Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 212 of Hueding Crack System

Among the eyes of Xiaonan, she completely saw the figure of the first two people. I only heard the continuous spread of earthquake collision, and the cracking desert earth.

Any sickness doesn't work for you? But very regret that the body is just my strength?

Among the constant signs, the moment, there is a flashing, a violent kick seems to be expected in advance, kicked the red light big knife that brought the big simmer.

'And in my own eyes of my pair, all your movements have been wear in our province?

Among the big simms, there is a unbelievable eye, the moment of the moment is unlimited, and a huge force that does not resist the resistance. I saw that the door opened by Zhongmen opened his feet she bombarded the rock mountain behind it. Among them.

At the same time in the big simmer, the whole person is burned into the rock mountain, and the moment, the whole person is suddenly sinking, and the shock of Chakra, which is full of changing Chakra, as if it is like a wolf to smoke.

It seems that the armed sale is general. The shock of Chakra, which is emitted into the air, has almost turned into a dark color, forming a huge giant dragon, the entire cover is on the moment.


The bombarding a big sound explosion, the moment was broken around the whole earth, and the paint black Chakra, which covered with him, rushed into the rock mountain.

"This is ?? The space is turned out !?"

The shocking thoughts passed in the big simple wooden peach spoke, and he somewhat frightened, his eyes, smashed the size of the eyes, saving the entire humanity of the whole person, a paint black Chakra Dragon, with the atmosphere of the end, distort the speed of the whole space, rushing to himself.

At this moment, the big terror between life and death stunned all the potential of the big simple wood peach whole body, and the power of the whole body was condensed out of the red light shield.

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As if a hydrogen bomb explosion is generally, I saw a flash of black Chakra Thank. The speed of the twisted space is shocked to the big simmer, and the legs are raised.

It was originally caged with the whole body of the dark Chakra Dragon to tear all the air around him. As the legs stoveted, he opened the big jams into the big simmer.

Boom! Hey! Hey!?

I saw that the big simmer tattoo suddenly took the rock on the end of the moment, and torn the entire loess earth under the feet. The whole person was more fierce than the shellfish. The speed was thrown into the sky. Giant tree trunk bottom.

do you died?,'

It is a torn earth, which is a torn earth, as if a dark crack I can, gently through countless dust and gravel, a body of a pair of gods in this sky, the dust is flashing in this sky Endless rays.

'Cough cough ??port award?,'

The vomiting in the dust sounds, only the bottom of the trunk of Tongtian giant trees, the big simmer is inherently in the bloody ashes, all the parts of the Months have disappeared, the mouth is constantly turning back Blood.

'How can there be such a body in the world?

Even if it is constantly being treated with blood and internal organs, the big simmer is still in the mouth of the inexplicable i i, he only has the first moment of the mind, the moment that is stabbed. Black dragon symbolizing the end of the day.

Actually, I haven't died yet?

Far away from the endless dust and the gravel, the very far distance has saved the status of the big simmer, there is a slight loss between the look, and he hits him directly by his last day. There is no chemical powder.

It should be that the red light huge shield that is similar to the nature of the yin and yang, is the big attack? "'Second,'

'Cough. It is really difficult to believe that the power of pure body is playing out?,' Falling in the big simmer in the bottom of the giant tree, there is a national ball in the nodes of the big trees, and throwing it into In your mouth, 'This is the rest of the Chakra medicine pills ?? But as long as you can kill him to get him

What can't be on Chakra. These consumption can't be?


The distance from hundreds of meters. At the moment, I saw that the big Jane Tuan Tao seems to throw something in my mouth, and the body parts of the Huane following began to reappear the new meat I body.

The roaring roaring roaring, I saw that all the thick soils in the ground were not far from the next, gradually condensed a rock giant with up to 100 meters, and then a sharp high temperature ignited on the ground, a rock A fire red bountee.

The flavor of the flaming bird flying out from the row screams, the whole drilled into the body of the rock giant, and suddenly the entire rock giant has a burst of high temperature magma.

Hey, hahaha?, 'F, sorrow, came from the distance, I saw that the big simmer is gradually restored by the end of the moment, and slowly slammed from the giant tree to the bottom of the giant tree. "He is my pill !!"

Under his manipulation, the huge rock giant with a rolling row paddles suddenly took a picture of the moment, and the entire ground was depressed, and the black crystal was burned around the high temperature rock.

"It's really troublesome?, '

Easy to use the other end of the desert, the flash of the flash is not on the high-temperature rock giant of the moment, but it has fallen on the big simmer of the bodies that have completely recovered in the distance, because the moment is now I can't determine how much like that is like that.

Craine pill.

Warming · !!!

However, it is just to solve this in front of this hindrance, the eyes of the blue eyes flashed, and the endless eyes of God have burst out, and the rock, the rock, the rock, which is just now, fused, turned into a blink of an eye It has changed between a huge rock.

God statue.

And under the mutation of huge Xiankerat in the body, frozen in the air condensed. The solder formation of a layer of vacuum multi-layer ice wall forms a huge rocky god, a number The ten-meter wide ice knife appears in the hands of the rocky god.

W! !?

Only the huge rocky god of the whole body wandered with glacial waves, when I mentioned the giant width ice knife in my hand, my big stepped on a wide-definite loess desert, and suddenly collided with the rocker giant, I sent a burst of Another shock shock wave visible again.

11 damn?, '

The province and instantly summoned a powerful rocky look that pressed the rock giant. When the big simmer is tightly bites his sharp teeth, and the ones in the eyes shot a fierce elasticity. Extension II shot.


The hot temperature is transmitted to the skin of the moment, and only the surrounding grounds have a high temperature and hot lava under the manipulation of the big simmer, and gathered to the slump.

Reincarnation !!

There is between the flashlight, suddenly spanning more than a hundred meters between the two, and appears in front of the big simple treasure (a good) style.

The big simmer is reacted, and the hands of the hands of the moon, but the power of the flashy roast, and he hits him and re-hits the giant tree torso behind it.

'If you can ._. I really don't want to use this trick.

After all, the consumption of and Chakra is so large _._._._. ''

I saw a big simmer, I was gently put on my own eyes, as if I gave a spare rusty.

However, after the next second, the moment was gently looked up at his blue eyes. The mysterious god of the mysterious eyes did not focus the distance. It is generally gradually looking to the peach.

Vientiane black;!!

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