Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 198

'At that time, I am the only A master between this world?,'

'Even the big simmering night and six cactors are not my opponent?,'

Aroun in the void, the eyes of the eyes came into a burst of spirit and confidence, and quickly took the heart of his heart, and his eyes turned to the land of his feet.

Sasukes and phosphorus and the three people stayed in the middle of the half-air drifting into their eyes, and the eyes looked at him. It seems that the soul of the battle and scene of the shock, change I have a stupid.

I have seen these three little ghosts. I have a good expression of the gods. I have a little helplessly shake your head. If it is not just that he is faster, I will have three possibilities. It has been widely involved in the bones.

'Don't stupid stand?,'

·· ?? Ask for flowers??

Until the light of the moment was introduced into their ear, it seems that this wakes them three, and I only see that Sasuke, the saves Sasher will continue to speak: 'I have to tell you, I have said that I have said with you? I will arrange you with a meeting?, '

'Or ?? You can also come to Yinyin Village to find me? Join Dai?,' Head, I said, I didn't call him, but transfer my eyes to other places.

Join? "Sasuke some sluggish Zhang Da's mouth I bar, a pair of three hooks jade writes with a little confused and shocking eyes, 'Just now.? It is the legend. Yisi Bouvelle ?! "

'What do you think?' I heard the question of Sasuke, and the moment is a certain answer. He is not on this at this time.

It is Ming.

That kind of peerless power. Who is Yu Zhibo spots?

It seems that I have asked a stupid question. Sasuke's eyes looked at the moment in front of him. This person actually had a powerful power than the endurance mythology than the legend.?

Does he really tailor the same ninja?, 'Sasuke's heart has begun to see this fact, because he can't imagine how it is more than four or five years old to have this shock. The strength of Haoyu.

'I have to leave? What kind of good things are you?,' I don't pay attention to the idea of ​​these three little ghosts. At the moment, the eyes look at the horizon of the horizon, who also guess the idea of ​​him. . 'Because of the next.

The sound of the moment has just fallen, and the whole person turned into the eyes of the three people to disappear.

Silent condense, it was completely changed to the ground environment that was completely changed, and the three people were difficult to cover the shock, and the face phase in each of them.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 251 of Crane (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 251 Longline (seeking rewards and automatic)

Three days later.

The top of the tower tower of the rainy village, the top of the huge horror magic image of the high hundred meters.

At the moment, I was soothered to stand above. It seems that I am agreed to gain the rain, and I am crying at the feet.

"Xiao South?, '

In the mouth, it is light, but it doesn't look back. The ability of God pre-pretends makes him a moment of observing what will change around the world.

If the sound of the flash is still in the air, the tongue behind the huge magic of the back is floating, and the paper is floating, and it is gradually condensed out a wonderful figure.

When is it coming back? The 'Some cold voice came, Xiao Southern slightly a soft blue purple eye shadow. Two nine zero "deeply looked at the long back of the moment.

This guy.

Always gangnao.? Always say hello.?

'Yuxi wave spots appeared? The corpse did not answer the problem of Xiaonan, and the moment didn't speak directly.

What ?! Yu Zhibo Pone ?! 'I heard the name of the commeminated in the moment, and the flowers on the small south of the Qing Dynasty.

'I refer to true Yuxi Boss. Isn't Yishe Bo?,' There is a little in the emotions, and the whispers in the mouth said. Three days ago I went to a trick. Village. The big snake pill has been swallowed by Unechebra ?? Pharmacist does not see?, '

'If I didn't guess the wrong, it should be black and Yuxi wave to find a pharmacist to cooperate? Use the anti-therastation of the anti-theraperation of Yuxi Boucan? And some of the speculated guess, the mint of the surrounding rain drilled, making him

Some of the places, 'I have handed my hand with him ?? Is it rushed by him?

Run away.

Sure enough. The myth of the endurance in the legend is not his opponent.

'No wonder I can hear the huge movement from the sound of the Village in the past few days? "Some people who say that they muttered from the words, Xiaonan seems to recall three days ago, from the field of Tianzhi,' The huge turmoil here is the huge turmoil here, it is an instant to be in the shackles of Yuxi.

'What do we do next? "After he heard the words, the brow of Xiaonan is slightly in the face, and his face can not help but show a concern. The development of things seems to have completely ultra-her expectations. Survive??

'Next, as long as our movements are better than they _._. Yuxi Bao pointed rounds are in my hand _._ Everything can't get my control...' ' , The face is still hung, there is no heart, the smile, suddenly turned, and 'the plan of the tail beast arrested recycling.

How's it going?"

'According to Bai and Jun Ma Lu, two of them pass the news. The second _.0 and ghosts have the flying governor: ._. Almost locked the five-tailed and seven-tailed traces _._ The received message, and a pair of beautifully brought the moment in front of him, 'as for the eight tail and nine tails _._.' '.

Eight tails and nine tails don't worry about the second _. I have arranged: ._. '' Seems to save a wonderful concern in Xiaonan heart, and the flash said.

Suddenly, there is a inexplicable look, and the deep eyes of the deep, the deep eyes are concentrated in the small south of the water mist, and the small south _. Let me go with me to go to a place _._. '' '

'Go a place ?! "Xiaonan has some unexpected provinces, do not understand where he refers to.

'I have gone to me _._.' 'I didn't say it straight, but in the small south, I was a little surrounded by her body instantly.

In the slight scream of Xiaonan, the moment took over her waist and turned to the blink of the two people disappeared into the rain curtain.

The sky is rolled in Huangsha.

Two men and women wearing a black red cloud big A, walking on this unilateral desert.

'This is the territory of the country of the wind _. The moment you take me to do what _._.' '

Some doubtful sounds floated in the desert, and some of the hometown of Xiaonan saw a moment. ??

'Just arrived _._.' 'The deep eyes of a deep look at the extremely distant building wreck, the old town of the ancient city, and a gently handy on the shoulders of Xiaonan.

Reincarnation !!

When Xiaonan went back again, there was already an abandoned building wreck, and every piece of broken walls around him was engraved with the traces of the years and war.

'Is this?! "Xiaonan watched his own moment, waiting for his explanation.

'This is the remains of the ancient city of Loulan. Loulan once is a beautiful and rich country, the sacred place where the world is unopened, but it has been raised in the war for more than ten years ago.

In the moment, the small south of the body introduced the places they now, and the other side of the gods sent the obstacle of the horizon, explored every corner in this ancient city site, and seems to be looking for something. .

What do we have to do? '. Small southern Zhe Zhe is coming, she knows that he is never a non-directional person, since the old-distance brought her to here, there must be an unusual purpose.

Under the land of this Louchland? The legend is seal -3.6. The dragon pulse. Contains a huge incapacity? Less the less and smashed the smart, the blind eye, the end of the blind, continue to continue to the ancient city of the ancient city Explore deeply, 'I don't know if it is true. So take you together

See it?, '.