Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 184, Chapter 184, Crash System

what's the situation?!

'We don't seem to have a deep hatred? Royal hand washing red beans? "Faced with the dissatisfaction of red beans, and there is a bit of mistakes that raise your eyebrows.

You this bastard! Do you know that red her?, 'Seems very angry, red bean, just wants to open, but be interrupted by the next day.

Don't say it! Red beans! "The philosophy said that his secret said his hidden secrets, and some lost expression suddenly filled with a pleasant face.

'Well? Red, what happened? "Some wonderful provinces have saved the front two faces appeared to have some weird women, and Junxiu's face can not help but appear a gidding look.

Don't say any more! You still leave here.? Do you know that your current identity is more sensitive in the wood? Sense, ' It is even more.

I saw her pair of red eyes very complicated, 'and the death of Asma also had a big relationship with you ???,'

'Are you concerned about me? "I don't know why, I will see the original demon. Burning charming evening, but the face is full of nervousness and uneasiness, the heart suddenly starts the hot feelings, Can't help but say it.

'I?,' Xi Rihong, tap, just want to explain what, then there is a lot of 2.5.

At the moment, the face is slightly condensed, and the blushing of God is flashing. When I found a large number of ninja is coming here.

Wooden ninja and dark part? Some muttered words in the corpse mouth, the moment is separated from their identity.

Just in the moment, I had a slight wing, and the red beans in front of my eyes suddenly took a bitter, and the rack made a guardian gesture in my moon. The sputum was opened: "Red you are careful! The guy is the leader of Xiao !! "

(The environment of this few days is too bad, and then adjust the state immediately)

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Chapter 230 Dictate (seeking rewards and automatic)

Between the words, the red bean has quickly extended a hand, and it will be bold behind the sun, and the pain in his hand is unsuccessful.

'Red Beans, this is this?,' Is an obvious day of the evening that is clearly not perceived at the moment. Some unknown, it looks at the red bean.

It is also possible to save her to have a large number of wooden ninja around.

So immediately pull the Gate of the Japanese red homogeneous gesture with himself?

'Mini can't save this guy is still very fast? "It seems that there is no more than 3-year-old, and the many ninja that quickly surrounded. Some tastes will stare their eyes in front of the red bean, mouth The like is ridiculous.

'Your guy is still worried about your safety! "In the face of some ridiculous tone, there is a bit of a bitter red bean, and the face is revealed.

It's really a disciple of the big snake pill.?

I have seen the playful expression on the red bean face. I have a little helplessly shake your head. I have seen her. She is like this. She is like a person who flying away. It is like a female version of the whirl.

The four weeks of air flow, the ninja around the dense Ma Ma will be surrounded by the mid, and the action is fast, and the red bean takes the rose.

'Japan to the brake?

I saw that the wet sky crow and the black feather were all dissipated. After the ninja, the ninja, who had just killed the tempta was kicked, and the whole person is like a shell that filled the gunpowder, and the six or seven ninja will be ignored. The trunk of a big tree was hit, and there were countless leaves.

I saw that the ninja that had just sighed and killed. I was kicked by the moment. The whole person slammed from the big tree tree soft to the ground, and I didn't have an entry between the eyes and nose. After seeing this scene, after seeing this scene, All the wooden ninjas around around, can't help but pour a cold, looking to the eyes of the moment

The ban becomes bitter and dignified.

And the Lei Tong and the mountain city youth. On these two special endurance, I don't know how to play my life directly.! '. After the moment, I'm going to kill a special endurance, my heart is not flashing a deep doubt He is still a little impression on these two dragons, and it has been in the woods.

I have seen a few faces. And the foot is not the escort of the three generations of escort ?? Drama because I have different changes? "

'Opener hasn't come over ?! "This is from a crowd, I asked an old woman, asked against the ninja around him, a pair of qi.

"The Nangjie is still commanding the end of Asma's tolerance. The tip will come?" The ninja next to 'is busy with the coming.

'Take the Ninja in that day? How can I save? "I saw the old man around four weeks and asked.

"This? They? Less ninja seems to have some support.

'Hey! This is a guy ?? Don't take them!'. The old man snorted, and I also guess it in my heart.

'?? Then let's make a rebellion in the moment.? Wait until she came over and let herself save her disciples?,' The old lady said, with a tone of pinched guilty. Taoful.


After I heard the words, I couldn't help but smash my own blue-blue eyes. I don't know that the temperature of the air is falling down.

"Water households.? Turn a small spring? It turned out to be your two old things? I didn't expect that these two old guys will actually run out.

"The day! You joined this dangerous organization to attack all major rips, block the wooden leaf ninja to hold 857 lines of tasks, killing the high-level leaders of the wooden leaves, now killing the wooden leaves, I, Izma And the monk land of the fire temple! I still dare to appear in the leaves today! "I seem to have a moment.

It is a little unsettled, and the water household can't live on his face. It has stood up from the crowd from the crowd.

I heard that water households and sleepless Spring two old people gave their own Luo weave a big string of crime, and the silent smile, it was originally in the sentiment of the three generations and actions. Although he also went to the ninja of the wood However, it is always still a bit more room.

Some people who call now seem to be completely unsatisfactory.

Just in the moment, there is something that I don't understand what they have two motives.

'In order to hide? In order for the so-called five-ninja village of the Alliance Treaty? Or for the first to reject two and the three generations of old and proposals? "In the heart, he guess one of the possibilities, but never thought about a clear approval.

But no matter what.

Since some people must jump out to find death.

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Chapter 231 of the Storm is coming (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 231 of the Storm is coming (seeking reward and automatic)

There is no resistance to the resistance to guess the water households and the sleeper Xiaochun. In this way, since I decided to take the initiative to shoot myself, then I should have a good idea to bear the consequences.

I have long thought that the old guys who only play with the right to play will be very eye-catching. I didn't expect that they actually ran out to themselves today.

Although the Tang Tang is sinister, it is the purpose of the purpose, but at least he at least in order to pursue his own ideals, you can use all the conspiracy and positive to fight, from the beginning to end, I have implemented his own endure. .

But in front of him, in addition to encountering things, hiding behind others, there was nothing to finish, and it seems that there is a moment of being able to have two things that have been worried. Not exhibited at all, even if a little bit is a ninja.

'Water households.? Subside the spring?,' Today, the six cactors will also save the life of the two old things.

Do you? "

"It's really a letter to the river! The day, your behavior has constituted strictness and threat to the fire of the fire and the endurance? The Flashing a green gas, unconsciously improved his tone,. Today, I will replace my hand and day.

I finally got this rebellious !! "

I really don't know what it is.

At the moment, the number of ninja around here is numerous, but in front of themselves, the quantity is obviously can't produce. This truth should be understood more than many years ago.?