Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 196 of Hueding Crack System

'Japan to the moment ?? I will let you die under this sword of Ronalvonism?

The province gradually floats into the moment in front of his eyes. In the mouth of Yu Zhibo, it seems that there is a slight sigh. The scarlet is burst into a sharp ray that has made 250 people difficult to see.

When this sentence is transmitted to everyone's mind, I only see the huge complete body of the eye, I'm going to raise my hand in the moment, and the moment of the sky is suddenly shot, and the power of pounds tears. The whole air in the moment, the sky is imaginated to kill the whole person into a virtual.

Don't have to be so anxious ?? The battle just started?

In the face of the complete body of Yuxi Bouvelle, it must be a sword of all Silverong, but the tone of the moment is replaced with some uncomfortable light, and then the whole person disappeared in everyone's eyes. in.


After the whole body, the sword was blamed, and the mountains were deafening, and only the two huge mountains were separated by the sword.

The mountain two _. The mountain is actually cut off _._. ''

The intermittent sound came out, the two mountain peaks at the three-person provinces, and the three-person peaks were suddenly collapsed, and the tongue began to knotted.

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Crash: Chapter 248, Tianxiang Meng (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 248, Tita, Made Stars (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Evue it? Less

Pleashed sounds from huge complete body, the diamond crystals before the amount, and the Yuxi Bo spheres shine with the eternal wax of the scarlet rays, the newly captured the position of the moment.

I saw a drunk floating floating in the horizon, with a inexplicable smile, a pair of blue gods suddenly sent a bright light, endless , in all Some people have gradually raised their hands in the eyes of a person.

Day plug star!!!

Everyone has a horrible to open his eyes, look up! See the summons of the moment of the gods, the temperature in the atmosphere began to become boiling, and the sky in the high sky begins to be dyed. I got a flush color.

Countless white clouds are rolled away from the air waves, and a huge too tantal meteorite burns the burning flame in the atmosphere. After burning red whole sky, there seems to be a spirituality. All the positions of the Yisi Bouvelle must be Sasone to the position


this is?,'

The philosophy saw the last day of the world, and the face of Yuxibo spheres finally lost it. Because it was, he could not call such a huge meteorite. Here, it is so accurately controlled. Gravity locks all the tracks of all the meteorite flights on his body.

Next. How will you face so many meteorites?

The whole thing of the whole body floats in the sky, and the moment is also started to hold his hands before his moon and Hungar. He looks at the full body must be in front of the Yuxi Bang in the front diamond crystals. The smile, and the end of his life, the end of the meteorite land, formed a transduction conflict

But a beautiful picture.

God's power? Door L 2, '.

Will we die here today?, '

At the foot of the earth, the Sasuke inceptions on the ground, all of the stretched a buttocks sat on the ground, looking up at the sky in the sky, this seems to be the scene of the last day, the eyes are completely Lost the courage to struggling to escape.

Is this what you really power.? It's really powerful, so?, '

It seems like a general tone, even proudly, this moment, I have to recognize the strength of the moment, as this may be the height of the height of him.

Think not, except for the column??

It can also be seen in this era.

But ._. This is not enough to defeat me !! "

The thick voice is low, and the burning meteorite in the face of the blind-catching day, and the Yuxi Bao spots will be infinitely in the body of the body. Chakra suddenly broke out.

Boom! Boom! Boom !!

I saw that the whole body of Tongtian must be able to take a good Senlody's sword under the manipulation of Yuxi Bao, and struggling to open another huge meteorite.

Countless huge meteorites that are burned by Yuxi Boss must be able to open, but there are many meteorites to break through the full-body defense, and suddenly bombards it in the body, instant Just hit the burning of a huge mouth, eyes. Almost just completely

The body must be detailed.


Under a wave of shocking, it is necessary to be able to be scaled by countless cracks in front of him, and Yishihua is suddenly anger, and the huge pupil is once again. Outbreak, Chakra, which is within the body, endless.

Between the blink of an eye, the complete body that is born by the meteorite must be re-aggregated again, and restored into a good condition.

'Unlimited sleeping power Chakra._. The unscrupulous body ._.' 'See the huge meteorite rain that is being summoned by yourself, it must be a complete body that must be in an instant, the new repair is intact, moment Can't help but murmond, ' ..


Convergence from his own heart, and the flash of the eyes of the eyes floating in the high-altitude, once again launched the , under the horror of Yizhi Boss, all the burning meteorites he opened, gradually gathered together, turned into an eye Form a full body that must be more than his full body

The rock giant, burning on the body of a magma.

R What is the second _. ''

With the huge rock giant standing in front of the Optimus in front of his eyes, there is also a horrible expression on the Yuxi Boss face of the whole body.


Just in the horror of Yuxi, the burning rock giants have suddenly striped a punch, and they are in the face of complete body, and they stand under the diamond crystals in the shakes. Almost all people were shocked.

Let it come with you to play with you.

The sound of a slightly play is spread in the air around. I saw the flash of the moon. The moon is floating in the high height of the hollow, and the parking saves (Nord good) the rock giants that he controlled suddenly and Yisi Bo spots. The whole body must be a piece of battle.

This is dead. Is this big guy not dead?, '

The whole body must be a sword, and a sword, the hormon, the huge burn rock giant in front of him, and the Sui Zhi Bao is a helpless discovery. No matter how to destroy the rock giant in front of you, it will be in an instant. New recovery into the original situation, as if it is an unsteady existence.

Instead, under the rock giant is not afraid of constant attacks, Yuxi Bao's full body must be strengthened, and he has gradually began to be torn, although he now has unlimited and Chakra, it is possible to fix it. It is obvious that the battle of this glue is obviously not what he wants.

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Capaci Yushu Chapter 249 Tiandi Division (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 249 Tiandi Division (ask for reward and automatic)

Boom! Suck! Boom!

A violent collision that seems to be shocking is constantly full of the whole land.

At this time, the fragile nerves of Sasuke, fragrant phosphorus and the water is also accompanied by the huge sound and movement of this sound.

'Day is moving to the moment. Is Su Zhibo spots ?? Two monsters.? "

Some numb eyes look at the two tops of the top of the top, there is no tactics, and some are just a shocking collision between the strength and strength.