Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 186 of Hueding Crack System

The three generations were almost horrible, and this feeling seems to have only experienced only in the four-generation eyes of the golden flash of the wind. No.? No.? No suffering, no surgery? Less

"Is it more secure time and space than the flying thunder? Some muttered in the mouth, and the age of three generations has been understood from the scene.

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Chapter 233 of the Crane System (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 233 Dialogue (ask for reward and automatic)

When there is a sudden change, all the wooden ninja surrounded by all the people have lost their lives. It is like a sculpture that is generally inserted, and the three generations of teenage faces are difficult to cover up.

At the corner of the moment, a brutal smile, the blue eyes were slightly, and the face of Changchun, the face of Xiachun, which has become a nature of the pot, and even the legs began unnatural jitter.

'Are you trembling? It's hard to imagine that you are like you are afraid of death guys actually be a ninja ?!'. The irony voice seems to be completely tearing the last silk in Xiachun, and put her Self-interesting inner heart is completely under the sunshine.

'Are you?,' I saw that many ninja actually supported a breathing in my hand, just. Just 7, see the old face of Xiachun, the old face, the long mouth of the lips. 'You kill it. So many wooden, ninja, even if it is a hand, you can't keep you?

Oh. Do you want to have a hardship? My corpse see you in front of you. Now I can't stop shake the shake of the bird. I actually cooked the duck mouth. I don't know if the so-called words, I can't live without a smile. " Still quickly breathe a few mouths, you can breathe the air in this world.

Actually killed so many ninja ?? At the moment? The corpse has a big eyes, with the long-in-one wooden ninja, the three generations of lips are slightly vibrated, and the turbid eyeballs revealed the depression. Brilliance, 'You can't get back? Less

'I can't stand it?'. I am stunned, I don't know what I think, let him feel a funny,. No? Russia does not need to look back! "

After the sound of the moment, the three generations of the look silent, the old turbid eyes flashed over a strong struggle and quickly calmed down, and it seems that it has finally made a decision.


In the eyes of the eyes, the blue mysterious light of the blue eyes, the god of the left eye seems to have a surprised scene in advance, and only see his looks more complicated: "Three generations old man.? You actually want to me Use the corpse ?! "

I heard the words, the three generations were shocked, the whole body was slightly vibrating, unconsciously stopped the move that I had to make, my eyes brought the color of the horror, 'How did you know the sick I want to use? ?! "

"Is it worth it ?! '. There is no responsibility of the three generations of horror, and there is no choice to answer his questions. The other eyes of the three generations have become more complicated." For water households and slends in Xiachun Guy.? You actually plan to use the corpse to accompany me !? "

'I am not for them! Because you kill the ninja of so many wooden leaves!'. The three generations of emotions suddenly become a little indignant. I really can't think of you will be like today. Road? Corpse.

Woody village is my home! The fire is in order to protect this home and stand up. 'Shen Sheng said that the three generations of sound becomes more and more, and finally formed a firm tone,' So no matter Who are you? I will never let you destroy my home! "


Listening to the three generations, I murmured my heart, my face gradually streamped M out, the irony expression, the role of the nigs, the role of the fire has been fully integrated into your blood.? "

'You are just a history of this tissue called wooden leaves. A temporary leader?

'Even I am afraid to stay in the world, and I will be weathered one day.' T loves to say, the look on the face is finally gradually formed, and you are not nirunn now?

No. Russia is the third generation of the wood! The protective wood leaves are always my duty! '. The firm voice falls, the three generations of the old and old turbid eyes are time to come, and it seems that he is a brilliant color. Time flies reverts to the endurance singing. Because, hands start printing.

Three generations of old age? It is already completely old?, 'Looking at the three generations of his own eyes and the three generations of the dead, the moment is swaying, and it is already old, and I can't tell you. Yet?,'

He is now a little understanding that the big snake pill is then wanted to start the wooden crash plan. Instead, the name of the name. Because, the three generations of fire, the decayed wood is, it is better to let him take a ninja Way to die??

Under the three generations of strange eyes, I saw a moment of flashing in front of his eyes, and when he was shocking, he waited for his shadow.

Soft method · gossip two hundred and fifty-six palm!!!

It's like a row of clouds, and the flash is like it is easy to think about the gossip of 2,56 palms. I saw a flash in the air, made a variety of illusory bubbles in the air, and the whole patriarchali sprinkled with the three generations of the three generations.

The three generations of broken and anti-defense have not yet snorted, and the whole person was blown out, struggling to stand up on the ground.

Chakra is sealed !! "

The three generations after being smashed from the ground. I barely stood up from the ground, I felt that I couldn't mobilize the 1.0 of the 1.0 Dikra, and the old face couldn't help but flow a bitter smile, 'Daily Softy ?? Thinking of you can cultivate the journey to this point

The three generations have been exhausted in front of themselves, and the three generations have found that they are really old. Even if they are not able to do with him.

Don't struggle for the three generations. "". "Gently walked to the three generations. The three generations that have been in front of you have never looked at the waist. At the moment, there is a little bit of screaming. My eyes are Beyond the eyes of the sixth immortals, can I save the changes in the future of the future? ". ''

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Chapter 234 of the collapse jade system is dissatisfied with and ventilated (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 234 dissatisfaction and venting (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Everything you do everything. I will be seen in front of me.'.

No matter whether the corpse is still in the same way, is there any meaning?

After the sound of the moment, I would like to see the three generations and sleep on the face of Xiachun. The face is completely difficult to cover.

Call a future eye?

Beyond the eyes of the Sixth Cact's Round to the Eye?

The three generations of unbelievable mouths muttered, which has never heard of his long-lasting years in his past.


What do you want to make the future of the Ninja World?

After listening to the moment, the three generations completely released some tight body, and what did his struggle under the power of human hard?

'So.? Turn the sleep Xiaochun ?? Easy to seal the three generations of Chakra, there is no need to save him, just put your eyes, it is shocked. He is full of shudder, full of full It is a ridicule, 16 'Do you want to die? "

When the fear of the sleeping blossoms has reached the vertices, the smile on the face is also overflowing, and the blossom of the blossoms, and there is a group of people appeared around.

'Opener?,' The smile on the face is gradually converge, and this special name is medically.

'! ! "

I rushed to Lin Dao, and the aperator was shocked by the moment, and there was a three-generation in my face, and the sleek sleeper is full of blues, and there is still that. The part of the ninja body.

"This is this? What is going on?, 'The apeger is somewhat horrified to stand all this.

Follow her, there is also a dry wooden leaf behind her, and all the eyes are widened, and all the bodies and Shi Siki are in the moment.

The program suddenly ended a bad feeling, and these people were all brakes.?

'Opener! You have come right!'. See the charter and Carti's appearance, the original face is full of shock-to-sleep, when it is like a drowning person to see the life-saving straw, screaming Get up,. It is a day to the Basket! He not only killed the wooden household consultant water households and killed

So many wooden ninjas ?? "

After listening to the sleep of Xiachun, the full-time heart couldn't help but sink, a pair of beautiful stuns to the front of the moment, and the eyebrows were full of worried look.

I am really you? When the corpse is handed, she can take this kind of thing.

"Yes. What people are all I am killed?, 'Compared to some worries and some angry look. At this moment, it seems particularly very calm, and I saw him in a drunk opening:' Tour Xiachun And the two old things of the water house with this helper, I took the initiative to attack me. I still say what to execute.


So ?? I didn't hold back in a moment? "Said here. The moment is still like a helpless look shrug.