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Chapter 203 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 258 Drops of the dragon (seeking rewards and automatic)

The whole land of the city is in the sky.

At the moment, it extends all the views of his God's blind eye, carefully search for the position of the entire landland of the foot.

But the brake is surprised, no matter how he goes to search, even the scope of the gods wear the entire landland city, but there is still no view of the position of the dragon vein and the body.

"It's different. Is it possible to move the whole dragon?"

At the moment, some uncertain thinking. After all, six years have been so long, everything is possible.

'Zhe is a hundred and dragon veins? Can you only know from Sara?,'

The blue eyes slightly flashed, and after the moment, he had paid attention, and he suddenly handled the gravitationally flying toward the foot below the feet.

The time gradually entered the night.

In the night sky, the starry, the land of the land is particularly drunk.

How? She still didn't say the fall of a hundred and dragon veins ?! "

At this moment, the only building tower of the Louchlan stands, with the fence, slightly and saves the stars in the sky, and the break of broken broken walls under the feet have formed a distinct contrast, and asked softly.

'Her character is very stubborn?

After the moment, Xiaoshan walked to the moment, but also on the fence, shook his head and shook his head, 'Zhe came really trust hundreds of guys,'.

If she knows that she is deceived by her most trusted people ?? The feeling must be very uncomfortable? Some small south is a little emotion, her heart is a huge guy, and she has produced a disgust. Emotions.

"Zhe is coming, you are still very sympathetic, one of her 11, ' i i ,

Sympture? ?, '

Attached to the small south of the side, the moment, the moment, continued to look at the shame of the sky, and the sound of the sound of the sound, 'If she is still, she still does not want Hui to say Hundreds and dragon veins Drops? I have to take the necessary measures _._. ''

Although Lhasa is just a little girl who is deceived, but in Loulan has been more than a day after the day, there is not much patience that has been consumed.

Listening to the words contained in the moment, Xiao Nan bowed silence, looked at this side, a perfect and powerful man, the mood seems to have become a bit complex and the Ai, ' ~ _ _ . ''

'Well ?!' I heard that there are some awkward calls around you. I have some stunned twisted stone. In the past, Xiaonan is always a clear cold look, and rarely take the initiative to call his name.

You said: ._. After you have achieved your goal: ._. Become the ultimate individual in this world. _ "0 fear of the hit, suddenly turned over, the face of Xiaonan's face is slightly One red, gently said, 'Get the power of all the power ~ _. Really brought peace for the world in front of you.

Why will you go to what will you go? "Looking up and saving this vast star river in Heaven, whispered the eyes of Xiaonan's eyes.

If you really have one day ._. She has been completed in the moment of her and the long-door Niko.

Then what she _._. What will she go?

'If you really arrive for a day? _.' 'Listening to Xiaonan seems to have some fascinating sounds, suddenly I don't know what, the blue eyes and the stars in the sky, the line of sight is in the Xiaonan face around you. 'If you really arrive for a day _. I will hope that you will still like today.

_._. Standing around me Lage River with me: ._. ''

I heard a little awkward words in the moment, Xiao Nan couldn't help her face became MIL red, and turned to move, turned into it, 'The time is not early _._. I will persuade Sara. _. ''

Shili Qing Yan Yi Xiaonan is like a shy kitten to escape, and it will not laugh, and the laughter is somewhat excused, and some relieved, it seems that he saw his own response in Xiaonan.

The next day, the sky was slightly bright, and the golden exhibition ligated the oasis of the entire desert in the landscape of the land.

However, in the past, the prosperous luxury city, now has become a building wreck.

"How? Do you want to pass?"

Standing on the high tower of the highest place in Loulan, the small south will bring the Sarai from the inside, and the moment will open.

'That one_._.''

Red-haired girl Sara has a little twisted, it seems that her inner heart is still struggling, but in the end, her eyes finally tends to have a firm color. "I will take you to the dragon pulse. I want to prove that Anlushan is not here. Where is he not what you said??

Still don't you die?, '

Zhe saw the girl Sarai still trusted the guy in the past, and there was some speechless in the heart, but (Noro Zhao) No matter how Sala is already tuned to take him and Xiaonan to go to the dragon pulse. That is enough .

'So the way. '. At the moment, I saw Sara, and said it was said.

Next, Sara took the road in front of the road, the moment and Xiaonan in the ruins of the landlore, and finally came to a cylindrical huge building, and there is a similar underground entrance.

"The dragon pulse is below this?

The girl Saraf is said, there is no moment to talk to Xiao Nan, and he will take the lead in the lead.

It turned out to be? Baizhou guys are still very cautious?

Silently glanced at the underground channel under the foot, and I also walked in Xiaonan.

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Chapter 259, Chapter 259, is showing (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 259, Bespe (seeking rewards and automatic)

Follow the Sarah in front of the Sara, the moment, and Xiaonan entered the underground passage of the landlore.

On the way, countless filled smoke is blown, as if there is a burst of steam.

You two down _. ''

The moment is gently kicking the square of the square under the feet, and then looks up with the small southern and Sarah on the top.

'Sure enough ?_. This guy actually furnished the two _.' '

I glanced at the juncture arranged around him, and a large-circled steam tube, huge industrial building was continuously producing a servant soldier, and it was a scene of a underground factory.

'This is _._.' 'The Sarah's Sarah has been in the surrounding scene.

With the huge machinery, under the supervision of several soldiers, hundreds of the residents of the original landloven, with iron chains, fatty body wearing tattered clothes, is driving huge National dial.

'It seems that Bespe in order to make a weapon ._ In your eyelids, you can slave your people, one 170 is forced to drive him ._.' 'The mouth of the mouth slightly San, look at the eyes of Sarah, except Outside a sorrow, I also have a little fast tellery and ridicule.

An Lu Mountain is actually. First. '' I saw Sara Unbelievable, the eyes, the eyes, the whole, and the gradual emergence of anger from the bottom of their own ignorance. And unwilling, '?

Ice Emperor !!

But I haven't waited for more than a dozen , I have been awkward, I have been caught in an empty, a huge ice borrows more than a dozen soldiers in an instant, turns a dozen lifelike ice sculptures.

At the moment, I just wanted to open, I didn't have it. At this time, the blind eye suddenly saved a familiar figure, and then changed the words I was exporting. 'Sarah. Don't get it. Bespe has come. "

'Queen Queen. What are you doing here ?! "