Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 209 of Hueding Crack System

'Damn ._.' '

Just rushing to the big simmer of the outside road, I haven't come to the excitement of the exciting look, and I will have a smog of smoke in front of the entire outer road of the eye, disappearing in the air.

I also have a pair of rounds. _. '' At this moment. See the back of the crow on the shoulders, the big simmer is surprised, and the expression of the big simmer is evolved into a greedy want I hope, 'The world is really true. Come on _._. ''

'Since you consult this here? Then let me have become your cemetery, I'm looking at the hall, I'm looking at the empty big simmer, and the face is in the face of a smile.

The reincarnation of this guy can be swallowed with all the tolerance and then pay back:.................................................................................. The people around them.??

'Canadal all the tissue and then double it? _.' 'After listening to the moment, all the people who have died in the scene nodded, and the heart is dark.

This ability is indeed unknown.

'Well ?! The province is very clear that my ability is second _.' 'Big Jane Tao Tao seems to think that after a moment of engraving, it is very surprised to see his ability. The evil face is very surprised.

"But even if you know my ability, I can't change what I can't change. ''

The face is over, when everyone saves the big simmer, a huge shadow is covered out of everyone.

I saw that the big simmer has appeared above the top of everyone, a black Chakra ball filled with the whole stone room, covered all the sight of everyone.

It seems that the nature of the beast jade is almost _._. ''

At an eye, I observed the nature of this huge black Chakra ball, and the gods of the gods were launched. It seems that there is an invisible neutral junction, I only see the entire stone room. So huge black Chakra balls are gradually being completely absorbed.

But after the big simplicity of the Jane Turns is completely eliminated, the next scene will make the whole face of the whole face.

I didn't guess, what should she be your woman ?! '. I only saw when the big simmer has been bundled with a chain that shines red rays.

The death. He just was blocked by his black Chakra ball to block the god-pre-line sight? The "province see Xiao Nan was held in his hand, and the temperature in the eyes suddenly dropped to the extreme.

Okay! I am not his woman. "I saw Xiao Nan's words, I have not said it, and the red light chain of Chakra in Chakra suddenly tight, and suddenly she can't open again.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to me) (Tomorrow's strongest turtlenect "will be used as a peach.

Chapter 267 of the collapse of the jade system enters (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 267 enters (seeking rewards and automatic)


I am not his woman fed?

Unfortunately, regardless of the made of Xiaonan, you will yell in your heart.

Find all the organization members around, and save yourself and the expression of themselves is a pair. Sure enough, I have already found that you have one leg, expressions, small south is simpi and angry.

Shame is a woman who is incorrect by the enemy and his own people.?

The gas is that it is useless. It is presented by the big simmer.?

'Holding a woman as a threat? It seems that I underestimate your shameless limit "The province will hold the big simmer to hold the small south in the hand. At the foot of the moment, the mouth is slightly, the blue eyes no longer contains a temperature.

Shamed ?! What is it ?! Is it your world's low-class creative vocabulary ?! "Wen Yan Jiwu peach look, it seems that the root can not understand this concept, 'In my eternal life?" Only power? It is the true meaning of supporting I live in 19 !! "

'So? The corpse only met the big simplified big simple wooden peach-style one hand grabbed the small south, and opened a dark time space channel,' If you still want her to live, one of themselves with the god trees Chakra came over with me !! "

The voice is scattered in the air, I saw that the big simmonous peach is brought into the dark time space channel. After the space is restored, everything seems to have not happened.

Only the wolf's wreckage within the stone room is silent to declare everything that happened here.

'What should I do now ?! "After the province saw the big simmer, after the homes, the corners of the moment were long and asked.

"What can I do ?! I actually took Xiaoshan! Of course, I will take her back !!" After he heard the way the world is not chaotic, it is unhappy immediately.

'I agree! Actually, when we grasp the members of our well! "Didala, who has just lost his life in the big simmer, also endorsed the views of the flying segment, and the eyes blinking a crazy persistence in his eyes. , 'The leader, be sure to bring me! I must let the disgusting guys know one.

I really art. Well?

"Although everyone is gathered together for their different purposes.? But as ninja? There is a rigorous drum that is like a rough, and then he seizes the N muscle behind him. Grabting means that action failures and intelligence discloses, this kind of thing is absolutely not allowed !! "

Although I standing next to it didn't speak, but a pair of scarlet written eyes also went to the same look, it was obvious that the wooden leaves came to pay attention to the companion, he absolutely not allowed to sit down his companion, even if she is A member of Xiao.

"No.? The strength of the guy has completely surpassed the hierarchy of the Ninja World? 11 "People go more, the bunch of hands is the feet ?? I will go alone? Less.

Rest assured, I will definitely bring the Xiaonan safety back. "In the end, this sentence will be set, as if it is like gold stone.

Are the enemies of the evil two leaders in this level of guys.

I heard that I was refused to take them to rescue Xiaonan, and I woven everyone was a bit silent, especially the bottom of Didara, a strong unwilling.

In the past, he always hangs art in his mouth. Today, I first recognized my strength. I found that I have compared with the real peerless power, and there is still a long way to go.

'Next, I will use the time space to open the space channel, go to the big simmerous treasure time and space to rescue Xiaonan. The next task, 'You continue to perform the task I arranged to give you a strict

Reincarnation !!

After the sound of the moment, the blind eye W force, and passed the time-time space between a big simmerous wood peach, and the moment of the moment was so fast, and found it in the invisible time. Big Jane Tuan Time Space.

After some career search, the eyes of the moment finally borrowed a yellow sand, which was full of the boundless world, and it seems that the scale is not more than the big simplicity than the long-term daily, the night.

After locking the endlessness of the endless desert in the void, I immediately launched Chakra in the body and waved the A force of God to the extreme.

At the scene, all the people in the field were widened. I saw the stone room in front of the stone room. I opened a space channel with the air, and the other end of this space channel, it is a world of yellow 650 sand, and The surrounding stone chamber has formed a distinct contrast.

'So second _.' '

'Remember me to explain your mission two _. I will come back soon: ._.' '

When this sentence also echoed in the entire stone room hall, the moment has been in front of the dark time space channel, using the desert space of the big simmer.

Looking at the newly recovery of a white-drunk void, all the rest of the families have faced each other, and the face is written in the different looks.

'You said that the leader _. There should be no matter if there is something, and the flying segment will be asked with some unclear tone.

Don't worry, I'm too bright and dark eyes, and you will open the ability to surpass God's taboos..... '

The words seem to have reminded what, there is a little tight neurot of all the people who have a little tight neuron, and only silently speaking, it is not aware of thinking.

Capqin System Chapter 268 Desert Space (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 268 Desert Space (seeking rewards and automatic)

Alighted space.

In the eyes of the eyes, it is a desperate desert, and the sand is sad.

In addition to the surrounding environment, all the environment is boundless, there seems to be the center of the whole world: still standing a wither Tongtian giant tree, as if directly enter the clouds.

'Is it here ?_.' '