Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 183 of the Capaci Yushu System

In front of the monitor's display, a dark ninja died of a headless face mask is in the picture in the population of the wooden street, and the tone is influenced in the tone.

'Well? I am saving. The other dark ninja next to it is coming over, and I have seen the movie in the screen, and the long hair of the other people on the street. Both eyes and that dress.

'Day is now!? "After the province is clear, this dark ninja finally changed his face, and then anxiously,. This looks _._. Will n't be wrong! He actually returned to the wooden leaves !?" .

You will go to notify all people !! I will notify the five generations of fire and three generations of fire !! "After the voice falls, the dark ninja immediately won the door and disappeared within the mid-monitoring room.

For a moment, the entire woody darkness has become a group, and everyone has entered the stage of high emergency alert.

At this time, the homes of the throne, the door of the room was gently opened.

The ninja with the rabbit face mask is quietly entered the room, from the short and abdomen of the mask, and the darkness of the uniform style of clothing can't cover the body, this dark department Ninja is definitely a beautiful woman.

' ._. Nor I don't know how it is now _._.' '

A slight sigh, slowly picking down the rabbit face mask, there is a clear cold. Li's face Pang Lu came out, but this beautiful face is full of concern, but it is just a concern. During the opening of the task, the opening of the moon.

From the recent news from the village, the relationship between the five ninja villages in the eyes of the village has become increasingly nervous, which is not allowed to hang your heart.

How is the best?, '

At this time, a familiar voice was suddenly sounded from the room, and his mouth was unbelieited to his eyes, almost thought that he was in the dream.


I fiercely turned back, and the ranking of the throne, I met a figure that made her a lot of belly every day. I didn't know that a pair of beautiful water fog was gradually blurred.

How to sorry.? I?, "The province will see the eyes of the cold. Li's beauty is soaring the belly for himself, and the whole inner heart is taken by an emotion of embarrassment.

I just wanted to say something, but I saw the whole person, such as Fei Yan, the whole person, the whole person fell into his arms, then even looked up, with a silky woman with a tears, active kiss I have a flash of my face, and it seems to take this to tend to spend my heart's unsatisfactory concern and miss.

Immediately, I took the fine waist of the throne, and the whole person had entered her arms. Two people were tightly kissed in a piece, and the entire room was full of the atmosphere.

Time I don't know how long it has been.

When a golden sunny sun shines in the room, a slim quilt masked the unsettled men and women.

'.? Can you stay here for a long time? "

The tightly landing is the moment, as if you are afraid of him, he will fly away, and the throne is gently open.

'How long should I stay?,' Gently said, I just said that I said that I would like to have a bright white eye, and I can't help but have a pain, say: Prescentive No, you will go with me this time, '

?? Seeking flowers ····· ??

'Anyway, as long as you want to come back ?? We can come back anytime, anywhere, is the flash of the loudness, and say it out.

'Leave the wooden leaves? After listening to the suggestion of the Bounce, I murmured in the mouth, my eyes flashed the complex look,' I have grown up in the wooden leaves.? There are too many People I ?, '

'? I gave me a little time ?? Waiting for me to handle it.? Do you want to go to Na, I will accompany you. "While talking, the port is deeply embedded in the moment. Yunhuang.

'Is this? After listening to the answer, I didn't have to force it. I continued to say:' Then I use my pupil, here I set up a space channel, the coordinates?, '

'This way. When we want to meet. • You can see each other at any time?,' Head said, then he remembers the space of the moon to use the reincarnation of the eyes. So telling about this way.

Is it really ok ?! 'After listening to the moment, the two of the portraits appeared immediately.

"Of course, can you see that the corpse is like a boy, like a child's general period, I can't help but smile.

Get the affirmation of the moment, the throne can't help but joy, but suddenly the eyebrows 9, it seems that there is a sudden thinking about what. "I almost forgot to attend the funeral of Asma in the afternoon.?"

"Isma's funeral?, 'After he heard the words, he murmured, and then nodded and nodded.' So you are ready?

(Recently, the New Year is closed in a waterless countryside, the state is a bit bad, please forgive me)

(Please lose the monthly ticket and flowers to me).

Chapter 229 Funeral (ask for reward and automatic)

An angelica of sacrifice, the ninja in the village, including fire, is really unavoidable.

At the moment, some kind of

Don't save! Quickly close your eyes !! "

After getting up, I was changing the portrait of the clothes, I felt that I was almost burning sight, I can't help but mad.

'Feeding ._.' '

I can see the beautiful people who are dressing in front of you, because shy and shameless, my own cheeks, I have some can't help but laugh. Anyway, I have not orver passing: ._. ''

Finally, under the eyes of the moment of harassment, the throne did not easily replace a black 'four seven seven "substitute, and there was no good breath, the big color ~ _. I went out!" .

Bye. _Pheng looked at the port of opening the room, lying in the bed gently put a hand, and his face still hanged a worse smile.

After the game, the moment continued to rely on the bed, and a pair of blue gods had a boring observation and taking the whole wooden leaves. It seems that suddenly saw what interesting things, the smile of the mouth became more obvious.

"The fire is tuyed: ._. Each young generation of ninja will be passed to the wooden leaves. ''

In the last sentence, the funeral attended by the village ninja is finally ended.

At the beginning of the sun, when the flaming of the flaming, the surrounding scenery is particularly lonely and depression.

The moment of drunken strolls in the woods in the woods, gently stepped on the countless fallen leaves on the ground, and issued the sound of Shasha.


At this time, suddenly, a crisp, I passed into the ears of the moment, and it was full of strangeness and doubts, and even some panic.

After hearing this voice, I couldn't help but lighten a delicate radiator. I looked at it gently. Sure enough, I stood a demon. Burning. My woman will be red.

In addition to the night, she still stands with a black and ribbed pizza tail around, and shelters wearing a net-shaped ninja lining, and a little sight is staring. He, is the disciple of the big snake, and it has been washed red beans in an instant.

How come you?, 'Some unbelievable reached your own little. The mouth, the evening red is a big pair of my pairs of my own, suddenly appearing in front of myself, my eyes are full of complex colors. , Surprised, lost, and a panicked.

It is still the original pair of perfect faces, and the white long hair is equipped with a pair of ZHANG ZHANG Xiao. The whole person is like a black sun, deep and shine, and people will indulge.

Just and red beans participated in the funeral of Asma, I wanted to end after the end of the evening, the eve of the mea, and met the most of the people who made her heart on this back path.

I haven't seen you for a long time.? Red.? Are you still so beautiful? "I look at the eyes seem to be more demon. The burning people's evening, the moment, the mouth, the smile, the smile, the smile.

'I.? "The evening is red, but I don't know what to say. The appearance of the moment is completely disrupted. She is inherently inherent. In the past, the memories and fragment of the past have been constantly moving out, slowly Her heart is occupied.

I don't know if I have my own intervention, red and the dead Asma still produce it.?

The province's pre-eyes-in-the-night news, the thoughts of the moment, the thoughts, but they were interrupted by sudden sounds.

'Day is moving! Your guy actually dares to appear in the wood ?! "Only the red bean next to the evening, with an angry A expression, the evil staring at the moment in front of him.