Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 206 of Hueding Crack System

'Don't worry. No matter what changes happen? Don't get from our. Six Seven Seven "control?,' Substant to Xiaonan seems to have some concerns, and the moment is a comforted tone, 'and After the expansion of the Dragona Chekra. Your Chakra is also raised than before, '

'Now, the image of the five rivals is not any advantage in front of you. The' moment is in this sentence, there is no exaggerated component, after all, as a woman's body, Chakra's quantity has always been a small screen in Xiaonan. The original is not because Chakra is exhausted, she and the battle between Yuxi Bo

It is also difficult to expect the results of the battle.

'About this?,' I heard the moment it said, Xiao Nan also remembered that inserted a part of the dragon puller in Khakra, so I was light, 'Thank you?,'

'?,' I heard the hidden opening of Xiaonan suddenly thanked himself, and the face was slightly.

I don't know if I have a psychological role. I always feel that this time and Xiao Southern two have come back from the time and space of Loulan. It seems a lot of attitude towards her own attitude, and it is no longer in the past.

Just between the moment, there was a bit between the moment. At this time, a rain next to the street came to the front of his two, and the knees were authentic: 'Angel! You finally come back?,'.

What's wrong? "The rain, the rain, suddenly ran to his eyes, the look on the small face resumed the Qing Dynasty;

The province of this suddenly ran in front of this suddenly ran, there is no talk next to it. Although he is the rain in the real palm, but everything in the rain is still from the small south.

'Angel adult. You are not in the village for these few days. For a big thing in the endurance? "I saw this rain and sight, and I immediately whispered.

'The big thing is big?' Call Xiaonan slightly, she has a delicious eyebrows, and the cold eyes are in front of the rain, 'What happened ?! "

'According to the news from the line newspaper, the members of the five-tail column of rocky village have taken away the members of the column of column?, The rain is whispered in the forefront of these days,' So Rock Village The three generations of Spring Two-day scale Dae wild launched a five-shadow meeting ?? Calling the top of the top of the five rivals to participate in the country

The meeting discussed the incident on the recent arrest of the column of the major ribs.

'Help and ghost R their movements so fast? After listening to the reformeth of the rain, the , The name, ritual, is definitely a tricky S-class Ninja, I didn't expect myself to leave a few days.

, Help and ghost 0 They have arrested him back.

The five shaded conferences in the province came to the original colleeper were held in advance.

Although the progress of the plot is changed in the face of its own intervention.

But he has mastered the power of strong power, and it is completely confident that you should follow any changes.

In fact, there is not the first time to convene in the history of the Five Shadow, and the head of the Five Countries is generally held when there is contradiction between countries or to make major decisions, and between Usually accompanied by a mighty fighting and .

'Five Shadow Conference. After listening to this news, Xiaonan's brows can't help but have a deep lock together,' Province came to this five major countries to make a series of actions of a series of action two _. ''

This is the next thing they want to face the strongest forces of the whole, I have seen the moment, and I have seen the moment, and the bright eyebrows can't help but lightly stretch.??

'The thing is finally brewing this point. The second endure will have a huge change. The rain curtains continue to fall, it seems to penetrate the whole crying.

'So two _. Who can laugh to the last _._.' '

at the same time.

In the past, the Site of Unexpea is discarded, there is a stone room.

Yuxi Boupeter wearing a deep red blood tattoo is sitting on a generous stone chair, a dark long hair is mad, and the purple weird corrugated wheel flashes to flash in his eyes. .

'Day is the moment? _. It's really an impressive name _._.' '

It seems to be self-written, and it seems to be said to others, Yu Zhiwei is in this time, there is still a small half of the body, and only the position of his legs is filled with countless fragmented paper. The velocity of the naked eye 2.2 restores his body.

If you can't even you can't even die, you will suffer a loss _._. ''

Some low laughs came, I saw only black clothes, and the half-faced Unechyo stood stood in front of the spot, and a pair of scarlets appeared in front of the eyes.

No. In Front in the power. It is a little annihilated in front of the power.

The slight ridicule in the belonging of the earth, but the spot is not a horror, but the look is scary, so I don't think there is more joke now, I don't think there is more joke?, '

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Chapter 263 of the Crash System is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 263 Storm is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

When it comes to this, Yuxi Bao's mind seems to recall the golden rays that tears throughout the world, and a pair of evil comes over the inexplicable color.

'Say this _._. Where is the guy going? "Astringed to the thoughts of his heart, Yishibo spheres seemed to take questions in the eyes of the belongings.

'Who knows the second _. The guy is not your own words that you have created by Yin Yang. _.' 'In the face of Unexpected Boss, the land is sluggish shrug,' his own trend Is it unclear? "

'No _. Black, although it is my creation: ._. But his thoughts are independent. One.' 'Is interpreted by the land opening in front of Yuxi Bo spot, He suddenly seeps a dark shadow.

'I am back_._.''

I saw this time, I was dark as if I was dark, I drilled out of the bottom, and a dark face couldn't make his expression. The '17 lurked at the moment. At the moment, it was almost a little bit by him. ~ _. ''

'But this time I got a place where you won, I went to the second _. I got an exhausted harvest. Between the words, the black and gently spread their palms, one pair emits purple magnificent Guanghua The eyeball appeared in his hand.

'this is._.''

I saw this pair of eyes that were suddenly taken out, not only to bring soil, even the Yuxi Boh face on the stone chair also revealed the shocking expression, unbelievable opening: 'Do you have a moment from the day? Hand "._. Isn't it? This is not possible ._. ''

'But there is another pair of such eyes in the world. _.' 'Yuxi Bao spheres have a big eyes, and the blackness in front of him is so awkward to bring him such a big surprise.

'Dark two _. What did your guy did: ._.' 'The twisted half of the belt next to it is also full of horrified expressions, and the heart is a different idea.

I have incorporated the eyes of Yizhibo spheres in front of him, and I have incorporated my face. At this moment, I can't save my heart's idea.

At a time, the three people in the entire stone room looked at the pair of purple eyeballs in the black hand, although there was no show on the face, but in the hearts of their respective different minds.

At this moment.

Ninja continent is far from the country of the sea.

A small hole in the village suddenly opened a dark passage, and the dark skin took a wa-ranking angle, a ghosts like the legend of the evil spirits.

'Is it here? The world of the woman who used to Huiye Ji ._. The southern is brought sharply, some contradictory sounds from, the evil spirits, the mouth,' Chakra's reaction is very Strong? _ Two people in this world.... '

'Who is the guy ?! "

'Suddenly enter our village ?! "

At this time, the Ninja under the rivot was suddenly found out of the head, and the unidentified guy, and she was ambiguous, and she was stacked with him to launch violent offensive.

'Hey: ._ ._.' 'Seeing your feet, a group of ninja to release himself,' The ghostless face revealed disdainful smile, 'Province came to you and did not It belongs to your knowledge and strength two _. ''

"Just shuttle space consumes some pills: ._. Take you as a supplement !! '. The sound of him just fell, facing the sickness of countless bombardment, and taking out his right hand. The open palm exposed a blood red ring in the palm of the hand.

All the Ninja in the village was frightened. They released the stem of the sickness that they released together was over. The ghosts, like the long whale water absorbed, the bloody back eye on the palm of her hand.

I saw that the devil, the face was with cruel smile, and gently reached out his left hand to align a group of ninja under the feet. When Zhang opened his heart, he revealed a blood red ring.

Because of the back!!!