Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 192 of Hueding Crane System

'Hey? So as the feedback of our cooperation.,'

The deep voice just fell, and only the mysterious black robe suddenly slammed the palm on the ground, a buzzing. 7


With the extension of the secret of the secret, a thick coffin is slowly upgraded, and after the emergence of this coffin, the mysterious people in the black and the mysterious people in the scene will not help but feel slightly.

I saw the cover of the coffin slowly opened, one with a black glove was gently pushed away, a deep red dragonfly, handsome face, the dark long hair gradually exposed in the dark air .

'I finally waited until today? The provincial land and long gates have long been in a lot?

Crash system Chapter 242 Yuxi Bouvet (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 242 Yu Zhibo Pot (ask for reward and automatic)

'I finally waited until today.

The thick and low voice came out, the long hair of the dark and waist was on the top of the deep red dragonflies, and there was a hidden emblem of the Yi Zhiyu family. This man coming out of the coffin. The identity has been clearly revealed.

'I am very sorry, the big man _._.' 'Double-hearted man-in-one, the man who came out of the coffin, and said that the original plan appeared too much variable.. We can only use this way to wake you.. ''

, Yuxi Boura.

'Well? There is a variety of variables? "The deep voice sounded, and Yu Zhibo spheres seem to be slightly surprised. Take a closer to borrow your own hands,' embarrassment. _. Producing

'So two _. Who ?! "At this time, Just 17 were reincarnamely wake up from the bliss pure land, and glanced glanced glanced at the black robe mysterious people.

Although it is only a born body, Yisi Bao is gently glanced, and the spleen from the endless ups and down, the momentum of everything, letting this black robe mysterious people can't help but force a layer of cold sweat.

'This moment ._. If it is not a restriction of the translocking of the dust ._. I should be killed by him in an instant _.' 'The mysterious person of the black robe has seeps the fine sweat, and the heart is dark A bitter.

He is the helper of the three tolerance, the helper. One. '' Listening to Unexpectedly, the black dragging long tone smiles: 'It is also the cooperation object we found this time. _. ''

'Legendary three endure? ._.' 'Hearing the black and saying that the identity of the pocket, the Sui Zhiwei disdainful lauga, the in the eyes of the eyes make a shocking powerful momentum,' There is no hero, make the madness Fammetry? _. In this era, some people are called the legend? "

"In this world _.". Can be called the legendary _._. Only I have a column! "There is between the momentum of the voice, the momentum of Yuxi Bao is actually formed in the air. Airflow, let the black and unconsciously reach out to cover your eyes.

'You and the earth have two people who have helped with him "." The guy who faces the tail of the Tibetan, the attitude of Yisi Bob disdain is completely exposed on the face.

'Hehe, I'm still standing in the Warring States, the man _._ "In the face of the attitude of Unechebra dismissive, the plum is not in the heart, but the sound is low," but I have already been Not a small role _._. I have already evolved into the dragon !! "


I saw that between the words, the hands were suddenly slammed to the ground, and the mysterious black runes of the secret extended out again, and the dust was flying around, the sound of the bangs, the countless coffin slowly rising from the ground Start up.

'This is ._ The corpse Zhimo spots slightly a little surprised to raise the eyebrows on the side, and the eyes will be around the coffin rose from the ground,' . ''

'The foregoing five shadows _._. There are other famous masters _._ In terms of a pair of narrow snakes, a pair of snakes will flash, 'Of course, the second _. The most properation is that there is this _. Plant

Yu Zhibo splashing hooks, when I saw a special coffin, even his face didn't help but stream 9 out of a surprised look. "This is, I can't think of you. '

'Hey? I can't think of seeing such a expression on your face?,' Can let Sui Zhi spots like the myth of the end of the mortar, 9 surprised the look, and it seems to be a little smile.

If you have to deal with the day to the moment ?? You must work with me. Borrowing my strength? After the corpse is gently recovered after all the coffin of the past, I use his deep tone to say a fact.

