Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 195 of Hueding Crack System

'Hah? If you don't care, you can't support it too long? The corpse is slightly rampant, and the blue gods have blinked between the eyes, and the figure will disappear again.

Bang !!

The explosion sounded, the filled smoke blocked all the things visible to the naked eye.

'Can rebound all physically attacking Yizhipai fan?,' Looking at the big fan of the three hidden jade in front of you, it is a big punch, and the deep eyes are penetrated. Fan flavored saves it behind Yuxibo spots.

What is amazing body?, '

The low and thick voice came out, and he felt the intention of the huge force passed in the Yisha Waffles fan in his hand.

Some of your movements are slower? Sports don't seem to be your strength?

The discourse may be a little mocking, but this is just aimed at himself. In fact, it is in fact to the power of such a level like an impeller, and the ibeter surgery is not the same as a weakness and short board.

I don't know if I can rebound all my physical attack, I can block the attack next to thousands of attacks ?! ', there is some taste of the mouth, and the voice is a pair of gods. The pupil is instantaneously has been urged to the extreme.

Reincarnation, God is going to the instant!!!

this is?,'

Yishibo spheres have smashed a pair of eternal wairts, and instantly reflected the spatial space in front of his scarlet pupil.

Obviously, there is a hundred thousands of attacks, but it is connected to a very short time. This is like a lot of drunkenness, and the three people will be a boring, a few desires To spit out a blood.

I saw that the body of Yuxibo spheres was only a blink of an eye. He was attacked in this moment into a hundred thousand times, and the whole person took off in the half-air, and the body of the embedded body seems to be tear. There are countless fragments, and the diameters are fluttering.

Really a guy?, 'A pair of scarlet Eternal flowers short-eyed eyes with a little color, Yuxibo spheres have once again been in the air, but the face is very abnormal. Denal, no longer have before,. Compared with the first hero speed of the endurance

The flying thunder of the

I recognized that I didn't understand you before? "The face began to become a small Sui Zhibo sphere, slowly collapsed the Yischo fans in his hand, and the eternal wax of the secret of the secret of the secret in the eyes of the eyes suddenly I have an amazing pupil, 'You are worth it,'.

Is it still convenient to be hit? The embarrassment is really convenient. The province is in front of him to tear an instant, and it is a new way to restore the body, and the face is on the face. There is no slightest color.

'So ?? I think the warmth of us should also be over? Is it really true?,'

Deceived. It's just awkward 2.6.

After the sputum of the body and the spots in the eyes, it seems that it is hit by the huge beast, and it has been almost being smashed into the ruins of the human body experimental field. Sasuke three people have grown their eyes, some difficult swallow I have my own saliva.

The fire is fired!!

The sound of the moment has just fallen. I saw the spotted hands in front of my eyes. I had a complex handset. I spit into a high-temperature flame of the sky, as if a wide wall is like a wide wall, the angle, one floor The high temperature hot waves swept the entire site.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands, thank you.

(Everyone wants me to open a new book or cross the world?).

Chapter 247 of the Crane System, complete body, must be protected (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 247 is completely affected (seeking rewards and automatic)

Eyes. The high-temperature fire wall of Yu Zhibo spheres, but the high-temperature fire wall traces come to the moment, and the moment is drunk, and the blue mysterious light glory is flashing. No one knows at the moment of his heart. Thoughts.

'If you still plan to play like this, then stay here?,'

In the face of a high-temperature flame that is covered, the expression of the moment does not have a change in the change, but the blind eye is gently scattered, and all the flames around suddenly be absorbed by an invisible barrier.

Holding. Is it absorbed?

The philosophone is in the fire, and it is completely absorbed by the flash. The Yuxi Bao is intoxicated on the face flashed a inexplicable look, 'Is it the same ability,'

Immortal · Fusion Spiral Hand Sword !!!

Suddenly, the sharp sound explosion sounded, and Yu Zhibo spheres seem to be surprised. When you pick it up, Yisi Waffles fans after you have pumped it out, and you don't think there is a flash of his head. It is like a planet. Spiral hand sword, the middle of a high temperature rock is constantly turning 17

The sharp wind blade that torn around the air around a circle, raised his hand, and suddenly slammed him.

Yischi rebound!!


I saw a magma when I was instantaneousization around the earth, and Yu Zhiwa was hand holding a flame mounter's death, and the power of the flash of the spiral knife broke out, and the collision issued a thorny light.

The power of this surgery?, '

Yuxi Bao's face flashed a horrified look, and it was able to rebound a small tail beast jade, and it was necessary to resist this tentative test from the moment, and he wanted to bombard him. Resistance of the grouse.


The eternal flowers in the eyes of Yizhibo spheres are crazy rotation. In the moment, the spiral hand sword is strong, and he decisively choose to open it. In the powerful pupil musen, a blue Chakra flame spread out, and all skeletal muscles between the blinks are rapidly formed, one

The huge blue Chakra giant is now in a moment of his body.

Well? Do you have to be?, '

The philosophy must be able to support the sky around the body of Yuxi Baozhi, and the gods of the gods met with the cold dark Chakra, and the moment was a little degraded.

Have to say it? Very powerful tolerance. Factory

The province seeking his flames to resist the murder spiral hand in the moment, so that it is necessary to force the Eternal flowers are in the middle of the eyes.

This is the battle I am eager.?

Also ?? Let you know the ultimate power?, 'Seems to be strong in the moment, the strong fighting spirit, the eyes of Yuxi Bora, the eyes suddenly stared at the flash of the moment, and the blinds were brought out to some cracks. At this moment, there is an endless war, 'is called by the world.? As long as you know

After seeing it, it's hard to escape a dead god.

The sound of Yuxi Bouchen, endless Chakra marks, a pair of eternal eyes were blinded by him to the ultimate, the blue surrounded by his body, and the blue mustache surrounded by Zukra flames, There is a whole body wearing a war armor, and the hundred meters Chakra giant holding each other samurai knife.

Stay up in the sky.

"The whole body must be affair. Factory

Some gods looked at the heavenly stood in front of him, and the armor came to the realistic gods from the country, and there was a bit muttered in the mouth.

'? What is that ?? "

The shocking thing looked at the hundred-meter tenth day of the ruins of the ruins, Sasuke incense and water in the cerebral brain, temporarily forgot how to think about this reality, because they have arrived in front of them A scene is entirely surpassing the power they know.

"Since the column, you are the first person who can make me make this trick.?"

The two-handed moon Hung Zone is standing in a rhombic crystal that must be protected from a huge whole body, and Yu Zhihui is highly fascinated by the feet. It seems that the mother ant is generally slightly slight. Look.

"This is a bit in line with my impression.

It seems that some self-speaking is said. In the face of the attitude of Sui Zhihua mad, the attitude of the Ling people, the moment is not intentional, but the eyes are blooming in the eyes, there is a different god, and the whole person is the whole person. Fast floats floating in the high altitude.