Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 181 of Hueding Crack System

'Wooden devil ._. I hope that you can feel good for your own good luck ._.' 'I saw a sentence to the flying segment, turned to catch up with the footsteps of the moment,' Next time When you meet ._. I can. See you mourning like _._. ''

After seeing the brakes, after leaving, the deer pill seems to be asked in the ground. At this time, he couldn't think that his back is already a whole. Wet.

A terrible person _._.

From his eyes, I seem to have seen my own death _._.

Among the jungles of the fire country.

The leader. What are we going next? "

After walking, because of the existence of the moment, the two groups did not have no haunted, and the atmosphere was a bit dull, and the flying segment couldn't help but ask.

You two continue to perform the task I have given to you. The "flash of the tissue", the sight of Zhan Blue Double Clip is gradually far-reaching, as if wearing the entire forest in front of you, and the eyes arrived at the far away. A unknown place. 'And I have to go to the wooden leaves?,'.

Wood leaves? Ok?, Then after listening to the wrong, even if there are many questions in my heart, but the corners have not yet blocked.

Just now, it is like a miracle, which is like a miracle, and it is really impressive, in the long-term memory Changhe in the past 100 years. I have never seen someone can have this transcendence. Ability.

The corner couldn't help but remember that I have seen the flying segment that is fried into countless pieces of eyes, I can have a new recovery in the same time as the time, and I have saved the moment around him. I have a heart to him. Viser of the alpine.

Then you will continue to perform actions and tasks now.? I will go first? After I finished, I saved the two two people who have saved the original death of the original death today. The power is running, and the launch will disappear in the original place.

After the disappearance of the province, the two men and the flying sections were opposed to each other, and there were countless thoughts and thoughts, walked towards the depths of the forests.

Wooden leaves.

A grouper in a troiculated, Xinglong.

What ?! You are pregnant! "

A shock is full, and some sharp sound suddenly sounded, which attracted many gaze around.

Red beans! Sit down! You are too loud! "

The whole person who is surprised by his homework in front of him is standing, and the survival of the surrounded by the surrounded by the peeks, they can't help but shame, the sound of their own voice, put the red beans, the whole person presses the stool. on.

Ming.? Sorry?, '

At this time, the royal hand washing red beans seems to have lanes to everyone's sight. 487 we all said that he is too much, unsecredient, followed by his voice, curiously put his head to the evening. ' What time is it ?! Is Asma ?! ".

How could you! What are you talking! 'I heard that the red bean said, the night, the night, I will refuse him last time. We have never taken each other at all times? .

Not him?, 'After listening to the evening, the red bean has closed his mouth.

But then in her mind flashed a disgusting figure, I couldn't help but have a big eyes, 'Is it?,'

The philosophic expression of the red bean, the sprinkle of the boulder, and the eyes of a paragraph, and he couldn't help but the eye paste slightly. The whole person was silent.

"Really him ?! ', philosoprost on the face of the face, red beans are surprised to completely open the playful lips into 0 type, and the beauty is full of incredible colors,' But the time of you Isn't it two years ago? How??

(On Friday, I was the strongest recommendation, please pose the monthly ticket and flowers to me. "

Chapter 226, five generations (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 226, 5th Generations (seeking reward automatic)

'I don't know how to explain with you? "Said that it is very annoyed here, and it is very annoyed on the face. Some of the hardships:' But in fact, I have only happened to him? Less

'Doctors have also told me.? I have pregnancy in my body. The time period is more than normal than normal, and the red beans are saved by Red Trinens, saying their own facts. This is also the only thing. explained?,'.

It turned out to be the hateful guy.?

On the other side of the red bean, the brain of the red bean came to the beginning of the first moment, she can't hate his face into a group, and then sent it to the red.

'What do you want to do next? Is it born with your child ?! "Request to have some messy thoughts in his heart, and the red beans are carefully staring at their girlfriends.

'What do you still do? Is it a new life?,' Said that this, the bright face is flashing with a firm, 'Even if I only have me, I believe I can be very good. Bring big he (her) ?, '

'Don't you plan to tell him? "The expressions of the province seek in the face of the face, and the red beans said very surprised.

'No.? His current identity. The relationship between the woods is not optimistic ?? Moreover and the portrait? Less to the throne, the night is a slightly, she feels that she seems to play a lot The role, betrayal has taken a relationship between friends and moment.

'Return 10,000 steps ?? Even if I tell him. After that, two times ?? And still two years ago

Change it to me.? I don't believe it. Sunset red is silently thinking.

'Red, don't you worry? What is the future thing to say?,' The expressions of the province seek a red expression seems to be a little, and the red bean is speaking.

'I hope so?,' Sitting in the lively meatball shop, looking at the people outside the door, the flow of coming and coming, the sunset is muttered.

'Ah ?? Yes ?? We still have to attend the funeral of Asma in afternoon? Suddenly, red beans seem to think about anything, say: "Say it ?? Asma's death with the day, there are some Association?, '

Isma's funeral?

'Then we are ready to go?,' I heard the reminder of the red bean. The evening also packed up her own complicated mood, and the two came out of the mea.

At the same time, the Five-Generation Spirit Office.

The bright light outside the window is sprinkled, and the master is sitting behind the firework desk.

Looking at the intelligence information that is also transferred from the coming in his hand, the apeer can't help but care in the eyes of himself.

'Xiao, according to the preliminary inferior of the information is in the village of Yuyin, according to the Ninja, which is self-proclaimed in the rains, and after the disappearance, the current leader, the current leader, the organizational purpose is unknown, currently successful Implementing the sandy hiking of the Store of the Store, I love Luo, Lei Zhiyun

Two hidden people in the middle of the martial arts, as well as the country of the water

' ?? You are trying to do this dangerous organization. What should I do? Some muttered in the mouth, the face has a strong worries on the face.

If I haven't heard the wrong one? Some people just like to mention me.?

At this time, some familiar sounds passed into the hands of the program, and a smile and stunned mean.

This sound is.

The apeer is incredibly, and the head is slamming, and it has returned to the head. Sure enough, I will see a man who is somewhat randomly leaning on the window of the fire shadow office, and wear a white royal gown, and the silver is a side of the white shoulders, a pair The blue mysterious doubles are told to say that it is not clear, and the mouth is still hooked.

Lead out of a sorcerer.

"Day? ! '. Gently bite his own scuba, almost a word, shout out the name of the person, the face of the hand, it is difficult to describe the color, the eyes are complicated, Surprised, disappointed, deplied, but also doped with a woman.

"You still dare to appear in front of me!" Suddenly suddenly appeared in front of you, the apeer was almost full of angry, from the teeth, squeezed this sentence, and the mood was excited to the Shuangfeng before the Yunhuang. Dramatic jitter.

'I miss you, so I will come back to province you ?? Is there anything I don't dare? The' moment hung a helpless smile, saving a charming a movie, and finding the last time, she seems It becomes more young than the past. Li, 'your temper is still as bad as before,'.

Less to me! "The agency dutied to open the moment when I wanted to say, the look Zheng Li took him through him," I first refused the third generation of the old man's proposal to accept the fifth generation of rigid shadows that were asked as the wooden leaves. Join what you have ?? Is this your answer ?! "

"It's a tart of a fire." Looking at the god of the master, the look of the moment (Li Di) has begun to gradually seriously, 'then do you? Do you have a hate, Say that when the people, people are idiot?, '.