Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 185 of Hueding Crack System

Did you get out of the Ninja's career for many years, have you started to lose weight even?

Collapse all the ideas in your heart, the blood of the blush of the gods, the brilliance of the blue eyes, a bit of dilute, in the eyes of everyone, the moment, the moment is grateful to the water household.

Everyone Xiaoyi "After the move of the news, the water is shocked. This feeling has experienced when he has been in the case. It is just that the words have not finished, and a huge giant gravitation suddenly turned into the moment. The palm is over.

'Consultant Adults !! "Because the movements of the moment are too fast, they have the ninja in the scene, and they only see the moment, and the water households standing in the crowd will be suddenly absorbed in an instant, and all people are issued. A excitement.

This feeling should you be unfamiliar?! 'One hand holds the neck of the water household, and the moment is easily mentioned in his hand. Some flavors are at this moment because of suffocating because of suffocating. Speaking of the light open mocking.

'Day, I am going down! "I will see yourself and I will take a look at the neck in my hand. I will sleep in the middle of the spring. I am in a hurry. I want to open it. However, I would like to see my eyes like a vague, I have to close my mouth.

You didn't make a mistake? You suddenly brought so many people to attack me. Now I still want to ask me to put it down ?! '. At the moment, I have a big eyes, it seems to see any incredible things. The opening of the ridicule.

When the atmosphere in the eye and province has been completely fell into the glue, the god of the left eye is foreseen in advance to appear here for a long time.

'I haven't seen it for a long time ._.' $ "The mouth is slightly raised, turning the eyes to a safe place, saying the light, saying: three generations old man.

At the same time, at the same time, at the same time, the flash of the flash is in an instant, and it is a three-generation for a long time.

What are you doing ?! "The three generations that have retired have not worn in the ninja, but wear a usual daily kimono. After arriving in the field, he stared at the water hit into the small spring and the hand in the hands of the hidden man. Sudden Mobilize so many ninja. Do you have a prominent approval ?! "

In the face of the three generations of question, there is a little bit of a little unnatural, and the sound is said:. Japan, the day is now a great threat to all the rivotes, and he is still _ ._. ''

"That is to say! You have no approval of the agency ._. '' The three generations directly interrupted the sleep Xiaochun to continue to want to say, the disappointment of two, he found that he has completely saved The true appearance of these two teenagers.

In the six peers led by the second generation of the two generations, Yischi mirror and Qiudao took the wind have sacrificed early, and the group has also been killed, and they live together now, but only Water households and sleeples, just now they have long, no

The courage and responsibility of the ninth, only the right is only the power and interests.

You two or you think about it. How do you explain? "

After saying that he was full of muddy eyes, with a complex look, there was a moment of Territory. Suddenly, there are some tolerate this blow. Don't be in the abyss, the more it is, the more it is _._. .

Stay ._. "It seems like a deep sigh, I only see many of the three generations of three generations of two years old, even after the intervention of the moment, the fate of his death in the crash plan, but the practice of all year round It is still to make him soon.

Some crisp came out, there are people who have their own eyes in the scene. I saw the three generations of sounds just fell. The moment did not hesitate to use a slight use force, and the neck of the water household .

(Please lose the monthly ticket and flowers to me. "

(The following will enter the extensive development of the plot).

Chapter 232 a choice (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 232 a choice (seeking rewards and automatic)

'.??,' Just even the three generations are also unobsized, unbelievable and save the moment, as if you know him on the first day.

'Day to the moment !! You actually dare !! "A sound of almost hysteria sounded, see the body of water households, like a beach, and the end of the tares were thrown into the ground, and the old face was just like a old face of the orange peel. Suddenly becomes more distorted.

Three generations old man.? This face. I think two years ago, I have already given you it?, 'I said that the body of the water household is like garbage, and the moment turned his own gaze. Three generations.

Some skewers in the lag, the water households were died in the hands of the moment, and the three generations were in a deep silence. He knew that there was no longer turn around.

'I just said?,' I didn't pay attention to all people surprised. I'm going to talk about it. I still have to die, but not only the water households must die.? Tour bed Xiaochun also wants to die! "

The sound of the moment, the atmosphere of the entire scene suddenly became more depressed than just a more suppression, the momentum and killing of the whole body of the qijui, so that all the people in the scene have almost all see what they die.


In the event, there were some people who were in the first one, and the first one was a bit of difficult swallowing, and he was abnormally loud and ironic in this almost the needed forest road.

Really want to be the enemy with such guys?

I heard that he has destroyed the entire Yun Yin Village.

Looking around, it is almost lost and the enemy of the enemy and feels the killing of the bones in the moment, and the sleeper is almost using the strength of the whole body. Ah! You all give me !! "

All Ninja almost all the three generations present, although he had retired, but after all, it was a ruling wood for many years, his voice had an absolute component in all the wood ninja.

I saw all the people's eyes, and the three-generation turbid eyes were somewhat awkward. It seems to be the death of the companion, and it seems to be in mourning two died of the past son, or suffering from this road to the moment.

I saw that the three generations did not make any response, heard the command of the sleep Xiaochun, all of the Ninja at the scene took out their own tolerance and made an offensive.

'Ten, twenty, forty?,' Seems to have not made a move in all the Ninja in the Troop, and there is a lot of people who have a number of people. The total number of ninety-eight ninja?, '

After silence, the flash of mocking has a smile on his face. The double eye province has to go to the three generations and sleep Xiaochun. Lang Sheng said: 'I remember that the bad time was being sacrificed by you ?? You face it?? One choice?, '

'One is a wooden leaf, one is a majority of the difference, one is a few,' In their own negative eyes, the moment is described.

'Is this this? Today, I also re-give you a choice? Leading less, I'm looking around a lot of ninja, many people who made an offensive gesture,' Tour Xiachun, a total of ninety-eight wooden Leaf ninja, '

'The same is the choice between a few and most?

'So ?? The choice of two? How will we weigh the pros and cons? "

Speaking here, look at the expression of someone in front of the scene, especially the three generations and sleeplers, the wonderful looks on their two faces, the laughter on the face is getting more and more strong, 'You are letting me kill this Ninety-eight Ninja?, '

'Is it still said.? Turn a small spring? It will be the same as the date of sacrifice in the past.? Select standing to sacrifice himself? "

A piece of silence.

When all the people who were found in the field turned to themselves, they couldn't help but take a purple color on the face of Xiachun, and they shouted everyone: "What do you save?" What do you save? ! The guy is only one person! "


··? Ask for flowers ??

After listening to this sentence, including the three generations, everyone fell into a psychic, and the reality in front of the eyes seems to be unable to refute.

'Is this this? That let me choose to choose! 4 Everyone of each of them has incorporated the bottom, and the face of the flash has completely lost the temperature, and the blue eyes are endless,' I chose? I have to die !! "

Extension Edition Chakra Scalpel !!

At the moment, the cold voice fell, and there was a chakra scream blade that exuded with green light, and the three generations of heart suddenly rose a bad premonition.

Reincarnation of the eye!!!

Among the three generations of horrified eyes, the midst of the bright blue eyes made an endless light, and the Longli of God has been urged to the extreme, and the whole person suddenly disappeared in the original place.

In the absence of absolute speeds of the space, all everything around it seems to stop, when the three generations have a little stepping, once again philosophy, I found out that he had already standing behind himself.

Hey! Hey! Hey! ??

In the three generations of watching, he saw all the wooden ninja around, one went all like a sculpture, and there is no wound on the ground, but there is no hint between the nose, but it has lost his life. Breathe.

this is

Is it a thunder?