Naruto's Jade Crash System

Huedings Crack System Chapter 201

After the direction of the Naruto's eyes, I will look back, and the ... .. . ............... ... .. ....

It is clear that it is still so far outside the land of the land.

How suddenly.

"Don't he are similar to the time and space of flying thunder, 'At this time, the heart of the wave wind door silently speculates, and the secrets are improving.

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Crash system Chapter 255 Golden Flash (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 255 Golden Flash (ask for reward and automatic).

How? Don't you welcome me? "

And the angels are in the sky, and they are floating in the air, facing the sound of Naruto.

'You second _. You _._ "Death staring at the first half of your eyes, the moment of killing all of them, the Naruto is surprised, almost can't come,' What two guys will also come here?!".

How? Do you know? "When you see such a exciting reaction, the wave of the water is standing from his side, and the blue eyes under the mask look at the flash, 'Are you also the ninja of the wooden leaves? "

'Wooden ninja ._.' 'I heard the problem of wave wind gates, and the blue mysterious eyes of the flash is slightly slightly fascinated. It seems that there seems to be in remembering some past, saying that the opening is faintly:' It used to be a two now. '' '

'It used to be ._. Now not _._. "The mouth of the mouth is said, the eyes of the blindstorms have issued a smell of dignity,' Trust? _. Province Come to you is the enemy of the wooden leaves.......

He is not a rebellion, but he killed a lot of wooden ninja, and his goal is also a dragon pulse! "At this time, the Naruto around the waves stood up and even pointed to the opening of the air in the air.

It turned out that your purpose is also for the dragon pulse here. _. '' After listening to what the Son said, the waves next to the water gardens suddenly changed, and the eyes showed a fierce look to the eyes, 'and killed it. Ninja in the wooden leaves ._. ''

A hunting blast blown.

At a time, this magnificent landing city tower, the atmosphere began to become unprecedented and heavy.

Seeing the wave of wind gates in front of you, the other sides of the oil women and the autumn channels have also put on the posture of the guard, and the mouth of the moment is gradually rising, and the life of God has burst out a bright light, 'Gold Flash wave windshore door ". _. It is indeed a ninja worthy of me. ''

After the sound of this sentence, the momentum between the two sides suddenly changed, and the body around Xiaonan began to gradually rotate the countless sharp sheets.

The oil girl around the waves is slightly scattered around the body around the body, and the autumn channels will be exhibited some of them, and a hit fist has become very unparalleled.

Suddenly the blue eyes of the blue flash, the left eye pre-appearance seems to capture the upcoming dynamics around, and I just wanted to respond, and a spiral pill on the ground with blue rays has gradually enlarged.

'Well ._. The surface of the fly thunder is there. "The mouth of the moment is slightly Sam, the gods have been in the eyes of the eyes, and the instant disappeared after the launch of the original position.

Just use the flying thunder's blink of blinking, using the spiral pill at the foot of the spiral pill, I only felt that I had lost my moment, and my heart was suddenly shocked. I disappeared again. Original place.

'The reaction is really fast, it is the fastest man in the world, the fastest man in the world _._.' '

The heart is slightly emotional. Among the eyes of everyone, the moment I have never been seen when ghosts generally appear in the ground of the Water Water Gate used to start the attack.

It has returned to the original position, and the oil woman in the middle of the oil women, the waves in the middle of the autumn channel, everyone reacted at this time, the time, moment and wave wind doors, two people I have already handed two rounds.

This speed?!

Some people have followed the flying thunder of the water door?!

I saw the oil female Zhimi and the autumn passing the eyes of the two people were full of color, and now this golden flash name is in the age of the whole endure. Who can imagine that someone can instantly catch up with the speed of the wave wind door and repel him.

So fast ?? I just worse? The corpse returned to the waves of the oil in the middle of the oil women and the autumn channels, a pair of stares with the eyes of the flash began to become extremely unbeatable, and they were in the heart. The two people played a short moment, 'and his time space is not black.

The style is completely unable to save?

·· ?? Ask for flowers??

'It doesn't have no golden flashing this name.? Not only the application of this god-entered flying thunder God ?? There is also the reflective nerve of the crown, while the body is shocked, at this time at this time The face also started to stream M out a little serious look.

Although the god of his left eye can predict the future of five seconds, it is facing the speed of the waves, and when he makes him in advance, it will not be in advance. The hands of the two have been grounded into the next stage.

At the moment ?? He is the small South of the moment when he is in the moment. Some shocking open his own pair of beautiful eyes, seems to have recognized his identity through the extreme flying thunder of the Warm Watermen.

"Yes? My corpse saw a little amazed expression in Xiaoshan. The moment I nodded silently. I definitely had her answer, 'I am relieved.? He is not my opponent? Less


Two of you are still the same as the same gate.

Get the affirmation of the moment, Xiaonan gradually recovered his own heart, but then she started a question:. Weird ?? I don't worry about him.?? "

Next, in the eyes of all people surprised, I saw that the wave wind door reached out slowly and took a mask on her face, IS had a golden hair and Jun Xiu Ying's face.

'You? Are you? !! "

At this time, I finally saw the face of the waves of the waves around the body, and the Naruto was unbelred widened his eyes, and the heart seems to have emerged for a long name.

(Exactly, it should be that Xiaonan Meiki, they will be in the water gates first.).

Chapter 256 of the collapse jade system beats (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 256 beats (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Don't talk ._. The opponent is not a simple ninja: ._.' '

I didn't pay attention to the amazing eyes of Naruto. The wave of the waves and the Naruto were stared at the moment in front of the eyes. I didn't dare to have a slightest.

'I certainly know that he is not a simple ninja! Although it is not convinced, it has to be admitted to ._. In the future, our era is indeed called the strongest ninja. "It seems that I have a shocking impression that I have left to him in the past, and the Naruto stood in the waves of the waves.

'The strongest ninja ._.' 'After listening to what the sound said, there was a little muttered in the waves of the waves, and it seems that the meaning of the words represented by these words.

The woman around him. Qiqi Zer is also a tricky ninja ._. You two be careful: ._ Yongshui Gate reminded the voice of the war, and people have now shot in the air. .

I saw that when the wave wind gorge was revealed again, people have appeared behind the moment, blooming blue light spiral pills in the hand. At the same time, the other side of the oil female symphomy and the autumn channels suddenly sprite the countless flying thunders in their hands.

'Is Fei Lei Shen two paragraphs.

The blood of the blue god is blinking in the eyes of the mysterious, and the moment is observed to the attack on the waves behind him. It is also exhausted to the oil femalezi and the flying thunder who throws over the autumn channel. Suddenly launched.

Reaction is really fast !! "

Feeling the strong breeze from your own, the wave of the water gates slightly, like the spatial ability of the moment, and reflects the nervous and unusual people. He also met for the first time.

In the eyes of all people, I saw a silver and a golden ray flashing between, the two people in the moment and the waves have been in a moment, and the two of every time I'm going to be hit. In a moment of use, it is newly transferred in space capabilities, then send it again.

Move your own attack.

'Eye ._. The eyes will not see these battles: ._.' '

During the speed of the flashlight of the flashlight, the shocking of the Naruto shocked, he found that he couldn't catch two of the brakes and waves.

'I can't think of the future Ninja world, there will be such a ninja.

In the same time as the light-like hand, the wave wind door has some discovery no matter how it is how it makes it full of the second paragraph of Fei Lei, I can't touch the moment.