Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 199 Chapter 199

The huge incapacity ?! '. Xiaonan gods slightly wrong, but see a subtle change in the face of the flash.

found it!!"

The mouth of the moment began to rise slightly, because his gods have penetrated the obstacles of the layers, seeing a huge energy in front of the ground, and a altar for seal.

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Chapter 252 under the collapse jade system underground space (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 252 underground space (seeking rewards and automatic)

,found it!"

In the moment, I took the small south of the side. The reincarnation of God has locked the position of the underground space, and the sleeping power circulation was launched, and the two of the two people were disappeared in the wreckage of the ruins of the land in the ancient city of Loulan.

No matter how many times _._ _ _ _

Between the two people, there has been in the base space of the land of the ancient city. In the process of being in the process of shuttle through the shuttle space, Xiaocheng seems to have an illusion.

"Get used to it_._.''

At the moment, when he first started to go to this time, it was not adapted when the spatial power of the time was in the case.

However, the accumulation of long-term use, and gradually becoming more and more, and now you can easily show the move of the moment when you go to the instant shuttle space. This is the cultivation of countless cultivation and the 17 actual combat. from.

The voice falls, the two of the moment and the small south began to look at the bottom space before the eyes.

I saw it presented in front of them. It is a building similar to the sacrificial altar. There are four rock walkways in the northwest of southeast. The end of the walkway has a stone statue. The central altar is a half-country. The protrusions of the project, the foot is dark and dark deep abyss

"The hard work of the flying thunder" _. ''

With the vision of the blind eye of the moment, it has clearly cleared the special bitterness in the middle of the altar. It is a three-handed shape, which is the unique surgery of the flying thunder. Suddenly, I understand this is the Naruto's father, a four-generation eye ...

The hard work of the flying thunder of the door.

'There is what you said. Dragon, is there?' '

Xiaonan is drunk, condensed with the front of the altar, the center of the fly thunder, asked whispers.

It should be ._. "In the words of the moment, there is no exact tone. Suddenly, his sight seems to be transferred to the top of the head. The blood of God has passed through countless layers, and I will have a desert at this moment. The situation on the surface, 'There are several ninja coming _._. It seems still a few old friends, two _.' '

At this time, killing "on the desert surface above the small south head, there is a battle.

Spiral pill !! "

With the sound of the Naruto, I saw him put the spiral pill in his hands on a humanoid's body. Suddenly, this manual shape was smashed by him.

Be careful! Naruto! "The Sakura next to him pulled the nun, so that the strangeness climbed on the son of the Naruto is preparing to launch the attack, and the whole whole fire will go out. Sprinkled a part after crushing on the ground.

Thank you, Xiao Sakuo, 'I saw Sakura Shuturing my life, I opened my mouth, and I immediately worked on the blue eyes and provinces.' But I'm the guy. Where did you go? ! "

In addition to the Naruto and Sakura, there is still in this landlord ancient city wreck, and there is a temporary replacement of Kakasi's big sum, as well as the Sasuke, temporarily constitute a new seventh class accepted the five-generation hot shadow. The chasing escape from the hierarchy, the task of the master.

Because I already know that the goal of this trip, Uncle Uncle is is the dragon pulse in the bottom of the country. So the seventh class on all the way is full of rebellion, but I can't find a footage, but after it is here. The sudden attack was hit.

Bespe now may have entered the depths of the land of the land of the landland, to find the legendary dragon pulse in the legend, we have to move! "" At this time, the calm voice came, and only the big and Zuoi instant appearance. He said around the Naruto and Sakura, the big and opens.

The Naruto nodded and nodded, and the four people quickly went to the point indicated by the map and went to the bottom of the landlord.

It seems that things be began to become interesting?

At this moment, the bottom space in the bottom of the bottom space, after seeing the seventh class of the seventh class, the corner of the mouth outlined, and I can't think that I couldn't take the empty with Xiaoshan. I can come here. The Ninja Theatrical Edition happened, and the seventh class of Naruto encountered this, this is

Is it not destined in the destiny?

There is also a Sakui. I can't think of the group to kill it. There is a fish and Naruto who have been such a leakage network and the Naruto, 'At this moment, I have to shake my head, I have to say that the inertia of the original plot is really strong. powerful.

'So ?? The rebellion ninja is a hundred feet?

Some muttered in the mouth, the moment of the blindthrough of the blink of the eyes, the end of the dark and deep walkway, in Xiaonan some unexplained eyes, gently reached out one hand.

I just entered the footage of the bottom of the land 073, it was rapidly flying in the walkway. At this moment, I only felt a powerful gravitation left and right, the whole body, the giant talent suddenly sucking I quickly fly at the end of the dark and deep walkway.

When I came back to God, I found that my neck was tight. I have been held by a mysterious person. The neck is in the air.

'You.? Are you? "Some horror noticed the black red clouds of the moment and Xiao Nan, who had some difficult swallowed his mouth, he certainly clear this clothes mean.

Do you know?

Damn. How can the organizer appear here?

'There should be someone in the face ?! "The wine is faded by himself, and the moment is suddenly opened.

Yes. Yes?, 'Bespe the war, the truth, the eyes did not dare to go straight to the blind eye.

Is this really a ninja?

This man is definitely not a level.?

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Chapter 253 of the Capaci Yushu Back to the past (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 253 returns to the past (seeking rewards and automatic)

Between the moment and Bespe.

The four movements appeared in front of the moment and the seventh class of the seventh class of the leaves.

At this time, the Narley Sakura appeared in the bottom of the city, and the philosophy who did not dare to confuse the four people were hit by the hundred feet who was hit by a black red cloud. She sprinkled a silver-white dress. Hands.

'.? ?! "

After the appearance of Zheqing, the Naruto was surprised to widely widened his eyes, and the Sakura next to him and the big and big and the big and the face were suddenly revealed. The lookout of the boulder, and pulled the check knife Poster a guard's posture.

In the past, in the past, there were two high-rise consultants who killed two high-rise consultants and so many ninja, and the Sakura and their heart have to produce this kind of heartless mentality.

This man?, '

Even the original Sakuo, this is not born on the face, and the ninja in the roots of the original wooden group is, which is certainly clear that this terrible man has done.

Group Tibetan and countless roots tissue elite ninja.

Only funeral all in the middle of the man's hand is all in an instant ??

"Swong? Is you?, '

The philosophone and Sakura appeared here, and the moment was laughed and launched. He turned his gaze to them.

'Can a evil.? Or is such a terrible momentum?,' Face the eyes of the glance, the big and some people, I feel that I have set a ice, and even my breathing began to become difficult.