Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 210 of Hueding Crack System

Among the winds of the wind, there is a sudden figure, and the white long hair is in the brain, and a white cactus hooks the jade robe, which is the moment of opening the eyes of God.

'Mouth ._. Chakra and odor consumption are still much _._.' '

Feel a sleeping power and Chakra that spending his own obeyed space, I can't help but move slightly, but I am so sleepy, I will have the endless sleep, and open my God. After Chakra mode, enter the six-level Chakra volume, which consumes this

I don't have anything too much.

'Next _._. "._. Where do you bring Xiao Nan _._.' '

In the middle of the desert space, the field of view of the blind eye is diverted to the biggest, and the ultimate blue deep and far-rectified is locked the giant tree that towering the clouds.

!!! _._.

I saw the sleeping power of a bunch of my eyes, as if I have emerged, and there are countless huge rocks in the bottom of the original drunk loess desert, and they have set off the dust and sand of the sky.

Each large rock is the smallest in the moment, but the entire situation is shocking in the voids around the body.

'So I hope that you have died in the second _.' '

In the eyes of the ice cold, there is no slight temperature, and there are countless huge rocks around the void, follow the moment to play the speed, toward the extremely distant trendy, insert the huge trees in the clouds.

There is no other creature of the desert center in this piece.

On the trunk of the dry tangered giant tree, Xiao Nan is bundled with a giant tree with a giant tree in a huge torso.

You died this heart ?? The beast is the treasure that we organize is not easy to collect. Is it impossible to give you a

The trunk of the giant tree has a wild voice in Xiaonan's cold voice, and the eyes are frozen.

Did the beast ?? Is the individual after the dispersion of God Tree,, 'Faced with the eyes of the indifference of the south of the south, the big simmer is just a smile, and the sound looks low and sharp. If he is really like you Same. If you haven't traded with me, I have to kill you.

My Chakra Pills?, '

'Then I will go to your world in my world. Kill all people. Take Chakla integrate one,'

'The fruit of the new to the god tree. When I will reach the height of the past,'

When you think of it, you can reach the fruit of the god tree. After swallowing, you can get more power, as if you have never endless greedy, I hope, completely occupying the big simmer, the whole, the whole, I will be horrible. Face.

'Hey hahaha?,'

When the big simmered lazy laughter is full of space, the whole desert space is resounded.

Xiaoshan was slightly bleak in silence.

Will he come to save me?

As a ninja. The reason in the mind makes it absolutely not allowed to save yourself in this dangerous place.

But as a woman, I don't know why she is in the heart, but she is eager to appear at this time.

'I have experienced so much pain and struggle. I can't think of you or so true? The heart is a self-complimentary thinking, Xiaoshan closes his eyes, and I don't pay attention to the big simmon pattern in front of you.

'Well? What is that?,'

Some horrified voice sounded. At this time, the brilliant wooden sight suddenly worried about the long-term loess, and it seems to have a large black object, and it is gradually enlarged with an amazing speed.

'It's him?,'

When the moment of the very far is controlled countless huge rocks. When the figure of the shocking power, the big simmer is finally clearing the outline of the people.

u He actually came over _._. ''

Unbelievable open your own pair of beauty, muttered in Xiaonan mouth, the eyes are both touching and noise.

Touched is that the moment is really rushing to save yourself:.

It is really worth dancing in danger. To know that in this dark Ninja world, mission and goals are the guidelines of the Ninja career, and the companions and others are just additional attachments.

'Hey: ._. It's really fast ._.' '

The province will immediately chase this hetero-torch, and the big Jane Turkish ghosts will have a smooth smile.

But when the countless huge rock controlled by the flash and his surroundings is getting closer, the smile of the big simmer is finally gradually disappeared.

"Isn't it? This guy is planning to kill one?!"

(Good) I saw the huge bulls from the big simmer and Xiaonan, but the speed of the moment and countless rocks did not slow down.

Originally intended to use Xiaoshan to threaten the extraordinary road of the outer road and five tail beasts. In the case of seeing the instant to count countless giant rock, it is necessary to intend to put him and Xiao Nan's whole Tongtian giant tree. The destroyed landage finally turned its face.

'Since you can swallow all of the tips and Chakra? So try to swallow so many rock bar two _.' '

A pair of blue gods brought a slightly cold smile, and finally flew to the giant tree, the moment was controlled for countless huge rocks around the body, and there was no difference between the whole Tongtian giant tree. .

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 269 of the Cashier System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 269 Capture (ask for reward and automatic).

Damn !! "

After the emergence of a moment, I waited for him to talk about him. Instead, this wave of countless giant rock is bombed. When the big simmer is tonized, it gives up the small south of the side, and it is fast to dodge in the direction of the surrounding direction.

At this time, in his eyes. It is already the same person with yourself.?

It is impossible to abandon your interests for other people and things.?

Bang! Bang!?

The deafening bombings are accompanied by the winds of the sky, countless huge rocks in the moment of turning the eye, and the power and potential to sprint all the way to accelerate the sprint, as if to lock Wood chapped figure is general, and it is constantly bombing towards his location.


As for small south.

Anyway, I have the ability to reincarn my eyes back to the right eye. Even if this wave is strong, there is no difference, and he can make the space in the small north of the body in five seconds, so that Xiaoshan is back to five seconds. State one 380.

'So ?? This world is not possible to threaten me?

'I am here. Is it to kill you?,'

The province's countless huge rock bombardment under his own manipulation, the wolf fled, and the mouth of the mouth, the mouth of the disdain, and the blue eyes suddenly launched the appearance in Xiaonan.

Under countless giant rock, the small south of the huge trees is tied to the small boat in the heavy rain, and even some Juli suddenly bombards the giant trees around her, hit the strong airflow Her whole people breathe is one of them.

Just then, a touch at this moment, her mind is the most expecting the first figure, she appeared in front of her eyes.