Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 180 of the Crash System of Huain

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Chapter 224 rewrite the plot (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 224 rewriting the plot (ask for reward automatic)

The blue god of the blue gods smashed the wooden leaves in front of the cold, and the moment was gently put his hand on the shoulders of the corner.

'Let's go outside _. If you don't leave, I am afraid that the guy may become a fragment of four-fold five-cracked pieces _._.' 'The mouth of the mouth slightly, the voice is falling, and there is a replacement role. Two people disappeared in the original place in an instant.

Only left a ground in the body, and the face of each other.

'? _. The handsome arrogant but scary to unable to describe the man who can't describe Xiao Yaki. "Light yellow. The wild in the wild is suddenly a fart. Shares are sitting on the ground, seems to have a sigh of relief General, some murmured.

Like the wild field around you, the momentum of the unsatisfactory thing that is not exhausted by the first 'three and five zero "is worth sweating. When I see the moment, I will have the soft on the ground,' a terrible person : ._. Just now I have a look at it. _Russa actually produced the illusion of countless times they were killed

At this time, the only Kakasi standing in the dead forest, got a reaction at this time, and borrowed a Naruto and big and big and big, and could not help but wrinkled her brow.

I can't think of this action, I will encounter the day.

I don't know that he suddenly appeared in the country of fire ._. There is no other purpose. "

I have to find a way to quickly notify the master. Adults have everyone _._.

There is a lush jungle in the fire.

In the eyes, it is a green grass that is covered, and occasionally far away is still in the depths of the jungle. Seeing a spirit deer hanging on an antelope on the head, the dark eyes seem to flash with the glory of humanity.

It is completely unscrupulous with all of this harmonious scene. On the middle of the jungle in the middle of the jungle, it is undergoing a scene of life and death between ninja.


On a grassland in the jungle, suddenly there was a huge pothole hole on the ground, and countless falling stones rolled into the pothole, and a dust was wrapping in the air.

'Evil gods will definitely sanctions you! Don't think you can easily live! "

I saw that the flying segment was used by Lu Pu to pull the shadow. The champion was on the pothole, and I was full of detonators. A pair of eyes stared at the deer pill in front of you.

'That kind of thing. _ I will not be afraid! I am faith is. Fire ambition, now I am! I am sanction you !! "" Looks at the trap that you set, successfully Living, Lu Pill smashed the flying segment in front of him, let a vocal vicious curse made by his mouth.

'Go to hell, go, second _ production

Looking at the flying segment, this curse to kill the Ninja, who kill his teacher Asma, and the deer picked out his lighter in his arms, silently got a flame, and got a cigarette to ignite his tears. DC, this moment he seems to feel the dead Asma standing around him.

'This is the cost of cursing others _._.' '

When the voice fell, the deer felt was gently threw the lighter in his hand to the flying section, detonating all the detonates on him.

The explosion of the shocked explosion came out, and the deer was drunk by flying sections, fryed into the shackles of the shackles, so that they will fall into the pit.

As a result, the next scene has made Lu Pills unbelved their eyes.

'Recycling eyes · God return !! "

One of the air in the air passed his ears, followed by him. It took a incredible scene in front of his eyes.

I saw that the space where the flying section of the shackles was found to be fried into the sky, like the time of the time, all the broken blocks in the air recovered into a good flying segment, even the out-of-explosion. The inquiry is also restored to the original look, and returned to the flying section.

'This second _.' '

Lu Pill was scared. Shares sat on the grass, all of which happened in front of him, was more than his cognition.

'In the end what happened?!"

I saw that the deer pellets were intact flying in front of the face, and they could not be confidently muttered.

It didn't pay attention to the sluggish deer pill. After using the way, I appeared in this jungle. After gently, I saved the flying section of the pothole above the pothole, and the forces of frozen in the body were slightly launched. There were countless filled detonators on the flying section to make a thick layer of ice.


The moment is slightly shock in the hands, and only all the flying sections of the frozen frozen detonation are all over the grass.

'The leader ?! Corner ?! "

Suddenly appearing in front of themselves, don't say Luo Pill, this time is the flying segment I have not understood what happened, he only knows that he was defeated by Lu. The detonation is fry into countless pieces, and the eye is to be buried in the bottomless deep pit.


As a result, there was a flower in front of me, I haven't returned to myself, and I appeared in the moment, in the grass, it seems that everything just happened is just a dream bubble.

'Flying Section ?? as a member of Xiaoxiao ?? You are actually tackled with a little ghost?'. Looking at the flying segment sitting on the grass at your feet. Save him a face, the face of the moment I have a show like a laughter of 2.1.

'Amount? Sorry, the leader. I?,'

I don't know why, the provision of this scorpion, the flying, the flying segment does not have to be a heart to the bottom of the heart, and the branch of the embarrassment is.

'The leader? Want to kill this little ghost ?! "

At this time, the corner next to it saved the deer pills that were scared on the grass, and asked.

'Deer Pills?,' I heard the voice of the corner. I glanced at the little ghost on the grass next to the grass. It turned out to have been in front of him. He looked at him under the top, 'Now. You know in front of the absolute power How much is your poor intelligence? "

(On Friday, I was the strongest recommendation, please pose the monthly ticket and flowers to me. "

Chapter 225 I don't know the thing (ask for reward automatic)


The deer puzzle is sitting on the ground, and the stretched looks through the moment of eyes and the moment they are not at a time, but I really want to open back to refute him, but I found out that what he said is like a little.

All the reactions of the deer will incorporate the fundus, and the moment is turned to go to him. Since it hates trouble, it is tired of and complicated, why not simply safely, in the family, a general person, why need to run out as a ninja?

'You second _. You kill Asma teacher ._. I will revenge him!' After experiencing the powerful stress of the moment, Luo Pill didn't know where to come, look at the moment slowly The back of the departure, actually trembled, and shouted in his mouth.


The result is still like the original, killed by the flying segment:.

I heard this name, suddenly impulsive fragment of a crazy fragment in my mind, it was a fragment that he had wrapped in his day. '.

'I just don't know if I have been involved in my own intervention. The red is also the same as the original, so many mean? 15 "I can't help but silently.

How? You are so good, but now there is so dry, is it hate to grow up? '. Gently sprinkled the head, and suddenly looked at the deer pills standing behind, with a contest and sly. Eliminate.

'The leader. _ Russia go to kill this little ghost! After hearing the deer pill, the flying segment immediately said that for the deer megadownload you almost buried him, he has already slammed his own kill. Peers.

'Celile you second _.' '3 inches in the proposal of the flying segment, the moment is not convinced, the head does not return to the forest, and the existence of such wax is really unable to make him more interest.

'._.' 'See the reaction, flying segments and corners of the faces A, they have some disturbed people in the heart of the true ideas and , I am afraid to anger to this high-profile leader, so thinking After a moment, I had to make a good job.