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Chapter 202 of Hueding Cracks


At this time, in the void, the sound of the slumbered voice came out, in this non-rested time and space shuttled, and the moment was gradually lost.

Perfect immortal mode. War!

In the blink of an eye, there is an invisible momentum. It is going to be in an instant. It has been rolled up with countless dust. Suddenly there is a white robe.

This is the way the fairy mode ?! "

At this time, I just got rid of a wave of tremoes that had violently raided in the moment. After I heard this sentence among the air around the air, I suddenly saw the changes in my body at this moment, and my heart suddenly slammed a sense of fatal crisis.

He is also a master who is proficient in Miao Mountain in the Maki Mountain, but you can't do it. If you can't do it, you can't do it. It can touch the most difficult to control the natural energy. Instantly open the cactus mode, so he decisively The surgery of flying thunder disappeared in the original position.


I saw this time when I was just lost in the waves of the waves, and the corner of the mouth gradually raised a smile, a pair of gods were born in the eyes of endless pupil, and the blue mysterious Xuanao Guanghua flashed.

I have used the wave of water gates who have disappeared with the flying thunder. It seems that time the time will now appear in front of the moment, all the people who have happened around himself.

Immortal · Fusion Spiral Hand Sword !!!

A huge shadow is placed, the harsh sound explosion and the roll of rolls came, and I saw that I didn't know when I was already ready to be a huge spiral, the sword was torn. The air wind blade is also boiling with a high temperature magma that is constantly lancing.

'That is?,'

Seeing this moment of shocking on his own bombardment, the sword was shocked, and the pupil in the blind water door was suddenly shrinking into a common size. When the crisis was suddenly all the potential It was pressed.

The fusion spiral spiral of the moment is finally blown away. The words that are difficult to describe the shocking energy in an amazing speed, and the total tall towers in the entire Loulan City are collapsed. The whole land is full of high temperature. Magma, as if almost all cities are in this hit

Completely destroy.

Did you die? Or escape?, '

Drunken floats in the air, the moment is gently looked around, and the Songs and oil women's micro-autumn channel did not see the trace. In the case of the use of the wave of water, I will go, or I am in myself. This hit becomes the bones, this is even if the god of the left eye cannot be accurately judged.

come out. 4.5

'Forget it? No matter what they die is alive? Go back to this trip,. The most important purpose here is for the dragon vein?

'Let's go ?? Xiaonan?,'

The light open, woke up the south of his murder spiral hand sword, and pulled her two in the depths of the city.

(The copy of the landland has a self-emblem in addition to the end of the dragon pulse.

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Crash System Chapter 257 Sala Queen (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 257, Queen Sara (seeking rewards and automatic)

Among the land of the city.

The dust is filled, all are constantly collapsed building high tower, and the high temperature hot rock is rolled over the ground.

Under the moment, the entire Loun City is almost completely destroyed under the entire landlord.

Just in such a ruin-like broken wall, two gods flew so quickly in half empty.

'This beautiful city. Unfortunately?,'

The quiet sigh, I saw that Xiaonan's back white paper wings were light. A cold and pretty face called the foot of the land. It was already in the ruins of the ruins. The eyes flashed, that is A feeling of sorting of beautiful things.

I heard the sigh of Xiaonan, I went deeply at her. Although she was wearing the organization's uniform's uniform, her heart is very clear, in fact, she still still sleeps in the grassland In, 'Saving, the kind girl yourself.

'You don't have to feel sorry for this,' The half of the half is floating, and there is a soft opening. 1, I said to Xiaonan. The perfect Junxiu face seems to save the touch, 'Even if I don't shoot today .? In the future, it will still be touched in a ruthless war.

After he heard the words, Xiao Nan was sprilled. He couldn't help but think about the land before the time and the moment. The book is a ruined ruin for a long time.

On a broken wall, it flew on a moment, and the moment and Xiaonan saw a tall building in front of the front, it was now the remaining building in the entire landland.

'Who are you ?! "

A crisp voice came, I saw a red long-haired girl on top of the high building, a pair of beautiful eyes with a trace of angry and pleasant colors, watching the flash and Xiao South of the half space.

'Well ?! "I saw this red long-haired girl, and I flew to her in front of her. A pair of blue eyes gaze if she.' You should be the Queen of Loulan?"

'I am the Queen of this city, say two of them?! "The red-haired girl Sarah took a single question and indignation.

She is coming to this high-rise building to speaking, but suddenly seeing the entire landland city suddenly suffered a dramatic blow, and turned into a ruins, countless building tower fell, she The subjects under the feet were also thrown into a piece.

'Sala Queen? Ask you? Where is the guy and the dragon pulse? "Seeing that the girl in the red long hair really agreed with the names in his memory, the moment was directly opened.

'Dragon ?! You are also to peek out of the dragon pulse !!' I heard the moment to open the door to see the mountain, Sarah's emotions have become more excited, 'I want to just now the situation is also your two ghosts. Why don't I answer any questions! "

The arrogant looks at this time this time, the proud queen Queen Sara, the moment, the moment, said: 'For six years, there is a person named Hundreds of people here, he is now the minister of the Louchland An Lushan, he deceared the people of the entire landland and you. '.

'You said! An Lushan he has inherited the loyalty of my mother's will! He is a good person! Isn't it what you said!'. I haven't finished it, and the girl Sarah suddenly opened him. if.

"Zhongchen?, 'The mouth of the mouth raised a brightened smile, suddenly shot a Sarah's wrist, flew with her whole person toward the floor.

'What do you want to do!? Let me go !! "" Survive in the high-altitude of Sarah in the moment, struggling to scream, but never get rid of the palm of the moment.

I made a continuous struggling Sara in my hand, and after I flew her on the ground, I glanced around it into a piece of embarrassment, and I said: 'You I. Zhou, you are sure you are Do you have so-called subjects ?! "

After being brought to the ground to the ground, Sara finally stopped struggling, swept the surface of the ground into a piece of embarrassment, and suddenly the face was 9 out, II, this is?, '

'You open your eyes! You are now around the so-called subjects, all the loyal people in your mind are controlled to deceive your !!'. Brake tone with a degradation and ridicule In front of Sarah, the young girl who has no brain in front of him, it can only be in the Naruto.

The second Second World will eventually appear.

'Is it impossible? This is absolutely impossible? Less only see Sarai confused with her dense numbness, as if the whole person has always believed that the belief has collapsed, and the mouth is unbelievable muttered:' My How can the minister ?? 507 An Lushan how will bad people?

"A sudden appearance in Loulan.? I'm unknown.? Deceived what is so strange ?!" Seeing Sarah, as if it would collapse, there is a bit helplessly shake his head.

'No.? I don't believe it. All everything is definitely your ghost !! "At this time, Sara, which was originally born, as if I finally found a way to the belief that I collapsed, and my eyes gradually recovered clearly. Color, enemy province, in front of the moment and small south.

Obviously, after this sudden appearance in front of him, destroying the mysterious man of the entire Loulan city, Sarai is willing to believe that he rely on the six years of Anlushan, which is hundreds of feet.


The province of this face, the enemy is dead, staring at his own girl. At the moment, the unfortunate one hand carried out his forehead, and he said to Xiao Nan whispered next to himself: "Xiaonan ?? You come to persuade her? '

After the voice falls. The whole person fly over the sky.

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(There is still a lot of skills in the moment, I am not willing to be willing.

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