Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 205 of Hueding Crack System

It's a relaxed way to send a smashing, you will eradicate all the traces in this world. Only by understanding the dust of the dust spiral pills, I know that Bespe has been decomposed into this dusty spiral pill. The finest particles in nature are atoms.

'So?. Dragon ._. It is mine! "

After solving the full foot, the moment of Schwing stepped into the altar, and the endlessly filled purple dragon pulley in the eyes of the eyes, the mouth gradually began to rise.

Wave-style water door, if you try to stop me, try it. _. ''

At this time, it was a word that had been quickly passed on above the altar, and suddenly, like a pot of cold water, they were disdaind in the bottom of the waves and Naruto they want to stop the thunder.

The woman is in a glade.

Maybe we will die here today.

(The death of the dead Loulan finally finished, actually more than I thought).

Chapter 261 of the Crash System Absorbs the dragon veins (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 261 absorbs the dragon veins (seeking rewards and automatic)

'! The system detects that the host will get the dragon puller Chekra. Do you ask you to absorb Chakra_._.' '

At this time, the sound of the long-lost system was actually passed.

' _._ Today he came out?' Hear the sound of the system, and it couldn't help but ridicule.

'I often hear someone to spit me too much _._. So today, a bubble second _.' 'I don't know why, the system originally ancient well-free sound, at this time, it is very personal in the bottom of the moment.

'That ._ I have heard a saying ._. This dragon diamond is unlimited _._. I don't know if I absorbed the unlimited Chakra? "In the bottom of your heart.

Not _._Home of the Dragona Characle although the number is very large _. 'Zero nine zero "_. But absolutely not unlimited ._.' 'System seems to be carefully considered, the voice continues to flash through the moment The brain, 'and after you absorb Chakra, the Dragon pulse, which can only be used to broaden your body's Chakra volume..' '

'And there will be dangerous dangers of the explosion. The second _.' 'The last system has not forgotten.

Nima ._. System You I am not right? "" At this moment, I got a mother in my heart. This collapse system has played with him every time I absorb energy.

You should be ignored ._ "After the sentence, the system's voice disappeared in the mind of the moment.

'Hello? Hey! I haven't absorbed the dragon puller Krah!' Hearing the system seems to miss again, and the moment is in the bottom of my heart.

'This time you use God's reincarnation eye to absorb it ._ "The sound of the system will finally come back again, there is no such thing as a message.

_._. The only idea now is that if this system has always helped himself, it will be uninstalled now.

It's hard to calm down your own mood, and a pair of gods will express their eyes to the huge dragon vermilion. It has gone a deep mysterious light.

At this time, it seems to know that the moment will be absorbed by the dragon pullement, and the small nano immediately makes countless flats, came to the moment, a pair of paper angel wings ready to go to guard him.

After seeing this subtle move in Xiaonan, the face smiled slightly, the bottom of the heart flashed, and then the blue dumplings were launched, and the intangible barrier in the mouth of the naked. Expand.

Everyone was shocked, the huge vast purple dragon venk in the altar, and suddenly the long whale was absorbed, and a purple Chakra rulin was turned into a purple Chakra, and the source was constantly absorbed.

It seems that there is a huge TC pull with a huge Chakra filled with a huge Chakra filled with his body's limbs, and there is a sense of expansion.

'Is it really like the system saying ._. To explode and die?!'

What jokes _._ "Feel almost a long-awalated dragon puller in the body, the moment is biting, and the sleeping power has once again projected, and one breath will take all the remaining dragon in Chakra in the altar.

"Small South ._. Fast over the second _. '' Feels that the body seems to be exploding in Chakra at any time, and there is some difficult opening, and reached out of a part of the dragon pullera, and the hand is condensed. A purple Chakra light ball.


Under Xiaonan, a hand holding a purple Chakra light ball suddenly penetrating the body of Xiaonan, putting the monarch Kraka in her body.

'this is_._.''

Xiaonan wrapped his eyes and saved the flash of purple in his body, and a huge Chakra blindled her whole body. The original film-level Chakra is hard to study this huge investigation. Clark expanded to the level of superh, an unspeakable expansion is about her body.


After a part of the Dragona Chekra gave Xiaonan, the moment was finally suppressed to the feeling of the body to be exploded, carefully felt the quantity of Chakra in the moment,. Chakra still fails to break through the six Level _. ''.

However, it has also reached the top peak of the I peaks in the I peak _._. Chakra breakthrough to the sixth level is just the problem of time, _._. '' Absorbed the entire Dragon Vaclai, although some regret Chakra Still failing to break through the level of the six, but I will knew my current Chakra scale.

It's just a step away from touching bottleneck.??

Overall, this time I came to the landland or not.

"Dragon _._. The best disappears of the dragon pulse _. At this time, there is a Sara, which is mutually induced with the dragon, and the shocked mouth I bar is close.

Is the entire dragon puller Chakra? Is it absorbed by him ?! "The waves of the following eyes were all eye-catching with the blue eyes, and unbelievable.

At this time, suddenly I was in the body and the south, and I started to gradually got a white micro-light.

'This _._ This is ?! "Naruto was shocked by his body.

'With the death of Hundreds of death_. _ time-space order is restored to the second _. Then we have passed back to the original time and space. Started a crazy spit.

What is this shit?!

'Etc .._. I haven't eliminated your memory. "

I saw that the waves of the waves did not finish. Just wanted to eliminate the memory of the Naruto, I saw the Naruto and the moment of Xiaoshan, and a white light disappeared in the air.

at the same time.

Just in the rain outside the thousands of miles away.

With the young time, a long time is happy, a group of paint is like a general figure that has gradually made a white light disappeared.

It seems that everything has never been there.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands, thank you.

(The head is farther, the state needs to be re-adjusted).

Crackshell system Chapter 262 Five Shadow Conference call (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 262 Five Shadow Conference (seeking rewards and automatic)

The village of Yuyin.

In the rain curtain of Zhejiang and Zhejiang, the two slender figure on the street, the longer.

'Is it more comfortable to return to the cliff?

Going back to Yu Yin Village in Xiaonan, two people walk in the orderly streets, and they have a little bit of emotion.

'When starting.? I have been looking for a sense of belonging in this world?,' I'm thinking in my heart.

'Well. The small south of the smaller, the eyes are moving in the eyes of different thoughts, and the light is saying:' We went to Loulan for so many days? The endurance must have a lot of things?, '