Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 187 of Huedings

The answer of the flash makes the open eyes of a single, and I have a thing that can't be saved.?

Although this is not really exhausted, I feel a trace of anger, but the apeer is still moving to Xiachun. Work hard to compress your own anger: 'I need An explanation! What is going on ?! ".

What happened ?! "Faced with a hand seems to be anger, the sleeper Xiaochun is so beautiful, it is like a chicken skin to quickly shake, the old to the moment is now the leader, attacking all the big fortune of the endurance, many times Sanxiao-ninja executive task, now the members of Xiaoyu killed Asma and land, this time

He didn't have no reason in the wood? ".

Enough! "" I saw that I didn't finish it, I didn't finish it, and the prime hand broke what she continued to say, 'Since you can make so many decisions, why should I find me? Let's come back as a shadow ?! "

"In addition to letting me get into the bunch of the embard on the bunch of the bunch of the bunch of the bunch of the bouquet of the bunch of the bunch of the hood, you have done a little meaningful to the wooden leaves?! ' The hand is still disgusted to the sleep in front of you. "When the wooden leaves

When you shake it to your interests, you will think of finding someone to go to the fire. When the leaves are stable, you run out of your hand, but your body?

"There is also the matter of the Yishabo family? If the corpse is left, the apeer has not continued, but the eyes of Xiachun Xiaochun are just like a ugly sarcoma in the same way.

Even in two or three years ago, I have been preparing to get into the dark and brutal realistic preparation of the woods, but when she truly sat on the position of the shadow, she found himself simply. I can't help these people don't help these people.

For example, the incident of Yuxio's extinguant, these woody high-rise issues will be issued to the Qi Zhibo whole, when and Yishibo A, after the external combination, Ju Zhibo is a threat to threaten the threat to threaten the threat, and let him join Xiao. To monitor this organization.

There were no number of villages built to build their life. Now, what is the elderly who only know how to play with the old man ?!

After listening to almost some shouting ventiat, all the wooden leaves in the scene were in a silence. They didn't have eyes. At the scene, they are also able to touch the ninja elite in the woody high-level information. Some words have caused a strong resonance in their heart.

"Don't say it anymore? Opener? At this time, the most surprising thing is that the moment suddenly opened the way.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 235 of the collapse jade system does not stay (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 235 does not stay (ask for reward and automatic).

I don't have any angury.? "

I saw the moment that the opening of the opening attracted the eyes of everyone, and the look was silent, and there was no temperature in the clear emotion.

Because of what.? They will do not exist after they live! "

It is like a graceful and dedicated, and it seems that I only see a established fact in a decent manner, and all the people in front of all the wooden leaves are completely obedient.

'.??,' Meet to the eyes of the moment, the card is shocked, immediately want to open a speech, because no matter what, the sleeper Xiachun and the water insignia are the highest decision-making layer of the wooden leaves. The old consultant is the oldest ninja in the whole wooden leaf, and there is great in the wooden system.

If the right to speak, even if it is usually made to make two weeks.

After listening to it, after the killing of the moment, the sleeper Xiaochun took the cover of many wooden ninja, turned back to the legs and started to escape.

Run?! '. After the injection of the movement of Xiachun, the mouth did not help but fell and a 433 flavor.

Immortal · !!!

I saw the flash of the inner body, the endless Xianke Chakra, the wind, three Chakra injected into the spiral pills in his hand, and suddenly, one hand was slowly covered in a huge spiral hand sword, continuously torn The intermediate of the blade that is broken, it is a blue white like a laser.

The amount, exudes a smile of glare.

'The terrible nature change. Is another brand new spiral pill? "The mouth muttered, Kasi immediately opened the written eye of his left eye, three hook jade crazy rotation Dead staring at the ,, .

I'm so happy !! "Zhe saw the huge drunk at this time, and the view was suddenly anxious, and it was absolutely unable to let the moment killed more people here.

