Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 182 of Huedings

But now? My fifth generation shot adults? '. At the moment, the word is very serious, I spit out what I want to say.

After listening to what I said in an instant, the planner was awkward, and the fire in the fire seems to have returned to the previous silence.

After a long time, I looked at the moment in front of him. The apener finally opened the opening: 'Do you know that you do this ?? What many people are disappointed? "

"This also includes you? '. Borrowing the master of the Ming-Yan dynasty, suddenly I feel that I have never been like this moment.

(On Friday, I was the strongest recommendation, please pose the monthly ticket and flowers to me. "

Chapter 227 confession ?! (Ask for reward and automatic)

The five-generation fire office office.

A somewhat embarrassing atmosphere caged a moment and a hand.

The province to the atmosphere seems to be able to listen to each other's breathing sound, and the apeer broke the embarrassing silence. 'You are my favorite disciple.? I will rule you to take aststretry, I will certainly disappoint it?, '

The most beloved disciple.?

Is this only.

After listening to the contact, the original unable to look at the blue eyes, this moment became a bit bleak, I saw him drunk and said: 'Just the most beloved disciple, but I never just simple What is your master as my master?

This sentence is said, this is the first time that the first truly header X himself has an idea other than her tertians. Rao is a powerful strength, but the mood can't control some times. tension.

The aperator is the first woman who really feels the feeling of feeling after coming to this world, but also before the port.

Just started to have a woman who is a harsh and good alcohol gamble, but after gradually getting along, he found that the card's heart is actually a lot of feelings and a woman who is an emotional woman.

At the same time, although she didn't say it from a 970, it was actually a slightly, and she always worked in my heart. The 7 hearts appeal absolutely unsolved.

If you want to say age, you will not have a small life in the past. If you want to say, if you want to say, who is the human, who is old? Is it a chicken skin? Moreover, in this second The world, it is not a difficult problem to get eternal life and appearance, such as streamline

Wooden brilliant night and big simmer.

So through today's opportunity, the moment is simply smashed with this layer of gauze, and said that he buried himself for many years. Some time Ai is observed with the response of the eye.

What ghost?!

What is this ?! What ?!

This is simply in the joining this thing !!

The sound of the moment is falling, and the apeer only feels breathing and hysteresis, and the heartbeat is like a few shots, and the crisp month begins constantly.

She is not a girl in the 178th year old. She has been in the moment, but she is more or less to feel ((bffe), I always hide my eyes, I always hide my eyes. If there is any case.

However, no matter whether it is or two of the relationship between the two, or for the past and pain in her heart, she will not allow her to see this emotion. After all, the original moment is only one in her eyes. The little ghost.

Nowadays, suddenly, I suddenly smashed this layer of gauze, and said that I had a long time in my heart, this undoubtedly pushed the situation of the two to an extremely embarrassment.

Teacher love?!

No, no matter how she will never accept such things.

I saw the lake in front of the road, until today, she truly ignored it. The moment in front of him is no longer that the province is like someone to find her teacher to learn medical.

Nowadays, it is already a tall and handsome, and it is very powerful. The light is a man who is enough to shock the whole.

'.??,' Almost a little hard, the apeer is gently opened, and it seems that it seems that there seems to be afraid that he will take the next words will hurt the moment.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

I saw the aperator just opened her own probes who were about to open, and the bright light of the blue eyes flashed, and the whole person suddenly disappeared in the original place.

'Meet. Well,'

The apeer was surprised to open his eyes, and the mouth can only be barely sound, because this second has been hugged her, close to her cheek kisses her lips.

Are you crazy ?! "

Continue to wear, the aperary hand pushed the moment, using almost unbelievable eyes, this energy lifts the arm seems to think that a slap fan is in the moment, and the pause is in the air, and it will be gently put down. My arm.

She is actually kissed by her apprentice?!

This is a matter from the past years and never feel that never imagined things. Today, the true happening is on her, and the object is the most beloved apprentice, moment.

'Outlet teacher. This is the last time I called you? The birth of the city is full of unbelievous and stunned expressions. The bottom of the moment seems to have an inexplicable pleasure,' Forget the past all the sorrows What is the break. The rope tree. Then those who have already passed?, '

'From now on. Try to interact with me! "When the end of this sentence, the expression of the moment is extremely serious at the front of the eyes.


The ahead has once again widened his magnificent double eyes, and the face couldn't help but play a M red color. 'I think you are about crazy, moment? _.' '.

This thing will never mention it in front of me _._. '', But after all, it is a strong woman who has galloped through the battlefield. She quickly took her own mood and breathed a deep breath. Nowadays. I have been very thin in air, and I said: 'If you still read our masters

The reason is between the situation.

Is it a teacher?

I will see the expression of the temperature on this plenter's face, and I suddenly appear a bitter expression. 'I know that it is difficult to accept now.......

But ._. One day I will let you change my heart and sure! 'When you arrive here, the flash of the moment seems to have recovered the look of some stun and confident.


My heart, I'm, will it change?

Among the Huang Shadow Office, the agency somewhat ill began this sentence that the end of the charter, once again lifted, and found that there was no trace early.

For a long time, the opener seems to have suddenly remembered what, suddenly revealing a smell, "Not a good! Dating, you haven't explained me! Stinky boy, you will come back !!"

(That _._. I personally is a Hui Hunguan _._. So ._ cough).

Chapter 228 Missing (seeking rewards and automatic)

What kind of mood is at this moment, and it doesn't know.

At this time, the moment is replacing the inexplicable emotions, and the drunk walking on the streets of the leaves of the leaves.

It's alive, he is going to travel on the bustling street. At this time, I have already caused some eyesight at some corner, but I don't think it is exhausted by this moment, who is going to go, who is also Can't be scribbled.

It seems that people who will see it immediately, the mouth is slightly raised, and the blind eye is penetrating the entire wooden leaves. Finally found the position he wants to find, and the eyes flashed, under the surprise eyes of everyone. The instant disappeared in the original place.

Wooden dark side monitoring room.

This person is ._. ''