Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 204, Chapter 204

Sure enough, after the sound of the moment, an obese figure appeared on the top of the high platform, saving the following Sara and the moment, 'It seems that the secrets here are already known,' I have already controlled the dragon pulse. ? My arms have also been completed, '?

'No need to leave your live port to control the strength of the dragon pulse?,' One is finished, and the surrounding Mao Zhen is surrounded.

'It seems that you have a good life in this six years ?? Actually fat so much? "In the surroundings of this countless squad, there are people who are idle to talk to this ridiculous tone, and only The moment it was.

(BHFB) - Is you?, 'Six years, the province, I didn't wear the black red cloud big bodies in an instance, and I finally be able to react, the eyes flapped in the eyes of the eyes,' I haven't seen it for six years. I have already controlled the power of the dragon pulse. I will not be afraid of you !! ',

'Is it ?? Is there a time when you have a beam clown? The face of the corpse is somewhat ridiculed. When I just wanted to pack up the foot, the god of the left eye was in front of the world's next new change.

'Yesterday, is there been jumped by you? The' moment gradually turned his gaze to the empty space next to it, and I saw that the wave wind door with the Naruto, and the autumn channels and oil women were there.

The flying thunder is really a more convenient life skills than the neighborhood of Shei Zhiwei.

In the moment, I also asked if the wave style wanted to escape, and she did not launch a martial arts to freeze the momentum and the right eye God's ability to return to the eyes of the eyes, this whole ninja world can kill him.

Of course, Big Jane Wood Brings can destroy the expansion of all the world's forests.

'Sure enough, is it a dragon pulse here?,'

I saw a slight smile on the face of the waves, and I hope that my eyes contain the color of Shen Ri, and I am only a little in the hands of them.

'How many do they still die?,'

A fragrant wind fluttered, Xiaonan also appeared in the moment of the moment, and some of his alert in the distance of the waves and other people.

'I can't think of the ninja of these wood leaves, I have found it here? So you are dead here !! "

After the province, the wave wind gates and Naruto have also appeared, and the hundreds of eyes were suddenly three fierce, manipulated the huge Chakra in the dragon veins, and countless doments around the dragon pulse. They launched an attack.

'Be careful! These are not ordinary soldiers !! "" "The surroundings of the surrounding, the waves of the waves reminded them loudly, and they condensed a spiral pill.

'Provail the way this dragon pulse is controlled these , and the huge way to control the eye of the moon is a bit similar to the way?

The four weeks of flooding is generally turned over, the big army of the moment, the blush of the blue gods, the circulation of the eyes, and the face is on the face.

But in front of me? It is still not enough to see it?

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 260 of the Crane System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 260 Dragon is in hand (seeking reward and automatic).

But in front of me. It's still not enough to call ??

Heaven is in the world, only I am called!!!

With the mock up of the moment, the The spread of madness around.

'This is. Not good !! "

Feeling this unique frozen force from the moment, the waves of the water gorge will shrink, the first time she took the Naruto and the King Zi and the oil women, so that the fly thunder The instant disappeared in the original place.

I saw the flash of frozen in the moment, and the whole underground space was suddenly sealed into a vented rolling iceberg. In addition to the space around them, there is no more air, all The big army is like a fly as frozen in crystal clear.

Easy "within the iceberg.

'This. Is it really what the ninja can do?,'

Save the whole instant to the whole instant, and the Sarah's eyes flashed in the light of the Sarah, and the mouth seems to be a dream to be murmured.

'This power?,' Just also have a different look on the Xiaonan face around the moment, because she has never seen the ability to use frozen fruits in the moment.

What happened just happened? "" At this time, the voice was shocked.

I saw an iceberg under the Water gates and they were returned to the original place. The underground space in front of him was completely transformed. Suddenly, they said that they couldn't say it.

Sure enough. This person is too dangerous? The little pair of blue eyes deeply looks at the moment in front of the front, and the wave of the waves will finally understand the meaning of the Naruto to him with him.

Sure enough.

Is there a strongest ninja in the future?

'? Actually still dead?

Some surprised sounds sounded, and I saw that I was surprised to pick up the eyebrows of him, because his left-eyed god prevail saw a scene outside his tissue.


Everyone only heard the sound of the Hundreds of sounds from the iceberg, a huge purple Chakra fused from the dragon veins into the feet in the iceberg, and suddenly a huge entertainment, the giant giant burst of the eyes. The iceberg drills out.

'I want to kill you? This is a new flesh I have developed?

I saw that the original obesity had nothing to face at all, and it was a giant entertainment snake in front of him, and the whole body flashed with an abnormally Qian Li's knife, and the philosophy was shocked.

Da jade spiral pill!!

Everyone is a flower in front of him, I saw that the wave style did not know when he had already appeared in the back of the hundred, and the hand put a large spiral pill that bloom blue rays.

The use of extraordinary outstanding instants appeared in the waves of the hundred feet, and directly bombarded the large jade spiral pills in the body, and suddenly the huge entertainment, the body of the harsh, the whole body Scattered into a part of a place.

'My current body is never destroyed !! "

But between the blinks, with the gloomy voice, it was scattered with a servant component, under the traction of the purple Chakra in the dragon vein, immediately found a new combination, restored into the original face.

'Can not be destroyed?,'

Enough? This boring farce has long been over?

At this time, I saw that I was in the middle of the middle, and my face had been impatient in my face. In this past time and space, he stayed for a long time, the original Ninja World has a lot of things. Waiting for him to go back to handle.

Immortal · dust spiral pill!!!

Among the eyes of all people surprised, the immortal Xianke Chakra is over, and the hand has formed a huge and unparalleled white national light ball. The appearance seems to be a transparent national ball. There is also a good middle. The energy model of the square is in combination with the nature of the earth, the wind and the fire.

Chemical spiral pill.

·· ?? Ask for flowers ··??

'that is?,'

As the original, the spiral pill is truly invented. This is an inexplicable spiral pill in the hands of the brakes. It feels that the breath of the fever is sent. Surprise.

Reincarnation !!

When everyone reacts to the figure of the provision of the moment, the moment has appeared in the top of the huge entertainment som, and when he looks for the trace of the moment, it is suddenly throwing the white sun in his hand. Out.


There is no too much sound, but it is like a sun that is hot, the sun is ablation. Everyone is frightening, and the dust spiral pill throwing out in the hands of this. The whole huge body disappeared without a trace, as if never appeared