I am in the middle of my life, the blue gods are angry, and they are free to close their own Kakasi and big and big and the moment (BGFI) disdainful smile, holding the huge hugeness of the hands in the hands. The spiral hand has disappeared in the original place.

If you are not afraid of being dead, try to open this moment! "

When the moment appeared again, the whole person was dragged into the huge spiral spiral sword, appeared in the sleeper in the middle of the spring that was desperately escaped, with a cruel smile, waving directly in the hand. The hands and swords lost out.

'Worse !! "Zhe saw the speed of fastness and the hands of the hands and arrest, Carti and Dahe couldn't help but move on his hand, and the Spiral hand sword.

In the death of the dead, the sleep, Xiaochun, seems to have felt a fatal crisis. When I turned my head, I found a huge spiral hand in the sky in her double.

After the huge spiral hand sword explosion, countless strong wind blades will be destroyed throughout the forest road. It is like soft i soft lightning and lightning. It seems like a laser, endless burst I Out, all things all things in front of them are all penetrated.

It's a thousand-hole sieves.

Infinite glare. All everyone in the scene couldn't help but blocked their eyes. The strong storm from the explosion almost flew out all of them.

Time I don't know how long it has been, when the glare glare and the endless wind are more diffused, all everyone looks like to see the original forest road of their eyes, it is destroyed, everywhere is all being used by countless laser rays It is like a discharge, and the trees in the two rows have not seen the trace at all.

'This power?,'

The powerful shocking power caused by the province of the spiral heloes, let all the wooden ninja in the field can't help but pour a cold, especially the use of the flowers of flowers, the emperor, I am lucky enough to be shocked. At the moment of the spiral spiral hand sword, Carti, could not help but feel a deep heart.


"Advisor adults. At this time, the other leaves began to find the drops of Xiachun, but found that even her body can't find it.

Some of the three generations have been sluggish to sleep in Xiaochun, save his last companion in this world, and the past is in this world, and the turbidity is hidden and lonely, and it is deeply sigh in the heart. When I was angry, I didn't have extra strength at this time.

Endless thing.

'?, Then only the planner is looking at it, it seems that the immortal floats in the middle of the air, thinking about how he said insorsome, how can he say it in the heart.

By now.?

There is still room for transferring between them.

"Why do you use this eye to save me?" Drunken float in half air, although the silver white long hair in the moment is dancing, the whole person saves it like the elves, saves the eyes of everyone, and the moment is slightly. My mouth I bar, 'I am helping the leaves to remove two locusts. Isn't it?,'

Although the death of the water, the death of Xiachun, no one is grief in all the wooden leaves in the field, but in the face of this good mocking, they still feel an indignant and dissatisfaction in their hearts. .

It is just that it is in an instant to simply follow them from a power strength, no one dares to watch it.

'.? Do you know that you do this ?? Is it equal to the opposite side of the wooden leaf?,' Silent, the aperator said, at this moment, she is a five-generation fire shadow, absolutely can't Don't stand out to show your position.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 236 of the collapse of jade system (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 236 Changes (ask for rewards and automatic)

Standing on the opposite side of the wooden leaves?

'What will I am exhausted?' After listening to the plan, I am disdainful to Saach my mouth. I hope my deep eyes to the foot of the feet, 'I am exhausted.? What is your opinion?, '

Are you exhausted. Only my opinion?

In the face of so many people. In the face of this, it has already appeared in some lack of words. The operator is unspeakable. The scent said: 'You haven't answered my question yet ?? You tell this dangerous What is the purpose of tissue stirring together ?! "

'Xiao? The corpse seeing the document at this moment, it seems to cover the look of a distortion, and the moment is smile. When you want to open, this time his surgery white jade ring has passed a slight shock.

'Is Xiaonan news? Sent is the information that Xiao Nan himself sent it, and there is some doubts that raise their eyebrows.

At this time, Xiaonan suddenly passed the news to him.