The nine-tailed Chakra in the people in the human body looks toward his teeth dance, and the moment disdain is disappeared. The blue eyes flashed the endless Guanghua, and the hand of the Naruto neck. Slightly tight.

'Chakra. Is it taken away by him?

When the Naruto struggled to struggle to break the rubbing of the steel, the nature of the iron, and the other side was discovered, his Chakra was in an amazing speed.

In the blink of an eye, the nine-tailed Chakra burst into his own himself in Chakra, and suddenly was taken away, the whole person was weak in the hands of the moment.

The nine tail of Chakra. Sure enough, Chakra with ordinary ninja is completely different.

The moment is finely experienced from the nine tail of Kikra from the Naruto. It is found that Nine-tailed Chakra far beyond the ordinary ninja Chakra.

No wonder the ten tail of nine tail beasts is called Chakra's avatar, the ninja world

Damn.? Naruto !! ', Zhe saw the Naruto was put on his hand, and lost his breath, and Kakasi and big and his face were suddenly anxious.

?? Ask for flowers ···· ??

I saw that the big hands began to make a quick print. It seems that the woods he taken immediately will save the Naruto. However, at this time, the eyes of the eyes are flashing, the ability of the left eye pre-pretension is early. The hole wearing them next to the move.

Reincarnation, repulsive!!

At a moment of big and started printing, another hand of the moment was hit by a punch from more than ten meters away, and he had an incomparable repulsion suddenly broke out, and he didn't shock to the big side. All things around the dead forest have become bent into distorted shapes.

Wooden cloth wall !!

In the face of the shock of this moment, the big and seems to have been inspired by all the potential in the body. The reaction is very fast, and it has changed the inventory of the inner hand. It is a huge wooden strip instant when the land under the foot. Out of the ground, a huge placement has been formed in front of him.

It is swaying on the big wooden sculgage, and the woods will only be bombarded in the woods, and the long trajectories are dragged out on the ground.

Big and !! "Kakasi shouted out, the scarlet written eyes were worried. The appearance of the moment seems to completely reverse the situation in front of you.

'Is it blocked by the wood? The corpse saw the big and the big and fascinated philosophy of the blind eye. He is just fainted, and there is still a living gas in the body.

'Forget it? No time to accompany you here? "Their mouth is low. ,

(PS: I found a horrible thing, the big man in the promotion of the age is still a little one year older than the protagonist.