Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 190 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 239 Snake Team (ask for reward and automatic)

Eye Sasukes should make the life-written eye-catching illusion control to the sky, and then the water that is watching is suddenly discovered that the fragrant phosphorus around him has begun to slightly trembling.

What happened? Xiang Phosphorus? '. As a niche of the born eight characters, the water has never seen a horizontal expression of the fragrant face.

'This Chakra. What is the world really exists? Less only see the unbelievable face of the fragrant phosphorus, her gods seem like to be unbelievable.

'What do you feel? Is the enemy?' The ice is frightened, gradually stretching his hand to his head behind him, the face starter out of the look.

'I don't know. I can't imagine the huge Chakra. Is there a way that suddenly appeared in the sky.'? Leisurely phosphorus muttered, suddenly seems to be aware of what is general, raise the head to the side , 'Be careful! On there !! "

'I haven't seen you for a long time? Sasuke?,'

There is no sign, and the ancient well-free voice is gently passed into their ears, and it seems to be a bit flavoring in this empty walkway.

I just used a 450-point illusion of 450, and I had a heavy turnover. After I heard the familiar voice, I slammed the heart and turned into my eyes.

I saw when I didn't know when, the figure of the black and red cloud had already appeared in the walk in the walk, and the silver-white long hair was sprinkled on black. A pair of ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG Xiao-spirited eyes Holding them, which takes the quilty of Zero Star.

'Japan is now? Sasuke, there is a little bit of the face, but it is very unable to cover up, but he has been concealed, and the sound of the people said.

'Day is now?!' After hearing Sasuke said that the name of the people said, the water seems to suddenly remembered what, some unbelieved widened eyes. 'Xiao's leader.? Rumin is now the most powerful day of the Ninja World. ?! ".

Is he the ninja of the endurance singing? What is handsome than the imagination? After the small province knows the body shape and outline, the incense is not conscious, and the double-eyed is full of his cheeks. I have a star, 'The world actually has a handsome ninja than Sasuke?

'This flower is coming again ?? Are you paying attention to this? After you see the reaction of the incectorial phosphorus, the water is helpless, holding his cheek.

'Why do you appear here?,' Sasuke is a little surprised, and a little brood is frowned. The keen is exhausted to the clothes wearing it at this moment.

That dress ??

The same as they wear.

Soaster's mind has emerged for A and Ghost Tattoo, who slowly puts the grass s sword in his hand into the sword sheath after his body, saying: 'Outside the rumor Among them? The leader of this is true now is true?

I didn't pay attention to my eyes, I was just peaceful, and some examined him observed that he was huge at this time. 'You changed very much. This unmanned look is a big snake. Music in the pill?

He is also very big in Chakra. At this time, the blind eye is also exhausted to the change in Chakra in the body. Then I remember that I have just went to the Village, I'm looking for the figure of the big snake pill and pocket. It's completely a scene that people go to the building. He seems to guess a first thing.

Where is the big snake pill? (BGFA) Where? "I didn't have a pair of bisciful looks in the eyes of the sheds in front of themselves, and I asked softly.

'Big Snake Pill has been killed by me?,' I heard the question of the moment, Sasuke said that there is no shortage in the tone, with his current strength, it seems that there is already the qualifications of challenge A.

'As for the pocket. That kind of guy. Who knows?,' Listening to the name of the pocket, Sasuke appears some disdain.

Like a bow, I have always been in the big snake pill, and I seem to have a low eyebrow guy, and he is high than the top. He has always been disdainful.

'Is it still to swallow the big snake pills? "There is no eye in the eyes of help. After he heard his answer, the bottom of the moment has a deep question,' After your intervention.? The three generations did not use the dead seal Big snake pills hands?, '

'So your finished big snake pills. How did you defeat him again? "Thinking here, the look of the moment can not help but feel a little confused.

Obviously, this silky and intake of the flash, Saso will of course understand it into a surprise and affirmation of their own strength.

'Day is now, is you the leader of you now?,' I saw a fierce light in the eyes of the scarlet, and the drunkenness stared at the moment in front of him, 'So Yushuo helps you Affirmation is clear?

'Tell me his fall!', Pingshu will spit out the last few words in his mouth, Sasuke stare with the moment, there is a kind of ignorance of the eyes.

'Are you talking to me? "

The moment is stunned, although I don't know how to defeat the end of my hands in the past, it is obvious that this matter seems to have infused many self-expansion and confidence.

Sasuke is unbelievable and widened his own eyes. He looked down on his feet in the moment. He was still in his stomach, and the speed arrived in an incredible level.

Next, I only felt that my neck was tight. The whole person was instantly chased and pressed on the wall of the walkway. Under the huge force of the moment, the entire wall in the walkway is like a spider web. The same fragmentation.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 240 of the collapse of jade system is easy to rush (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 24 is relaxed (ask for reward and automatic).

Body? Don't you keep up with his actions.? "

Haven't come and carefully afraid from the pain coming up from my body, Sasukes widened their eyes. I found that my body has just can't keep up with an action.

'I think you need to learn how to speak with your seniors?

Hold the neck of Sasuke, put his whole person, press on the wall of the walkway, and there is no such thing as a smooth, as if it is just a light written and Saso help.

Sasuke !! "

If you have a blink of an eye, Sasuke is instantly by this sudden date, the whole person is put on the wall, the water and the fragrant phosphon suddenly shocked.

Although it is tenth to pull into the team, the water is actually a strong companion that does not match his appearance.

Water in the waves of the woman!!

After the instant was instantly instantaneous, I saw him suddenly made the sterilization of the fog of the water, and the moisture from the whole body gathered as the arm all compressed, and the right hand arm is thick. ring.

The rough arm of the water monthly spread with an amazing giant. Waving the huge dagger big knife in his hand, slamming the front knife to the moment, the amazing gentness scored the air and brought a fierry.

'The hydration of the mist. Is the ghost light?

There is no back in the moment, and God's reincarnation is early, in advance, in advance, the movement of the water, the old-fashioned knife of the water and the month of the water, and he does not see what he has too much movement, just reach out Your own left leg suddenly kicked.

The water of the squid only felt a pain in a knife, I saw that the huge daggered big knife was actually kicked in this leg, like a sharding, and nail into their heads. On the ceiling, slightly and fierce trembled.

Renovation, hell!!

At this time, the nearest way to the moment is like a flash of the blue mystery. I haven't seen any other slightest movements. Suddenly, the water suddenly felt a difficult to describe the huge gravity shrouded him. On the body, it seems that the number of the whole body is increasing.

It was applied to the body by this sudden incentive, and the whole person, the whole person, was pressed on the ground of the walkway.

Among the eyes of all people, the flash is helped, and the other hand slowly reached a finger. Gently align the water of the month of the month of the water.

It was originally the water that was already embarrassed on the ground. Eye had a big one. This finger is gently aligned. I only felt that I was once again improved in my body. For a few times, the ground surrounded by the body suddenly appeared a state shallow shallow.


I saw that the body that couldn't bear the boundless water, the hydrated body suddenly made a transparent water flow, pressed into the shallow pits on the ground.

Is this the strength of the most powerful part of the Ninja World?

Obviously, there is no movement of the footsteps.

In addition to being in the Libra in Sasuke illusion, all the eyes of all people in the field have passed a deep shock, and the breath of the position is under the power of this at all. All hysteresis.

Standing on the side, witnessed this fragrant phosphorus. I couldn't help but reach my mouth. Bar, I am afraid that I can't help but scream.

'No, the big cutter is already in your hands?,' I heard that your brother's ghost light is full of free manipulation of the sky.