Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 208 of Hueding Crack System

'The trunk of the god tree. "I saw that the evil ghost, did not go to the province of the people, but a deep dark double died and died in the hall.

Chakra who won't think of the god tree will be scattered in this world in this form?, 'I saw the five tail beasts of the outside road have been sealed in Chakra, and the ghosts muttered.

Who is your guy ?! "Zhe saw this long-term guy in front of the ghost, suddenly appeared in this way, there was no way to organize the venue, but dare to ignore yourself here so many organization members, Didara Some Laughing from angry.

A big group explosion is quietly formed in his hand, ready to turn this guy in front of his explosive art.

'Well ?! "as if it is usually wiped in front of you,' Decounder, it seems that disdainful laughs. It is a group of low-level creatures, '

A piece of silence?

'I am not interested to know your name ?? Now give me death !!'. Some people dare to face the members of their entire organization with such arrogant attitudes, with a brutal brutal of Didala face Smile. In an instant, I lost my life in my hand.

Detonation of drill and explosion bounce!!

After a large group of spheres were separated from the Didala's hand, quickly flew in the direction of the people, just when Didara would detonate the explosion of brewing, the amazing scene happened.

I saw everyone in front of the people, the ghost, reached out the palm of the right hand, and a blood red rotation was absorbed into the explosion of Didara.

'Well.? Very special Chakra? 110 revealed that after absorbed Dida's explosion, it seems to taste some Didala's Chakra, and then gradually reached out his left hand. Xiao Zhiwei, "I will give you !!"

Because of the back!!

I saw a group more than a big one more than the Didala, I flew out from his left hand.

'This is?,' Faced with a giant explosion-proof drill that has almost reached your eyes, I have a well-talent to tonize A Kongmy.

Such a huge explosion-proof drill is suddenly exploding such a near distance, and the strong impact of devastating is involved in all the things within the stone room.

At this time, Didala owners only disappeared in the glare explosive glare in the moment, and appeared in front of them.


At the moment, a pair of gods, the vast mysterious light, the endless , Drop the rope, solitary floor falling within the stone room


The flashlight shot a glare of the thunderous sword in the hand, and suddenly pierced the giant explosion-proof drill in the floor.

'What did you have happened ?! "All the eyes of all the eyes were flashing and shocking. Although it was shocked to the enemy's powerful, it was the same capacity as if the time was going against time, and everyone felt Stunning.

'Is it the ability of the god generally banned? The "Everyone in the scene has only been seen in the wrong way and flying segments, and the eyes have passed a chance.

It's you!?"

The province suddenly appeared in front of himself, and once, it turned into a flash of the entire situation, 'evil spirits, and suddenly recognized his identity.

That was defeated in the big simmer of the night, and the person who went to a arm, it was in this world.

·· ?? Ask for flowers??

'Big Jane Tao is right ?? I think we should be a second time,'

The sound of the light-written voice is filled with the whole stone room, and the inexpensive is standing in front of everyone.

'Hahaha ?? The luck is really good? After the emergence of the , the appearance is like the ghost's big simmer, and it is a smile of cruelty. I didn't expect to come to this world. I found such a lot of god tree scattered Chakra. I have encountered you?, '

A deep dark violent double dilestry stared at the moment in front of him. As the heart of hatred distorted kinenes, the big Jane Turkish body is so thick as if there is no marginal chaks and momentum. Suddenly like a bomb It is detonated.

I saw Chakra gas impact on the Jane Tuan Taoji. The walls of the stone room were instantly collapsed. I set off a diffuse dust.

? Amazing color.

'There is such a guy in the world? The' normal face is intoxicated B. At this moment, it is also shocked to have a pair of eyes.

'Do you want to face this level of enemies? The corpse sees the shocking moment of Dabu Mu Tao, next to Xiaonan can't help but look at the back of the eyes.


Two fast figures flash, I saw it at this moment, the white and Jun Ma Lu immediately appeared in an instant, and one left and right will flash behind himself.

"White, Jun Ma Lu, two of you returned? The corpse is blocked in the white and Jun Ma Lu, which is ignorant.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 266 of the collapse of jade system (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 266 Exchange (seeking rewards and automatic)



I heard the words of the Pasta, white and Jun Ma Lu two suddenly faced. This guy is absolutely not ordinary enemy ??

'I let you refuse?,' The face is still light, but it is a non-veto of the tone.

Yes?, 'I saw some tough requirements, white and Jun Ma Lu had to return to the back of the people.

At this moment. You? The moment of the corpse seems to have something to face the big simmerous wood peach, and Xiaonan will not help but have a little hesitial opening.

'I and this guy's fighting you can't interceach it?,'

The expression of the deputy secret, as if he is only telling a established fact, a solid gesture and tone suddenly let the people have loose a breath.

'I can't think of the big simmer after the big simmer, I'm more stronger than I think? The blood of the corpse is clear, and the big simmerous wood peach body seems to be angry. , The moment is steep, "should this have across the six level level? Less

Since it is this level of opponent?, 'Repeatedly muttered in general, the flash begins to quickly print.

God's reincarnation eye chacla model !!!

Among the eyes of all people, endless green chakra flames filled the entire stone room hall, an immortal robes with black hooks, in an instant, the body surrounded by twelve emitted fluorescent Seeking jade, floating, silver-white long hair roots fly from fluttering

After the brain.

this is?,'

The province has seen the shape and breath of the fairy in the absence of the flow in the moment, and all the people who have surprised their eyes in all the eyes.

Are two monsters?

The instant momentum of the province, the powerful momentum suddenly and the big simmer collided, blowing the dust and ashes, such a happiness allocated all the people's mind.

After swallowing the Dragon Dragra, Chakra has been infinitely approaching the six-channel level. In addition, the bonus of the launch of God's reincarnation, obviously, the moment of Chakra at this moment is still a juggling. Point.

'Hehe: ._. The strength of your strength is indeed a big difference with these low creatures ._.' 'Big simmer Tiao Tao is sometimes in the moment, the body is not inferior to his momentum, evil The ghost model has passed a piece of deceitful look, but I came to this world, it is not only for you.

I saw the voice of this sentence and fell in front of the air. The big Simon Tao's whole person has already rushed to the front of the hallway of the hall, trying to grab the tail beast. Chakra.

Tongling's technique!!

However, the god of the left eye has already predicted his move in advance, almost in the moment of the big simmer, just actions, and suddenly summoned a dark crow to stay on his shoulders, a pair of flashing Return of rotten in purple magnificent rays launched.