Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 211 of Huedings

' ???,'

Some sorrows suddenly appeared in front of their eyes, still familiar with the perfection, and the silver-white long hair is between the flying dances, in this surrounding dangerous ring (BJCH), forming a good Eternal picture.

'Is there anything ?? later?,'

Although there is a detriment to the homesickness, it is time to go back to the body of Xiaonan, but the small south of the present is not a fatal trauma. It is still a breath. It doesn't pay attention to her appearance, I directly cut off the bundle on her. Avine the vine of Chakra.

In Xiaonan, I was shocked, and I was hugged into Xiaonan's body. As Xiao South, I saved him at that time, my mouth loudly between the blue eyes, gently launched two people to disappear. Countless intensive giant rock offensive.

There is no blink of a violent attack around the countless bangs, and no time, now I have a place where I have arrived, and Xiaonan did not struggle.

At this moment, she has suffered from a small to most in an uneasy environment, and she finally felt a moment of peaceful and peaceful.

'The one. You should down? Factory

Some disgusting sounds, I originally snuggled in the smart and warm-hearted, I only saw the smile of the flash, I found two people's body posture, and suddenly unconscious Xiafei cheeks, ML red small face.

'Well? That. Thank you?

After the bottom of the moment, the slightly down-of-mouth Xiaonan God seems to have a little twisted, the original cold face is walked at this moment, and the scubble is loud and low-sounding.

The province has always been a small south of the cold and gorgeous gesture. At this moment, at this moment, he bowed his head in front of himself, as if a general shy neighbor girl, the smile on the face was even more unscrupulous.

'I will help you treat it?

Although I didn't receive a fatal trauma, I was also divided by a lot of wounds, but I can save some snow-white skin through some broken black red cloud coats. I can't help but say.

God surgery!!

The right hand silently bloomed a group with a golden brilliant Chakra, gently placed in Xiaonan, and saw that the golden brilliance Characle arrived, all the big and small injuries on Xiaonan were restored.

Ok, your injury is all restored?

After this appearance of the treated treatment, it seems that some love is reluctant to recover his palm. Looking at the smashing of Xiaonan whispered to the cheek.

Bang !!!

At the time of the two people who were about to talk, there was a big simmer that bombarded countless giant rocks, and finally used a black Chakra ball to bomb the last huge giant rock, the smoldering dusty gravel Among them.

'You two. Don't want to go out this today?

The first two seems to be in the moment, I seem to have , . .... ................................

I will give you two live births to death. First, then make my Chakra medicine pill !! "

While biting the teeth, the big simmer is on the ground in the ground, countless, in the deep shallow giant pit that is stabbed by huge giant rock, and has come to the front of the moment and Xiaonan.

Xiaosan, you are waiting for it here..........................

I heard the scream of the big simmer, and he burn himself with a burning eye, the moment I burned myself, and I smiled slightly. I went straight to the big simplic wood peach.

Choose death in your own space.? It seems good? "

It's the most glanced over the surrounding desert, and I'm moving my blue eyes on the big simmer of my eyes. It seems that the clouds are very high.

(Friends can reward if they have the ability, don't have much, let me feel the way).

Chapter 270 of the collapse of the jade system (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 270 Sense World (seeking reward and automatic).

Hehe, '

The moment is regardless of unattended attitude. In an instant, I will completely ignite an anger of the anger in the Hun Hung, I saw that he is like a villain as a gainful smile, so that the ordinary people will probably be a nightmare that can be done continuously for a lifetime.

In the boundless desert, the sad sand is blown from the two.

The invisible breeze is from two people, and it has increased its momentum to the extreme.

The battle is in touch.

Perfect immortal mode, start!!

I saw the flash of the blue sky, and there was an invisible atmosphere to reveal from the body. The whole person was strong and the body's power suddenly pushed up a height.

Such! June 1, 'L

Among the big sparks of the big simmer, there is a shocking chase that the God's reincarnation of Kra Mode and the perfect cactus model will be opened. In an instant, the ground around the desert is fragments.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

I suddenly lost the trace of the moment, when the big simmer is immediately reacted. One seems to bloom the inexplicable fist, which has torn the surrounding air, and amplified in front of his eyes.

If Xiaonan next to it is not touching, I am afraid I will never imagine that this is the voice sent by the human flesh collision.

The big jams of the cais reactive instantly stretched I, I won the giant hand, I cracked out the fist of the moment, but soon a very fast, the prehistoric behemoth generally hit the fierce movement of the hit, and flew him throughout him.

Can evil. His strength is actually?, '

The whole person is surprised to take flying to the air, surprised to the unbeatable power, but the eyes have found out when they have appeared in front of him.

'Time and space of the instant movement type?,'

In the process of sliding in the half-air, when the moment, when he was once again, he suddenly became a red light, and there were dozens shining red light weapons to shoot him. Out.

! ! !?

There is no number of impact of metal, and the sudden attack between the big Jane wood peach is almost zero-distance, and the moment is slowly reacted to carry the face around the body. Suddenly formed a huge shady will all The attack of the red light weapon is equipped.

'Is there a weapon like a big simmer?,'

After blocking all the attacks of the big simmer, I'm glanced at the many weapons whispering the red light in the surrounding ground, and immediately understood the weapon created with the strength of the yin and yang.

'? Seeking jade?,'

After all the weapon attacks were blocked by the shadow of the jade, the big simmer is a bit bite, and the hands will be held forward.

The eyes of the moment were slightly condensed, and I saw that the big simmered treasure invisible power was driven. The whole ground suddenly rushed to him, and it is bound to carry him the whole person.

Is it similar to the ability of immortal and inorganic reincarnation?

This seems to be a kind of inorganic material that can give no life with life, and the ability to control, is not simple to use Chakra control material tolerance, and under this ability of the inorganic action is extremely agile. .

However, the mysterious vast vastness of the mysterious vastness has been predicted in advance, and the surrounding changes have been predicted. Before all the soils in the hands are inserted, the whole person is like a shell, and it is like a shell.

Attacon timing made a dazzling light, the breeze produced in the mobile flew around all the objects, sprinkled in front of his eyes in the eyes of the big simple wooden peach.

Boom! Or!

There is no number of collisions of vast vibration air, and only two of the flash and large simms are changed into a flashing light, and the bangs between the body fight hit the surrounding earth.