Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 207, Chapter 207

More than one more than one more than the melody, the endless energy released is from. The ghost, the left hand of the palm is sprayed out, and the mushrooms are in an instant. It is like the birthday disaster generally bombard all the ninjas at the foot. Kill it.

Gradually, after killing all the ninja in the village, the air in the air, the villain, the right hand palm, the bloody red round, and he was condensed into a starfish. .

After a sip of Chakra medicine pills from the whole rumor, the crowd, his fierce eyes turned to the direction of the country of rain.

Although I don't know where the guy is: ._. ''.

But there is the strongest response to my Chakra: ._. ''.

First, I will absorb this huge Chakra 280_. I found him to become my pill. "

'Hey hahaha._.' '

Cruel violent madness echoed every corner of the whole country, it seems that it is said that it will be destined to have something unusual.

The country of rain.

Unlike the past, dark cave.

Since the opening proposal of the opening, all the organizations will transfer the place where organizational meetings and seal tail beasts will be transferred to a bright and open stone room.

'Well ?? I have worked hard this time?

Just and Xi I organized a five-tailed seal that had just arrested back into the huge outer road, the flash of the moment took a brisk smile, seeing everyone around him, "this time The speed of the five-tailed recycling is more fast than I expected, '.

The leader is only the rest of the need to recover, there is only a seven tail eight tail and nine tail. After listening to the opening of the moment, the most active Didton when the personality, the eyebrow dance, "Shallow Nei Village's seven-tail column is shallow I'm right in the corner of myself, '

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Chapter 264 of the Crane System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 264 Registration (seeking rewards and automatic).

But the six tail is absolutely and A Fei, '

At this time, suddenly, the flying segment of the opening seems to have a harmless color.

'What is the relationship! With the two guys who don't enter the stream?,' I heard the flying segment, I mentioned the soil, and the first Didala in the world is called, 'I can always put them at any time. Made my human meat bomb.? Well? Less

The province of the two noisy live treasures in the organization, I can't help but smile and shake your head, the blue eyes began to transform to the solemn color province, and the two-six-six-six-six-six-six-tailed thing is handed over. ?? However, the news that the nearest endure is going to hear that everyone will hear it?

'The leader refers to the upcoming five-shaded conference ?? At this time, the ghost drum standing on the side of it, and the opening sounds the topic of the moment.

'I think we have recently captured the movement of the beast, which has already caused five big fortune and strive, so they will definitely have actions against our actions?,' I haven't spoken yet. The horns of the experience of the old road have been judged to have an endurance style in front of him. 100 cloud change.

What is the five shadow conference!? Just relying on the guy?, 'I heard that the five shadows will be actions to act for yourself, and you will be angry with the flying section of yourself. :. Waiting for them to start a meeting, I will kill them?

'Don't have awesome paragraph ?? Can you become the ninja of the five bustling village? No one is good to deal with?,' Live in this world for a long time, I have a wide range of people who have a wide range of somedays to remind side. Flying segment.

'Wuxi Conference, you don't have to worry about it? The Russian natural will deal with it?' Deep eyes glanced at the people around you, and the open drunken opening prompts all the organization members present, 'But next to endure Changes in the world will not just five shadow conferences. Do you perform tasks outside?

When you must act carefully?


'Today's rally ends here. Finally.? Helping you to stay, I have something to say to you, I will move my eyes to the ghost drum. I have been silent. A. said.

After the exit, there was a look at the eyes in the scene to turn to the silence of the silence, I saw him a pale scarlet written eye, who also guess it.

After all the organizations left, there was a moment in the stone room, and two people were left.

'I met in Terminal. "0 See a silent A. I suddenly said.

Sasuke?, 'Tact's sakes, but there is no flow of 9 different expressions on your face.

'He swallowed the power of the big snake pills ?? But with the character of the big snake pills, will definitely bury some means in the body of Sasuke ?? Take the face without expression. The mouth of the moment is slightly, continue, continue to say, He seems to gain a few good ninja ?? Hey is going to find you to revenge? Less

'Is it?,' Said that it is like a flat opening. A pair of three hooks are like a pool of water.

'Then I told him about you.? The truth of the whole thing tells him? "It is still not intention to do it, but it is just that it will continue.

'You? Tell him?!'. Finally he heard that the truth told the truth to the help, the face intoxicated expression was finally disintegrated, a pair (Bhco scarlet eyes stared at the moment.

'Don't use such a terrible eyes with me?,' Slightly smile, although the mouth is terrible. But the expression on the face is not changed, a pair of blue gods have been directly on A 's eyes, 'Sasuke is not a three-year-old child? He has its own judgment and understanding one,'

'Try to learn to believe in him?,' The expression is laughing at this moment. The eyes are in the eyes of the mystery.

No matter how powerful, don't try a person to bear everything, because it is destined to fail??? "Heade looked around A's eyes, said that the original is 0 ourselves if.

"Let him believe him? Don't bear everything yourself. Strictly whisper , B. The expression on your face seems to be a bit.

'Find a time to see him. No matter what the result? After you finish this last sentence, your face with the mysterious and dangerous smile in the eyes of A, Shi Ran left the stone room.

Suddenly only A person standing in the entire stone room, standing in the same place, his eyes stared at the direction of the moment, and the confusion in the heart even climbed to his face.

Kill ", why do you tell the truth?

Do you want him to dy with your color?

I just walked out of the stone room, I just wanted to open to let Xiaonan return to Yinyin Village with him.

At this moment, the expression of the moment suddenly changed, because his gods have seen a huge incredible Chakra, which is close to here in an amazing speed.

Almost a blink of an eye, as if a big substitute falls from the sky, the entire stone room is in an instant.

Countless diffuse dust and dust filled the entire stone room hall, a burly figure is in the smoke.

'Cough? This death. Is this guy among it ?! "

At this time, I didn't leave the Didala and others of the stone room in the stone room, and the face suddenly came out of the imperial look.

What jokes?!

In addition to the moment??

When did they understand that some people dare to come like this?!

For a while, the flying segment and Didara suddenly all people are ready for their hands, preparing to give this uncomfortable, a profound lesson.

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Crash System Chapter 265 Big Jane Wood Tao hits (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 265, big simmer, strike (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Is it here?,'

Low and sharp sound came out, the diffuse dust gradually dispersed, and the contour of the people were more clear.

The huge borders of the burly, the dark skin is still long, and a ghosts are just like the legend of the legend.