'Japan is in the moment ?! "Yuxi Bo sphere has a little confused, he is convinced that he has never heard of this name in the past years.

This is the case. Is the big man?, 'I saw that Yu Zhibo's expression seems to have some doubts and intake, black and slightly, the previous step is to explain to him, "the day, I will mention it before I mentioned you." Over the plan, it is also the biggest variable - one

Next, in detail, the blackness will be originally incompetent to Yisi Bouvelle.

Is there a funny young person ?? Is it a little murdered in my mouth, 650 Yuxi Bo spokes to listen to the decline, the face comes to the look of interest, although I have also I have thought of planning will have a paper drain? But I have never thought about it because a person's power is he is a day.

Is a ninja in a family? "

"No.? Although he is born in the day of the wooden leaves, the day of his heel, the day, the day, the family, is completely different, which seems to be a little worried about the impression of the family to the family to the Ninja to Yuxi Bouvet will limit him. For the philosophical law of the moment, the black and slightly opened continued to explain: 'And. He seems

Have a pair of written eyes and rounded eyes to the eye? Corpse

When it comes to this, it seems that it seems to recall the mortems of the slogan in the moment, and the whole people are seen, insight into the mysterious eyes of all the secrets and plans of his heart.

"It's more eye-catching eyes?" Yu Zhihu is finally thoroughly changed, and a pair of eternal wafers' abbot have issued a sharp ray.

As the only one in the world, the only one-round look real master, of course, this sentence means what this sentence means.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

The truth of the cashier system Chapter 243 (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 243 helps the truth (seeking rewards and automatic)


The province see Yu Zhibo's face starter has a serious expression, and it seems that some sinking 6 is nodded, and the dark face will not save the mood.

The appearance of this variable in the moment, it is not only the plan of Unexpell, but also destroys the plan of his resurrection mother's big simplicity.

'Now he kills the long door. I took the turn to my eyes. I've occupied the whole knowledge. Russia and the land are not his opponent.' Dark use his low noise will have a painful truth. , 'And know that now has started to capture the action of the beast. We still don't know what he is the final purpose.

What is it?, '

"Is it going to this way?, 'Listening to the state of the decision, the eyes of Yuxibo spots seem to be slightly fascinated, and he just wakes up to the world, he never thought of the situation. This extent, 'The province is very disadvantageous to us?

'So I and I will take the lead in advance.? Put the sixth tails back?,' Black continued, for the moment of the moment, he has always paying attention, 'The remaining tail beast five tails and seven It should be almost in the hands of the moment when calculating the time of their actions.

'So.? The remaining eight tails and nine tails are our goal this time,' Yuxi Bao spotted directly, I took the way, and the mysterious eternal flowers were short. The sharp ray that is difficult to see, 'I really want him? I can't think of this era.?

A opponent who is interested in?, '

'The day is indeed an unimaginable opponent? Less always standing next to silently listening to the pockets of Yuxibo spheres and black tags, at this time, suddenly open the topic, "Whether he seems to never have a general power One also has the same eyes of the god, 'Order II,'

'Maybe he has already surpassed you when I bee?,' Muttered said, and it seems that it seems to recall the moment of the instance of the heaven, the world of God.

Beyond the ?, Then after listening to the pocket, Yuxi spots are not able to glimpse him. It seems to be a bit unlikely. "Don't think it is ?? Don't say you seem to have seen the power of me. '

'No matter whether the young man named in the sky is chasing my strength? Less only side, the eyes of Yuxi Bouvelle did not go to the province to save them, "no denial One of the facts is that this world can fight against my confrontation.

Tell?, '

During the day? "

In this boring era without a column?

I hope you don't want me to disappoint me?

'About help ?! "

At this time, the other end sound, the northern base, the human body test site, smashed his eyes, dead, staring at the deep mysterious eyes of the moment.

What else is there ?! The man who killed the whole country _._. "It seems that suddenly mention A, stinging, Sasuke fragile nerves, I saw him biting his teeth slightly." Moreover, what is the relationship with you ?! ".