Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 213 of Hueding Crack System

Vientiane black;!!

With the moment, the eyes of the deep blue eyes gradually look forward to the big simmer of the giant tree to move, the original gods have been born in the eyes of the endless dysh, just like suddenly evaporated in most, with a moment of ignorance Chakra, suddenly consumed half this moment.

Although I don't know what I did in the moment, a strong fatal crisis that broke out from the bottom of my heart, I occupied the entire soul of the big simmer.

I saw the fall of the eyes of the eyes of the blind eye, the big simmerous wood-style body is located, the original spacelessly undulating space, but suddenly seems to have been thrown into a huge stone.

The big simmer suddenly found that the entire space of the surroundings, as if it seems to violent, and the spatial waves of the ups and downs of the stretch began to roll twisted.

'._. Is it a time space? _.' '

At this moment, it was obviously that the space around him becomes unstable. The big simmer is immediately tightened the muscles of the whole body. I just want to get out of the space around it, but I'm slamming, the discovery of the frightened 797 I seem to have been watered in the cement, I can't move this space.


'What do you think this is a time-space ?_. No: ._ Produced in front of the big simmer, this moment, the face is already flattened, even if it consumes a huge power and Chakra, but But still explained it for him, 'This is gravitational. One


As if the whole person is attached to the surrounding air, it is a big simplic wood peach, which is unable to move, and it is shocking.

'You don't have to struggle _._

'Your future is only dead !! "

With the firm decided voice, the big simmer is like a void in front of it seems to be broken by an invisible hammer, starting a dramatic break, collapse.

what is this?!!"

In the struggle, the big simmer is not born, and after seeing the space in front of him, after the space collapsed into the inner, a dark and humble seems to have no total black space appears in front of himself.

'What is this second _. Time and space channel ?! "A burst of somewhat the voices started from his mouth.

'You think that I spend so much and Chakra Shi Diqiqi _. Just open the time space channel? _.' 'with unsuccessful rocker, the moment is desirable to look at the distance Big simmon pattern of body twisted.

'No. Not a time space channel? The light is being swallowed?

Among the twisted swings of the body, the big simmer is only a darkness, and the light around him seems to be swallowed in the dark space channel in front of you.

'No.? Nor. Is it a world being swallowed ??! "He finally found everything around him, but even more than the light line, even the four-week space, everything is gradually swallowing in front of the dark space. .

'The whole world is swallowed ?!!' Call a large simple woodworking or even horrifying to even the original tone became distorted.

All light, space, ground, air.?

Everything is swallowed in the dark black hole in front of him.

All things are like a tablecloth, (BJDD) is gradually pulling the black hole in front of you.?

'Vientiane black boss? Not open a time space channel?,'

', But I opened a black hole, which is a huge force and Chakra consumed by my God. The gravitation of the active gravitation of the control of the active gravitation creates time and space to collapse.

'Is it a so-called black hole? Can you devour all Wenluo in the world?,'

'Where is all the destination? The end of the universe?,'

A burst of appearance, the general tone, from the moment of the mouth, is endless, and the big simplic wood peach in the distance is the most abundant expression of this life, together with all the things around him, constantly The roaring screaming is gradually squeezing into the black hole in the dark.

everything is over?,'

Some painful one hand hold your own eyes, I feel that a large number of Chekra, which is consumed, and the body is automatically released, and the perfect cactus model and God's reincarnation eye check Kra mode.

"Although only such a small black hole can be opened? The natural formation of the naturally formed black hole cannot be compared. But enough to have an invisible existence?, '

Looking at the big simmer peach is finally completely smoked into the black hole, the space around it gradually started to reply to the whole drunk. At the moment, it seems to be a person muttering.

After the persevers of the big simmonism, the lava giants were lost, and the frosts that were suddenly being summoned were splitted into a broken block. The whole 100 meters high body body suddenly collapsed, in front of this endless desert There is a dusty dust and gravel among the sky.


The battle in front of the province seems to gradually calm down, the small man is moving behind the white paper angel wings, and the light is flying to the side of the moment.

"I have solved it? Production! See Xiaonan to come to himself, flash M out a relaxed smile.


The state of the immortal perfect immortal mode is released at this moment, and Xiao Nanxin knows that he must consume very large, nothing to say, just silently supported him.

Feel the small south of the south, grabbing your arm, and put a happy smile on the face.

Looking at the boundless desert boundary, there seems to be shining out of the front line of golden.

'Let's go back?

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 273 of the collapse jade system breaks again (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 273 breaks again (seeking rewards and automatic)

The village of Yuyin.

The top of the tower tower of the rainy village, the top of the huge horror magic image of the high hundred meters.

The moment is alone, sitting on it, and the blue sky is looked at the rain, and the forest is in the village of the forest.

Vientiane black is strictly in fact, it is not a unique pupil that I am awaken, but it is just a simple ability to operate the gods to the eye to the extreme, and a move that created. It is like a round to the eye. Brucery is an application that belongs to the gravitational force.

And accordingly, the effect of Vientiane Black Creating is much larger than the explosion of the sky, so the huge intensification of the and Chakra is only the fascinating eye of the blind eye, which exceeds ordinary reincarnation and rotation. The eyes can be affected.

After a day of the big simmer, he took a day, and after the sleeping power and Chakra were restored, the space channel and Xiaonan were returned to the real ninja world.

Of course, as for the two people who have been overwhelming with Xiaonan Lonely widow, there is no more exciting rhyme, so they don't know.

Just at this moment, the inexplicable smile that I have emerged from time to time is always easy to embrace.

'! The system detected that the host's ability to freeze fruit has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the high-level ice fruit capability to increase. "

'! The system detects that the Shenglong hit the host has arrived in the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, Congratulations to the end of the day. "

'! The system detected that the gods of the host have arrived in the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the host to get eighty gods. "

At this time, the system tips in the mind in the mind, completely pulling the thoughts of some of the gods in front of them.

I finally broke through it.

Sure enough, high-intensity fight is the best way to improve strength.