Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 193 of the Crash System

You think you know that you can help a "province Sasuke mentioned to help the expression of a storm, the mouth is slightly outline, 'But in fact, you don't know what he knows.. ..' '

'I know the people who understand the Truth of Umbo - the truth _._. "There is no response to Hui Shuo, but it is self-contained, .a is a for the Ninja World, for the wooden leaves, for your younger brother, Distinguished my brother sacrificed. Factory

A silent.

Everything he did is to protect your brother _._ This is the way of survival of Unechyo A._. '' Heada is overlying the words in the mouth, it seems that some expectations will save the response .

What are you talking nonsense?! You will kill you again !! "

Sure enough, after listening to what I said, Sasuke's fragile neuron was tightly tight, and he hidden in Mas.

Needless to tell me these unnecessary words. _ You also know that it is impossible to make a reality ". _. '' Face the expression of Sasuke's hysteria, just saving him at the moment, do not help with some slightly touch and sigh .

W Ming ".

In order to help you have the ability to protect your own, you don't hesitate to play such a role to stimulate him.

Does he really deserve you to sacrifically?

To tell the truth, A is the world that I came to my eyes, I learned from the age of five, but I would never understand the ambition on him.

The historical hatred of the multikrate, every moment may lose himself, unable to imagine the feeling of raw hate wheels from the body. "

"He killed my parents. _. Also destroyed the whole family ._. He is a rebellion. _. He is a member of you" ._. '' Sasuke Some , What he said, 'he is my most hateful existence........

Is it true ?_ You carefully think about your mind ._. '' The mouth of the mouth is slightly smashed, the tone is in the tone, and it seems to be a little induced. "Why do he do this? ? "

'It is Ming ._. Why should he do this.

'That night, he did kill his own nationality, left the leaves? The corpse stared at the Sasuke in front of him. The moment will continue to say:' But kill your Unexpea family. Except for himself alone. There is also another person behind it, '

'And.? That is the command of the wooden leaves. After the moment, after this sentence, Sasukes shocked his eyes.

The command of 'Wooden Delded ?!'. Suddenly, Sasuke's face is full of doubts and horrific.

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Chapter 244 of the Crane Surface (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 244 suddenly appears (seeking rewards and automatic)


Sasukes seem to have become able to listen to what they say. The moment is to explain to him about the secrets between the wood and the Yisi Bo. 'But to talk.? At the beginning of the creation of the leaves?, '

The sun is gradually oblique, and the time does not know how long the past, the northern part of the human body test site walks the way, and it seems that it can only listen to some heavy breathing.

'and so?,'

After listening to the moment, all the contradictions between the leaves and the Yisha Wai family and the truth of the A allerstation event, Sasuke some confused eyes looked at him. 'Is to protect me to protect the entire wooden leaves and massacre The family is then the task of the Wood Delegation.?

The task is the task?! ',

From the expression that he didn't dare to confuse, these words said to him are undoubtedly huge, but he still has an unexpected question, 'Why should I believe what you said? And these things you How did you know ?! "-


When I saw Sasu, I had a complete inner heart that I believe in myself, but I still have to resist the resistance in the expression. I can't help some taste smile, 'You can do not believe what I said? What do you know if you don't have to take care of it?

', Can you ask your own inner heart.? Do you prefer to believe in the truth of things?,' Side, one side said, there is no need to save him again, but look at him in peace. The horizon in the extremely far, it has become a bit feeling. 'The expectations of A.

'If the leaves are a boat, then he hopes that you are a wooden board on this boat, even if there is a day of the world, the ship is sinking, he hopes that your wooden board can still be drifting four squares,'

In the moment, the sound drunk in the evening of the evening, I remembered that A was what he said, and his heart did not help but touch some slight touch.

Regardless of the pair and wrong.

He (BHCE) did not have any impurities in this love of Sasuke.?

After listening to this sentence, Sasuke closed his breath deeply, and all the pictures of the past used all the pictures with A. The tears almost spilled their eyes.

'You are the leader of Xiaoxiao? Since you know A is the spy in the organization? Why do you want to tell me?' Try to calm down your own emotions, Sasuke stare at the moment before you asked his last one. doubt.

These don't have to know? "I heard the question of Sasuke, the moment is slightly smile, there is no intention to answer his question, 'Rong and the ghost N are now to arrest the beast ?? Waiting for a while? I can arrange You meet two, '.

See the face? After listening to the wrong, Sasuke Sudokan is a soft i .

All problems.

As long as you see VA, there is an answer?

Just when Sasuo Silence, the blind eye suddenly saw, and the world in front of him was unexpectedly developed.

It seems that a W thing has smashed from the extremely high place to the ground, suddenly set off countless diffuse dust and ashes.

"Is the day in the moment?? First time?, '

A thick and low voice came, countless diffuse dust, a person's shadow is hidden.

who is it?!"

Suddenly there is such a big drunk, Sasuke and fragrant phosphorus, as well as the Water moon that is newly condensed from the shallow pits under the moment. Some the man.

This kind of Chakra. Also has a mysterious disappearance of the mysterious disappearance? The corpse is a born eye drunk, which is in the face of the front of the dust smoke, and there is no emotional second, and I am in the face. Do you guess?, '

'Meet the first time? Yuxi Bo. Plane,'

When the mouth of the people spit out in the mouth, Sasuke and Xiang Phosphorus and the water moon, the incredible eyes have a big eyes, Zhang Da's own mouth I bar, "Yu. Yuxi Bouvet ?!"

The dust smoke is gradually scattered, and the contour of the portions are clear, and the black gloves, black gloves, black and waist long hair is scattered, handsome faces, a pair of scarlet-free wars Eyes, I've stream of 9 out of the temptation of a spleen away from the sky.

"It's really Yuxi Bouvelle? The image of the person in front of you will gradually consistent with the characters you have been in the past. Sasu help the face of the three people to fill the appearance of the appearance, 'How can he be one,'

And the man who is changing the world, the first generation of the men and the thousand-handles and the man who are called the myth of the endorsement, isn't it too dead?!

How can I suddenly appear in front of them?

Such anantity?, '

Unlike the bright and light moment of performance, I feel that the like is like prison, the like of Yuxi Baozhu, Sasuke, and the three people who have only felt the air around himself as if they are solidified. If you breathe, you will have a luxury behavior.

'Very good momentility.? It is worth the Warring States, standing on the top of the chaos, from birth to death, men fighting in the battle?,' The mysterious vast gods of the mysterious sacred sacred, but they made an endless fierceness.

'Do you seem to be surprised me? "At the same time, when you look at Yuxi Bouvelle, Yu Zhibo spheres are also watching the eyes of God.

The long hair of the silver is like a water, the perfect handsome face, the powerless Chakra, and the pair of mysterious eyes like the universe star, all of which evoke a strong interested interest.

'Good special eyes?,' Is light and low in I, with a silk idea and exploration.