Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 189 of Hueding Crack System


The leader. What is the words that have just been said? The corpse saw a little silence, the ghost N said, and his eyes said.

Don't do it. Is there a black and A Fei, um is Yusi Bo to land. What do you want to play with us to catch the game?, ' , The corner of the mouth also has a smile that is eager to try, 'No matter how the development of things is getting more

What is it interesting?

I haven't worried about myself in my heart, and the guys who are in Didarafi paragraphs are of course even more uncomfortable. Instead, I feel that it is necessary to get the work of the tail beast, and it seems to be more Stimulate.

'Okay ?? So everyone prepares the work of sealing the beast? After the convergence of the heart god, the moment glanced at all the familiar people, and said, "Today a and ghosts caught back. I have previously grabbed the second tail of the three tails and flying sections and the horns.

Then our workload is a bit big. Factory.

Scorpio. To be three seals. Kill me?

Among the mourning of the flying segment, the moment led all the people in the field in the cave, and started the next two-day boring beast seal work.

Fire country border.

"Three tails were seated for two days, 8. It's really not working?

Among the forests full of fallen leaves, I just looked out the slide of the slide, and I realized that I was inserted from the black rock cave. I stretched a lazy waist.

Have to say, the peeling of the seal is that it is a very tired job for a few days without going to eat.

In the forest that covers the falling leaves, he listened to the sound of 99 plugs E, the sound of the 99 plus E., could not help but think of the information of the previous white, and the thoughts were gradually floating.

'Province of the province comes to your own intervention, which has made the world of Niji's interesting changes in the world.' One side is walking in the forest, and there is something thought when I think about it.

'Black? Is there a person I am completely imagined? Some muttered beliefs in the mouth, the blush of the blue god began to flash inexplicable glory,' There is a thing in the province ?? I have to confirm?, '

In the middle of the eyes, the Guanghua flashed, and the moment was gently launched. When the figure suddenly disappeared between the forest.

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Chapter 238, Chapter 238, North Base (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 238 North Based (seeking rewards and automatic)

Tian Zhi.

Northern Based place in the original sound rule.

Finally, it is the northern base area? Factory

The ghost lights and the moon suck the water in the bottle, and some complaining.

'I advise you or be careful? It is not a general place. Then there was a Big Snake Pills Human Body Experimental Center?,' A blood-long hair whirlpool pushed the glasses on his nose, and looked. The water next to the month, in fact, the two between them are not like each other, '

It is a monster who is born where it is born there, can't control?

But that's okay?

Anyway, Sason will protect me.

On the other hand, I said that the fragility of the fragrant phosphorus was a bit of help, and I didn't know what I thought in my mind, and I suddenly wiped the suspicious flush.

In the process of fragrant and water, the three people finally came to the Big Snake Pills.

Just stepped into the gate of the human body experiment, suddenly a skin dark purple, all the horrible sage is full, and the human-shaped monster that dragged long-tailed tail suddenly appeared in front of the three people.

Yes, the curse is the second gas? Is the experimoctive of the big snake pills in front of me? 2011 Sudden manual monsters appeared in front of you. The fragrant phosphorus reminds the Sasuke and Water Moon around you.

'Are you?,' A pair of tweeter-filled eyes, staring at the three people, human-shaped monsters seem to recognize the identity of Sasuke. Some doubtful openings said.

I only saw the next blink, Sasuke has appeared after his body, the grass 0 sword in the hand with a long blood, gently inserted into the waist, and the appearance was shocked. When people shoot a shocking human figure, the blood flowers blooms, weak, unable to fall, and the whole body is separated from the curse state.

In the past two or three years, Sasuke changes not only the strength of the improvement and the increasingly mature appearance, and that gradually sinking into the darkness.

Easy to solve the experimoctive body of a mantland, with the water and fragrant phosphorus into the body's experimental space, turn on a hundred full body skin dark corners and thorns, and the people who have a hemorrhage Out, stop the way to help them.

'Minister the disappointment? The experimocts of the big snake fleeted. I have perceived Libra Tonglu's Chakra, and the chakra of the Chongwu is not in their one 'should still be inside.

'Trust is there ?? The province is coming to play ?? Sasuke?,' I heard that the children who have to look for it is not in front of this experiment, the water is not found to have emerged. A desire to kill, slowly reach out to take the head behind him.

'Well. Don't you kill the killer?,' Sasuke also slowly pulled out the grass ff sword behind him, and there is no wave in the dark eyes.

'Sui? I really have a ninja that is from the wooden leaves. What is my mother-in-law? Some of the water is helpless, and it is different from the sizes of the wooden leaves. There is no resistance to the heart.

The voice falls, Sasuke and the second of the month suddenly flashed, and each rushed toward the many people's monsters in front of them.

Dangdang !!

The sound of a gold M hit by a gold marty.

At this time, the Northern Breakfast Research Institute is outside the ground, and the red cloud big A will gently draft the clear water.

The big snake pill and pharmacist are not there?, '

The long hair of a silver is gently flying in the air. At this moment, the expression at this time is sought and confused. 'It is still because my intervention will not expect any changes. '

'It seems that ninja is in hand. Meet? Very special Chakra?,'

Listening to the invasion of the incoming ear offered, the moment gradually converges his heart, the blue gods have been drunk, and the long-awaited a few groups, suddenly, Kutcra, muttered muttered The figure disappeared on the clear water.

Different from the original, hit all the big snake pills of the second state, because there is no presence of Jun Ma Lu, the killing of the heavens and the world are played with Sasher.


I saw Sasuke's grass s swords constantly flying and half mandatory in the style of Tianbizhong, in Libra, the murder of the righteousness of the sky. Under the impact of the strength. Sashers, Sasukes gradually began to spread the dense The curse, entered the form of the mantry state.

The deep purple monster is like the devil's wings, and the eye begins to become dark color. The original dark hair begins to quickly become a gray-white long hair, and even the appearance of the original Junxiu is also awkward. Horror.

Is it a copy of my replica?! Hahaha kill you !! ''

After seeing Sasuke entered the form of the mantra, it seems that he felt a powerful force, and the face of Libra showed a crazy killer, and his eyes were full of persistence and desire for fighting.

'Need me to help? Sasuke. One.' '

(Nuo Wang is good) Some good stone to fight, the fight against the moon, and the face of the water is also started to have a look of the look, and there is some interest in his mouth.

'No ._. Soon will end: ._.' 'Sasuke in the mandrel 2 Sashers, the hand is flying and heavy, and constantly issues a golden impact, and the other side begins to gradually change to Scarlet colors, three paint black hooks are rotated therein.

'._. Write the wheel eye? _.' 'The water month on the side of the Sasukes, after the change of the eyes, the mouth gradually gradually released his hand that he reached behind the big knife.

Eye sounds should be used to end this battle, this time, this time, the fragrant phosphorus standing on the side is suddenly changing.

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Chapter 239, Chapter 239, Snake Team (seeking rewards and automatic)