Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 197 of Hueding Crack System Chapter 197

In these three childish young ninja, today they see everything in front of them, they have refreshed their understanding and definitions of the vocabulary for strength.

It seems that if you can't kill the day, there is no meaning for the attack, no matter how many times, the corpse

Once again, a sword broke the rock giant in front of him, Yuxi Bouvelle has gradually lost all the patience, the eternal Chinese flower abbot in his eyes gradually began to turn into purple corrugated eyes, huge vast pupils The force is again raised by him.

'Round looks back to your eyes?

At this moment, there is such a subtle change in the eyes of Yuxi Board, and there is no omissions, and a 340 moment has incorporated the bottom. A pair of mysterious deep gods have passed through the eyes of thinking, and the whole person suddenly It disappeared in the air.

'So, it's time to end this battle. "

In the air of the clouds, the light of the cloud is fly in the air. When the figure of the moment appeared again, he stood above the top of the huge rock giant, and his hands started a fast print.

God's reincarnation eye check Cla pattern, start!!

In the horrified eyes, the Chakra flames that emitted Yingying green light were filled with the whole space in front of him. I saw a black hook in the fairy robes on the instant, and the hair is white. The windless roots of the wind are fluttering after the brain, and the 12th mystery is surrounded.

Austrian jade.

'What is the body?

It is like a fairy to fall in the moment, and the earthquake in the body. The earthquake with M. The most important thing is that there is also the twelve of his body to drunk and floating floating, just opened the reincarnation When the Yuxi Bottock of the eye, the pupil fierce, a feeling of heart felt from his heart

Inexplicable float.

Golden wheel is blown up!!!

Under the death of the eyes of God's life, the twelve of the twelve shining around the body shines with Yingying Guanghua, and suddenly a rotary dance. After his right hand, he gathered into a role in the world. Golden Chakra scream sword, stirring the clouds in the sky, looking at it as if not

Have ended.

'what is that?!"

Sasuke inceptions under the bottom of Sasuke, there is a water month. At this moment, it is like dementia that is generally silly looking up at the sky.

In this case, it is difficult to recover even if you have the buddy of your embarrassment.?

It's like the gods of all the days, the fascinating floating stations stand above the top of the rock giant, and the moment is high, holding a golden Chakra scream in the hands through the Xiangyu, a pair of mysterious gods to the blood of the eyes Watching Yuxi Bouvelle, tone, who is full of full body

One is indifferent, there is no temperature and emotion.

It has long been in the era of you and the thousand handles?, '.

With all your ideals and bags. Focus on virtual !! "

The mighty voice of the moment seems to be full of heavens and the earth, including Yuxi Bouvelle, this moment seems to all people forget the concept of time (BHDC) and space, and even forget their existence.

At the premises, the parcel wrapped in the whole body, the Sui Zhi, which was able to survive, and suddenly waved the golden Chakra scream in his hand.

Golden Way to rebirth of explosion and earth and earth;!!

The harsh cut has almost shocked everyone's eardrum, which is temporarily caught in the state of deafness.

A golden Chakra scaather sword that did not run through Xiangyu, and kill a few trajectories that were very mystery in the air.

It seems that there is no other color between the heavens and the earth in addition to this wipes of the golden glory.

After instantaneous ancestors, everything seems to return to it, but it has not been a full body that must be a sympathetic figure, and there is no a picture of Yuxi Boss, which seems to have never appeared.

Only the earth in the earth is dark and deep, spread out to the long gully, and the huge mountains that are constantly falling down in the distance of the mountains, prove that this few swords that have just been in the moment have existed.

Dementia is looking at the geomorphology that has been completely changed in front of him. Sasuke them have just thought that the whole earth was burned to cut, listened to the mountains in the mountains, and they were rumored. Suddenly, in this vast power of nature, I am small.

To the presence of dust in dust.

'Is it true? "

After returning to the departure, gently whispered in the mouth. His gods were in the eyes of the space, and it didn't seem to see the figure of Yuxi Bo.

Suddenly, the god of the left eye seems to be predicted to any new changes, and fiercely transferred their own sight to their feet.

'Is it difficult to imagine such a force in the world?,'

The familiar voice came, and the three people also went back to the head and looked around.

'I just thought that I had completely dissipated in this world? I only saw it from the dark and deep territory, only a head of the head and some of the bodied bodies were floated. , A pair of purple secrets of the rotation of the rotation of the eyes 3 in incredible horror and movement.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 250 of the collapse jade system ends (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 250 (seeking rewards and automatic).

Not completely dissipated yet? "

Survive the Yuxi Bouvet that floated from the base ditch I, staring at him is slowly recovering with difficulty to detect weakness, and the inexplicable arc is not allowed to make my expect. ? Your bodied body is hit by me to be overridden with the ultimate attack?

If you want to return to its original state. It is estimated that the minimum time will be ten days old? "There is a little bit of taste staring at the Yu Zhibo spheres that are drunk. Time to recover? Because I will break your body at a point, I will get your body.

Thoroughly dissipate. Factory

I heard the words that I said at this time, and I know that there is no exaggerated component in what he said, but the face of Yuxibo spheres are shocked, but there is no smart, and there is no meat, 'provoke the troops. Say, there is no exaggerated ingredient.

'You really have the strongest ninja in this era ?? It is also the biggest variable in my plan and the slutty. The sound of the African sink is muttered, and the face of Yuxibo is gradually revealed. A trace of persistence and fanaticism. But because of this. What is the thing becomes exciting? Less.

Wait until next time, I've been in the real body after I resurrected? The corpse is a pair of corrugated eyes with purple and strangely stares, and the Yisi Bo sphere has some cracks on the face full of different spirits. What do you face? Will be the whole force when I was the most I wasle! "

next time?!"

After listening to Yuxi Bao Pot, a little funny raised his own brow, as if the interesting opening said: 'You soon will soon be completely turned to be ignorant? ".

Where else is there? Factory

The voice of this sentence is also floating in the air. The twelve-seeking jade floating around the body has been flying out, and the constant bombardment is on the Yisi Boss in front of him.

But the next second, the face of the flash quickly changed.

Wood of wood ?! When is there? Corpse

The province has been completely dissipated by his own kindness, and the only part of Yuxi Bo sphere is only silent. The silent violent changes into a small piece of wood, and the expression of the moment finally has a slight change.

Will Mup ?? Cannot resume the fragrance? The corpse is uncomfortable to sprinkle his mouth, but the expression of the moment is still in the past.

The endurance legend of Tang Zhou is like, it is actually running in the battle? It's really boring?

The slow solution to the moment of God's reincarnation of Kra Modes, a pair of Zhan Lan Jing's eyes stared at the endless void, flashing a sharp bomb, 'I want to resurrect your true body corpse

'Your round look in my hand.? I have to save what resurrected your body? The corpse floats are in the air, and the thoughts in the brain are flowing,' and I Just wait for me to join the nine tail beast seals in the outer road magic image ?? Integrated into ten tails.? When I then absorb ten

The end becomes the tail column power?