Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 200 of Hueding Crack System

How can you appear here ?! '. Only Naruto is not afraid of death and nervous guys, at this time, you can also look at your eyes in front of your eyes, and you call:' Say. Is you a group of people? One,! "

Is his goal for the dragon pulse here?

Thinking of this, Dahe and Sakura's three faces can not help but appear deep worries. Their mission is probably not like this.

'And this kind of guy?', The philosophies see the doubts on the face of the Naruto, and the moment seems to have some disdainful light smile. No. I am here to be the dragon pulse, but I and this guy. Not a group, '

Just in the moment and the Naruto a few spoken gaps, Bespe seems to think that he found the opportunity, and suddenly fidel rushed to the altar seal in the distance, reached out, grabbed the flying thunder, one side munned The mysterious spell is slowly pulling out the flying thunder in the hands.

'Some quilts _. Xiaonan ._.' 'Although he is in the eyes, it is not to stop it, but there is no shot, this dragon case wax anthone is not placed in the eyes, but the eyes Holding a small man near ourselves.

'Bastard! Don't touch the pulse !!'. Naruto burst, suddenly the whole person flying to the distant altar.

'Naruto! Don't !! "Seeing the move of the Naruto, the big and the heart was shocked, and immediately stopped.

But when it is too late, a purple Chakra rushed up, formed a giant energy light column, a diped two nets on top of the bottom space, the purple Guanghua almost cage everyone Inside.

' !! "The Naruto of the purple Chakra light is desperately desperate, but it is never struggled.

'Naruto !! "Seeing this scene of Sakura is a big shock. I just want to rush over, I was pulled out by the big sum of the side, and I took it to the eagle that Zuo's super beast. I flew it in the direction of the sky .

More and more interesting _._. Xiaonan us walk _._. ''

See the giant purple Chakra light column that constantly swallowed over, the face is not shocked, but in turn, the small south of the side, and goes in the middle of Chakra light.

I saw the Chakra light column that the Chakra light that was gradually dissipated, and even the small south of the small south, the Naruto is four people, all disappeared in the light column, everything is new, and it seems that there is no happening.

There are countless white rays around the body, and the moment is tightly grasping the hands of Xiaonan, and the figure seems to fall down.

There is also a moment in the moment, there is no clear position, and I only feel that I seem to shuttle in countless time and space.

The feet of the moment finally touched the ground, and the small south of the hand was also drunk in the ground.

The blush of the blules of the blush is slightly smashed. I saw that the place in this time is not a desert of Huangsha, but a green grass.

Looking at the distance, there is also a magnificent city, all of which stand all the high tower directly into the clouds, revealing a scene of peace and peace.

"Heat.? Here is it? 'Xiaonan surprised found that she and the two people didn't have in desert, but another sicken.

'If I haven't guess?,' I hope to see the original cold and gorgeous Xiaonan. At this moment, I will have a sophisticated birthday of a child. I can't help but smile, my eyes are stunned, watching the far (good) party A magnificent city, it should be the land of the past, '.

In the past, the Loulan I used to?! Is it? After listening to the wrong, Xiao Nan is a little surprised to a pair of beautiful.

'Yes ?? I think we should travel time and space. Back to a certain paragraph in the past?,' The little south of the mouth and the small South of the side, in fact, the inner heart is also secretly analyzing the situation in front of you, the facts Is it the same as he thinks, no one can be sure.

Hey! Hey!?

At this moment, there were six or seven-year-old people in the moment, and there were six or seven-year-old people, and they found the two people immediately launched a sharp attack, and they flew a lot of money from the mouth.

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Seeing that the squadron of the two surrounded by the two people, the face of the moment did not change, such a poor attack naturally impossible to escape the insight of his own eyes.

Dance paper rain !!!

Just don't need an moment, the small south around him has responded in the first time, and the wonderful body around the body is surrounded by countless money, and it has formed a pair of angel's general wings, and countless money. Sheet of paper.

