Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 188 of Hueding Crack System

What will be an urgent thing?

The resulting thoughts were made up, and the moment was laughed and deeply gazed. Lang Xiang said: 'It seems that there is still a very important thing waiting for me to deal with it?,'

'So you are. Maybe you will come again next time. We are enemies?,'

Under the eyes of everyone's eyes, the flash of blue and blue is turning, and the life of God is gently launched, and the eyes are situated in a very unknown place, so that the god is suddenly disappeared. in.

He seems to have something to leave?

After the discharge of the province, the stock is almost suffocating. All the wooden, ninja in the field is almost all secret, no one will hate your life too long hopes to face such an enemy. .

Maybe I will meet next time. Is it an enemy?

If you chew it in your mouth, you will chew it before you leave. The aperator looked at the three generations of confusion next to it. He looked at the corpse of water households on the ground. Emotional cage is in her heart.

One of the dark caves.

On the ten fingers of the huge outer road, there is already the figure of eight in the face of Mens.

'Said? Is the leader not coming yet?,'

The character flying Dida pulled the mouth, and turned his gaze to the middle of the small south, at least on the moment, he felt that no one was more clear than Xiao Nan.

'How? Didala. What do I need to help you remind you? "At this time, the other side of the flying section is a boy."

'Amount. In fact, I will talk to you here. It is also very good. If you don't say anything, you can't help but remember some horrible things, I immediately hit a haha ​​to start left. It is.

At this time, the fingers in the outer road, the side of the small south, and a colorful cloud flash, a pair of eyes that exuded a blue-blue infinite mysterious glory seem to light the entire paint black cave.

'Provision of everyone is all right. If you can't find a lighted place?,'

After leaving the wooden leaves, use the slide of the slide, in the moment of the cave, some dissatisfaction, and then sweeping around the side, and found that all members of the organization were all.

'Xiaonan. What happened to all people ?? What happened? "I asked in the moment, his heart is very clear, and if there is no particularly important thing with small south, it is absolutely not particularly important. This is an urgent notice to him.

'Help and ghost drums have arrested four tails ?? In the dark, Xiao Nan Qing cold voice is faint.

'Is it?,' Moment is slight smile, I nodded. The action is very fast? It is worth touching and ghost? Less

'The people of the four tails are a rebellion in rocky.? Will use melt.? Is it difficult to deal with guys? The' ghost drum is somewhat grinned to the corner of his mouth, with his kind of ocean-like The water is saved, dealing with a powerful weapon.

·? Ask for flowers ······

Is the rocky rebellion old purple ?? It is indeed a S-class ninja?

'Very good news. The province is going to prepare the seal of the end of the beast. The corpse looks a little distracted ghost N, and the moment is not laughing, and continue to turn his eyes to Xiaonan. , 'But you are so embarrassed to inform me? Is it only one thing? "

'Another thing. Let Mun Ma Lu and white himself tell you?,' Xiaoshan whispered, and a heavy tone.

'At the moment? When you have passed?

'Someone has taken the first step. Let him take him away? Just follow his disciples of the spider family being killed? "After the finish, the looks on the white face become a bit heavy.

Obviously, he thinks that he and Jun Ma Lu have no good task to complete the mission of the moment.

Someone grabbed one step to take the six-tail column to take it away ?!

'Provail someone is taking tail with us. _. _.' 'Some tastes think, after hearing the information brought by white, there is no panic, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact, in fact Basically, there is already no more thing to make him feel panic.

On the occasion of ostrich, all the people in the entire caves are silent, and they are silent, they don't dare to interrupt his thoughts.

'The all over the sound is all here. `' '

At this time, it is impossible to appear in this cave in the ear, and a little familiar figure is slowly drilled out from the soil under the feet.

'? Actually you ._Gelectic to see the figure of people, the beginning of the moment is uncomfortable.

Things ._. It seems to become more and more interesting.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Crash system Chapter 237 Tail (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 237 Tail (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Absolutely! "

After the province clearly came out of the mud, almost all of the families founder were very surprised.

'What this guy still dares to appear in front of us ?! "Didaraton first called it, his face was very surprised.

The leaders have already sent it? You and A Fei are all organized traitors. You still don't find a place to sew it? 'This time, the other is a guy who fly in the world, also pitch It's whispered, "I will kill you with the curse of the evil god? I want to make the leader satisfied?, '

Is it?

A pair of mysterious stars, the vast blue eyes, the perunitioned people drilled out of the dirt, it seems that he suddenly appeared in the meaning of this.

It seems that there is no look around the god of the people to delay his tiger. White strange hooks, the stretchably. Some weird emphasis on him said: "The day is in the moment, this is just my cloning. One,'

'I have been here today? "To notify you?" 16 white pale faces, as if there is no slight emotional fluctuation, like a numb mechanism, now in our hands,'.

Sure enough? A pair of looks in the production, and there is no other person, and he has never seen anything else, it will come out to destroy the actions of tissue to capture the tail.

'Next? What we have to play with you a game of capture of the beast?,' Dao continues to say, the information in the words makes all the families in the scene 3 out of the same look.

Capture the tail game game?!

'Are you? You refer to you, black, is there any kind of soil belt?'. The flash of the face has been interested in expressions, and some taste is borrowed by vice.

No.? There is also a person you completely imagine?, 'Said that this, the white face did not fluctuate, it seems to have a mysterious smile at this moment.

I am completely imagined.

Who will be? Yushi Boufang? Or?, 'I thought about thinking, I would like to save my mouth, and the mouth smiles smiles.

I have already brought it ?? So I wish you all good luck? After you finish, you will start slowly into the soil, you want to retreat.

'a? Kill him? At this time, I suddenly told the opening of the blunt, because the familiar group members have been in A and Ghost N, the remaining all are the phantom in the use of slide. Phantom.

Wanhua short-eyed eyes · Tianzhao !!

After the sound of the moment, I saw that a even didn't even have it, just silently opened his right-eyed wagon, three hooks and jade traces mad rotate. When he was on the eyes, he burn it with air. Black flame


The eyes and the eyes are too painful. At the end of the girl's eyelids, they were burned into ashes by the Tianzhao flames of A, saving all the people in the event.

Don't use it directly to use Tianzhao so embarrassment. It should take a lot of In the case.