Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 194 of Hueding Crack System

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Crash System Chapter 245 Legend of Legend (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 245 Legendary People (seeking rewards and automatic)

This is the black-nephew eye to the eye.

At the same time, I feel the powerful oppression that is passed from the eyes of the moment of the moment, and the inner heart of Yuxibo spheres.

'I have an imagination for you. _._ "In the face of the eyes of Yuxi Bao, the face of the eyes, the face did not change, but there was a little emotion: Yushi Bo spheres this is a one From the beginning of birth, just like the name of the thunder

Is it a sector of the Yishabo family.

He is as if it is.

Yuxi Bao spotted at this time, it was tarable to the Sasuke around the moment, recognized his identity of his Yisha Wapo, and saves the face of Sasuke production.

Seeing Yuxi Bouvelle with the eyes of the tared, save this man who came to reality from the legend, sakard the moon incense phosphorus, the three people's brain, as if I forgot how to breathe.

Due to the generation of Dhalla and the reincarnation of this generation?

I worked for the eyes of Sasuo, saving them in the heart of Yuxi Boss, saving their two people's mind.

'I heard the schedule. _. The wheel of the long door is now in your hand _._.' 'Gradually calm down on his own thoughts, seems to be a little uncomfortable and remembering his eyes from Sasuke Opened, the new transferred to the body of the moment, 'didn't think of the second _. This era will still appear like you.

Nice ninja two _. ''

Not bad ._.

In the face of the essays and self-contained essays, the moment is not laughed, 'Round is back to the eye. _. It is indeed in my hand _._.' '

Tongling's technique!!

The voice is just a move, and there is no action, smoke, and a dark crow will stop in the shoulders of the moment, a pair of rotation of the purple demon light, Into the eyes and I am drunk together Unexpell.

'If I haven't guess the wrong, it should be yours? "At the moment, he laughed and said, the blue eyes took a trace of taste. To the Unexpected Boss in front of him.

Round looks.

Sasuke shocked the eyes of the crow on the shoulders of the eye, is it the eye of the legend of six cactors.

How can I in my hands?

Have the reincarnation on your own spiritual beast ?? Wonderful ideas? Shaoyu Zhiyu is slightly surprised to raise his own brows, he never thought that someone would take his turn to the eye The way is presented.

'Isn't the original owner of this eyes? The ability to play should be limited.,' I said, the purpose of he grabbed the eye was just to control the vaginal image and not let Yuxi Bouces and Yisi Bozi Soil,. Moreover, I have already surpassed my eyes, '.

Beyond the eyes of the eye ?? I really dare to say it?,

Although it has been fully depicted and explained before it comes to the blind eye of the moment, it is clear that he still does not think there is any eye in the world to surpass the eyes of the six cactors.

After all, he seized the cells between the killer, combined with the blood of the killer and the Yishabo family, only the eyes of the eternal flowers, the eyes of the eternal flowers.

'I heard it ?? Your appearance is destroying me a lot of plans?,' And I have a dialogue for so long, although there is still no change on the face, but the eyes have gradually lost the resistance. Although I don't know how you have successfully evacuated your white eye, '.

But ?? I hope that you will return my reincarnation to me?, 'When Yu Zhibo spheres say this, the tone is full of notes.

The words of Yuxibo spots were exported. The whole atmosphere between the time, the thumb, the priest and the momentum seems to be surrounded by air, Sasuke incense phosphorus and the water could not help but speed up his heartbeat.

·· ?? Ask flowers??

'Hah?, "I feel the momentum that is oppressed from Unexpell Body, and he does not have a lot of words, and the moment is laughing and shakes his head.

A group of smoke came out again, and the moment immediately relieved his own spiritual surgery, and he recovered his own spirit space.

'It is very simple. Just defeat me. Is the round look is yours?,'

Ancient well-free words came out of the mouth, and the bluff in the bluff in the moment of the blindlight, and he looked straight into the eyes. It appeared like this powerful opponent, indeed arresting a stroke in the heart.

Wen Yan Yu Zhihu spots slightly, in the past, there were countless battles in the past, he had never experienced that someone used this kind of attitude and tone with him, even if even in his eyes, the opponents were thousands of hands. There have never been an attitude toward him.

'There is Huisi? It is really necessary to let this era also see the ultimate strength. The expression on the face of Yuxibo is gradually coming. It is like an angry and exhaustion of the anger and the exhaustion, and the essence suddenly broke out from him, and strong airflow was flushed around the body.

'It is just that the momentum has caused this scene.' Sasu help the three people to cover up the strong airflow in front of the eyes, the face is exhausted, "Is this the legendary strength?, '

, Oko is your words?, '

The west of Yuxi Bao spheres at this moment, the moment is slightly out of its hands, and the invisible airflow is sprouting from the body, and the gorgeous white On his body, the silver white long hair is free.

Perfect immortal mode, start!

'Then do I think it is necessary to serious?,' The voice is settled, and the momentum of the whole person is also condensed into a magnificent essence, and the spikes are hit together.

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Chapter 246 of the collapse of jade system (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 246 Hotmare (ask for reward and automatic)

'Cactus mode?

Rao, a strong voice, spots, feel that the powerful momentum of 9 out of the moment, suddenly inspired all the battles, 'In addition to the column, I can't think of this era. Opponent one

As a stronger that came out of the blood sea from the corpse of the Warring States Period. The battle seems to be immersed in his life like a blood, and it is always what he is eager.

I hope that you will continue to keep your posture like this?

The province of Unexpected Boss seems to have always held a sense of superiority from the power of the Warring States Times, the sword eyebrow 9, a pair of gods have blunt to flash a bright blue light.

Reincarnation of God 'Four Seven Third, Shop !!

After the sound of the moment, I disappeared in front of my eyes, and the Sui Zhihu spots were slightly wrong. When I responded to the back of the anti-hand, the face was already in front of my eyes, and the air was angry. The giant dragon.

Sheng Dragon !!

I didn't think that I was able to make this unscrupulous time-space, the unscience of Unechebra spheres, the unscrupulous, the unscrupulous hit, the whole person is like a shell, is like a shell. Inside.

Sasuke them only felt that they were in front of them. Just now Weifeng's cool, Yu Zhihu spots who were in the world, the whole person was put into the human body experiment, and countless house wall collapsed.

When they have not reacted, they have lost their traces in front of the original Yuxi Boss position.

If the strength of the endurance myth is only like this ?? Then I will be very disappointed? "When the sound of the moment is once again, the figure has appeared in the ruins.

Of course, I certainly know that Yizhi spots can only have such a power, and the reason is to say that it is to stimulate him to play more power.

"Is this feeling of this feeling?

Countless crushed confetti is slowly fluttered in the back of the spot. I saw that the part he had just hit by the dragon has been fully recovered, which is a symbol of the body of the body.