Sales! Set!

The constant golden M hit the sound, I saw that the suffering of the Sirded soldiers fidelit was smashed by Xiaonan, and the sharp sheets of the southern fire broke out were cut into one. Debris.

After seeing this scene, the mouth is slightly rising, knowing that Xiaonan as a member of the tissue, she is not a weak and weak vase, but a strong ninja.

In the original, even the use of external hutomotions. Eyes used Yi Evil to change the destiny of death.

After the province of Xiaonan, I solved all the sergeants soldiers, I'm smother, since there were so many sergeants who came out to attack them, then the representatives should be coming here in advance, and using the dragon pulse Strengthen these sergeants.

'If the original plot is not going out. As long as you kill the Hundreds of confession? You can go back? The corpse blue eyes are flowing, and the moment is in mind.

After ordering her hands, I just wanted to bring the sky in the sky. Suddenly he had a new change in his left eye, and the movements in his hand were not allowed to stop.

'What are you ?? "

The Ping Shu's voice came, only three people in front of the moment and Xiaonan, with a strange mask, and the body seems to be wearing the Ninja Combat in the past war.

Golden flashes (BHEC) light wave wind door ??

Seeing the three ninjas that suddenly appeared in front of himself and Xiaonan, the blind eye was slightly flashing, from the mask ninja headed, according to the diagnosis, I have seen it in the four generations that I have seen in my childhood. Chakra, Huabi Waves, warm and pound.

'Who are you?' Although I have already guess the identity of the three people in front of you, it is still turning your eyes to them, and I asked.

Seeing in an instant, the waves, oil gates, oil women's micro and autumn channels are couldn't help but feel in the heart. This powerful to see if there is no marginal momentum, they have never felt in anyone. .

His eyes.

Looking for the mysterious zone, the mysterious zone of the stars, the three-person three people suddenly felt a strong oppression between the difference between the gods, as if they were wearing this pair of eyes, no one The secret of the dock is reproduced.

'We are the ninja of the leaves, so he heard the drunk here, there is no, there is no, the people who are committed, and the first reaction of the windshield door, the angesic opening said.

It should be that the Loulan, who has been in the past decades, I don't know what time is it now ._. '' Seeing the wave of the waves in front of you said that you are the identity of the wooden ninja, and the heart is dark.

'I didn't guess the wrong words, two you should come from the future? "The wave of the water gates suddenly asked.

'Well? Yes.'._.' ' , but still reply.

"Because in six years, there is a person called Bestei, he also came here from the future: ._. 'The' 'Wave Water Door is drunken open, the heart is dark, this is the purpose of mysterious men and women here. .

'Bespe is here for six years, is it here ._. The time of the province arrived here has a certain amount of fall ._.' 'Is muttering when he muttered.

'Ah !! "

I only heard the sound of the city in the city in front, and I tried the voice of the Naruto when I saw the sound of the city building in front of the city.

'Is a teenager who just just: ._. We have to save him! "

After hearing the voice of the sound, the wave of the waves in front of the moment, the looks on the face, reached out, grabbed the oil women around the side and the autumn channel, using the flying thunder, disappeared in the original place.

Is it the three people who fly thunder gods? _ In the same place.

When the moment and Xiaonan have appeared again, it is already in the city building in the inside of Loulan. It is similar to the west way. There are countless tall buildings seem to have a tower, straight into the cloud.

In front of them, it is a Naruto that is unlucky by a large group of flying soldiers. I saw that when I was homoked, when I was hurt, when I was hurt, when I was hurt, when I was hurt, when I was hurt, I suddenly appeared on the wave of wind. Three people defeated all the soldiers saved him.

'Thank you: ._.' 'Save the Naruto is sitting on the ground to open the road, this time he suddenly. See the moment that floats in the short half of the air, and behind the paper angel wings Xiao Southern, exclaimed from being surprised: ' ?! You have also come here ?! "