Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 191 of Hueding Crack System

Talent Ninja ?? I have ever heard?


· ?? Ask for flowers ···· "

As a child, it has grown up in the village of blood mist, and the ghosts will re-emerge, the title of the genius ninja, the water moon he thought that he would be crushed with absolute power this day.

'No wonder that he can destroy one of the five rivals of the five rivals in the age of 13, this is the only idea in the Water Moon Brain. It is not at a level, '

In addition to being suppressed outside the ground in the ground, the whole person was pulled by the whole person, the whole person was lifted on the wall, and the strength of the whole body was trying M to find the moment. It seems to be more than steel. Also hard wrist, a face that has been completely is more difficult to cover up


Obviously it is already so hard to practice.

Obviously defeated the big snake pill.

Obviously, it has become so strong.

Why did you be weak in front of this man, you will be weak with three years ago, as if there is no half a difference.

You are too weak _ two, let me kill your interests. _. ''

When this was encountered three years ago, the moment I said with him three years ago. At this moment, it seems that I started around the ear of Sasuke.

Not afraid

I have already swallowed the power of the big snake.

I have now qualified to challenge WA.

It is a relaxed rolling uniform, in front of this huge power gap, in front of the talents, the curse in the body has completely built, the whole person has skyrocket, the whole body is dark, the scarlet written in the eyes begins Crazy rotation.

'Write the mantramid of the eye: ._.' '

With a little bit of the voice, I saw a slightly ridicule of the mouth of the moment, and the blood of the eyes of the eyes of the eyes of the eyes of the eyes of the eyes of the eyes of the eyes shine.

'Ah, Ming: ._.' '

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 241 of Capaci Yushu (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 241 appears (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Ah, ah?

Just used the write-wheel eye to show a magic of illusion at the moment. At this moment, it suddenly seems to see what the horrible picture is general, and some depressed whispered.

Sasuke !! "The fragrant phosphorus standing next to see Sasuke this pain. Suddenly couldn't help but screamed.

Even the level of the flowers of the flowers is not enough to use illusion in front of my bodies, 'It seems to be carefully admired to help pain. The mouth is 9 out of the smile. "Kill the big snake Pills.? Give you such a big confidence? ".

Damn? Factory

I don't know that it is a dramatic pain in illusion, or the discourse of the moment, Sasuke seems to become a somewhere, and the past is right. Two-three ", this pair of reincarnation of the eyes, the sense of knowledge and memory, as if The tide is generally accepted into his mind.

Why is there a powerful eye in the world?

In the face of this one of this pair, the eyes beyond the cactus. A deep weakness is in the heart of Sasuke, and the whole person's face can not help but appear a slotted color.

'Ah, ah ?? Kill you !! "

At this time, a trace of madness suddenly came. In addition to the moment, everyone turned their eyes to the position of the original Libra.

After being used to use a write-wheel eye to show illusion, it is a child. It seems that it is completely irritated to the personality of heaven, and he only sees that he is coming from Sasuke's illusion. He immediately started to cover deep purple. The color, entered the form of mantra, instant

The Buddha turned into a magic of the armor.


Thorough curse the two sources of immortalization, this is that it has been completely changed to a picture before the scene in front of him.

I saw that before and he made him fascinated by Unexpello, it was in the same chicken, like a chicken, as a chicken, is like a chicken.

Suddenly I saw such a scene. Even if it is now being violent, I can't help but send a doubtful voice.

Libra is heavy.

At the moment, I turned a little bit. It seems that I will save him together with the bones in an instant.

The source of the mantra is the source of the curse. It is the ability to absorb natural energy, which is the ability of immortalization. This is a kind of cactus mode, but once he stays in natural energy, it will automatically immortal, will be Unable to control and run away, and after his immortal was studied by the big snake pills,

Make a mantra, applied to a plurality of experimental body including Sasuke.

'Good powerful breath? Kill you must be more interesting than killing them?

It seems that the fairy will make him feel the powerful breath on the moment. I saw the killing of the blind i Yu wants to completely control the heavy control. I am muffed, my eyes are shot in the eyes. Kill you.

Jiyu !!

After the aircraft, I entered the immortal. I took the amazing moment and giant. I used to break on the floor under the feet. The whole person suddenly broke up. A pair of curse stimulated her hands like a pair of unconditional steel Hammer. Suddenly bombard with the moment.

'Don't you measure?,'

In the face of the immortal, he smashed from the sky, but the eyes did not lift it, but the eyes of the eyes were shining. The powerful odds were crazy. The province is not unprolipers. Break.

Reincarnation, repulsive!!

With the flash of this light fluttering, he felt one of his body shape and breathing in the middle of the sky. A unimaginable Pang Dynasty. In an instant, he put him along the ceiling on the head. I went out together.

The dust is constantly sprinkled, and there is a little punctophily in the air of the walkway, and the fragrant phosphorus and Sasuke are still being blocked in the ground, the water is still treated with the water. The top of the experimental field research institute, which is concentrated on their head, is out of the outside

Blue sky.??


After the no discharging of the people who have been rushing by himself, the moment is drunk, and the province has a inexplicable brilliance. 'Next, you can talk to you about A. What is the matter?, '

"About Touch!" Sasuke, which was unable to resist, and walked his eyes. The dead staring at the blue eyes of the flash, and found that there was a deep and mysterious and mysterious and mysterious.

At the same time, at the same time, at the same time, at the same time.

A unknown dark dark valley.

'I can't think of you, will give him.,' A deep evil voice, from a mysterious people in the black robe.

'We save you this special potential. So will work with you. The figure of another person is almost in the dark valley, and it is a long time. Black.