I feel that my body seems to have some changes that can't change the change, especially the freezing force in the body. It seems that the violent growth in the system is prompting, and it seems to be upgraded to a place where Xuanzhi is also a place.

The moment can even feel that now I will start with anything in front of you, you can freeze an ultimate in front of any things in front of you.

Forced to press the impulse you want to try, the moment is called in the heart.

System, I am thinking about things, can I suddenly come out to interrupt my thoughts. '. It seems that some of the scenes that are dissatisfied in their minds are interrupted by the system, and they can't help but hold their mouths.

The most recent state in our province has some somewhere in the brain, so come out to let you wake up. '. The sound of the system is still ancient and unparalleled, and it is unpredictable.

What kind of fine I insects! I just experienced a battle?! 'I heard the system saying it, I almost jumped.

Don't comment?, 'The sound of the system is fascinating, full of taunting means.

What is not coming to feed!? What time do you start to learn to ridicule the host ?! The speech became more and more thin? After the moment of being dissatisfied with dissatisfaction, then the time will start I have entered the topic. But the words come back, you seem to have not prompted to break through the bottle for a long time.

The neck breaking the boundary capacity enters the next stage of the news?, '.

This is not so strange.? When your capacity is in the late post? Breaking the boundary breakthroughting of the bottleneck, it will certainly improve it accordingly? The "Sound of the system" explains the brakes.

This is also?, 'I heard the system's statement of the heart.

No matter what kind of ability, the closing level is, the more difficult to improve, every cross is difficult, and you can have the cach system to directly break through the bottleneck to break the boundaries, which is undoubtedly surpassed in this world. People.

'And there is a tips here. Host your frozen fruit capability has broken through the stage of demon fruit awakening? It seems to be in consideration of his words.

The category of the company is even if you face the highest level of opponents in this world?

Two fresh flowers ··?

Don't you say it? In short, you will be surprised?

'The rest is yourself by your host?,'

After the end of the system is gradually hidden in the brain, there is no other voice.

"?, 'I heard half of the system, I felt that it entered the way offline again, and I only wanted to explode a thick mouth.

I still want to consult with other things, but the philosophies have disappeared again, I have to make a good job.

The ability of frozen fruit has broken through an unprecedented height??

After finalizing his mood, I'm carefully felt a while, I only felt that the original raging frozen is now seeming to have turned into a chaotic glacial universe, and there is no margin.

Holding a mentality, the moment, the moment of moving the chaotic ice river universe. In the face of the rain curtain that the rain in the rain, it is gently sucking, and the frozen force gathered in the body. come out.


It seems that there is something that is broken. If there is no sound, I only see the flash of frozen in the moment, I have no time to come in the past, but I have made a white light. .

Between the moment, I saw that the rain curtain that constantly fell in front of him. It seems that the rain in the air has formed frozen ice crystals, but it seems that it is not ordinary ice crystals, and it has fallen from dozens of meters. At the foot of the foot, I broke out the brilliance of a place.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands, thank you.

(The five shadow talks should be the climax of the niring people?).

Crash System Chapter 274 New Ability (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 274 New Ability (ask for reward and automatic)

'this is?,'

After seeing this scene in front of you, I have incorporated each of my subtle changes, and I couldn't help but surprised my eyes.

'After breaking the boundaries breaking through the bottleneck.? Frozen is turned from the shape of the gas into the form of light? "There are some unbelievable mutters in the mouth, and the face gradually got excited smile.

The freezing fruit capability breaks the boundaries and breaks through the level of the devil fruit awakening.

Sure enough, as he is willing?

Evolution to the realm of freezing atoms.

'That is,'

Standing throughout the rainy, feeling the vast and boundless ice river universe, and the blue eyes of the flash is the endless "endless". The eyes almost penetrated the whole dark and sad.

'I am now shot the force for frozen ?? Make all the substances lose sports. Any energy is lost, all the substances will stop?,'

'Now this world except for the six-level yin and yang, there should be no sickness and energy to resist my extent of freezing?,'


I was a burst of arrogance of a madness of the sky, and pulling the nerves in the unknown corner.

In the rain, there is a hidden stone room.

Among the spacious and bright halls, a figure that flashes in the color of the colorful clouds.

The leader! Xiaonan! You are back !! "

After seeing the figure of the moment and Xiaonan station in the main hall, the first time to use the slide of the body, the first flying section of the body shape, the first is called: Too good! I know that the gains are gainful. Guys can't be the opponent of the leader?, '

'At the moment?,' Shows that the body shape is white and Jun Ma Lu, and after the figure of Xiaonan, the face is tightening, it is a loose, and the big people can return to the safety.?

'Well? The living woman has been solved by me? "I saw the reaction on the face, and the mouth of the mouth took a smile, nodded, and how is the task of the tail recycling?"

'The degree of guy is also solved by the leader?,'

I heard the information from the flash in the moment. All the familiar people in the middle of the people were invincible, and the eyes of the big simms were shocked, and they were looking for a bit more than a bit.

'I and the flying section of the paragraph is already arrived in shallowness. It is estimated that you can't use the seven tail column to bring it back.,' Corner converges your heart, Shen The sound opening answered the problem of the moment.

'Very good? I nodded. I nodded. I was a blue eyes glanced over all the people present around. I found that I didn't have the figure of Didala, I couldn't help but nice 9, "Didala? Why? Haven't come yet? "

'Didala?,' I heard the moment. At this time, the face of the corner seems to be a little hesitant. He said slightly to the silent WA next to it. He said: 'I received the news before I received ?? Di Dallana guy seems to have encountered Unecho Sasuke, who is searching for help?, '.

Both two people are fighting in fighting, and there is intermittent and renewed, and finally finisken.

'Yuxi Bo Sasuke ?!' Listen to the content of the characters, the blue-blue eyes glanced over the next side, and the flash is not so frowning, 'What? What is these two people? Stir together with the original, factory? Factory

'And.? Wood leaves also sent a few tricky ninja in searching for WA drop?

Wooden ninja? This is really enough to toss it?, 'I heard the intelligence throwing out again in the mouth, I can't help the mouth, I can't help the mouth, a slight squatting AE.

'So today, today's rally.? Flying horns have you brought back the seven-tail column in the flyth angle?,' Slightly sorted out his thoughts in his own mind, and the opening announced the end of this organization. The rally. 'Other people continue to perform the tasks I assassinated to your?

'Help? According to the agreement between us ?? Go to that place waiting for it?,' Finally turned his gaze again to WA next to the silent WA, and said two

'Well?,' Understand the meaning of the meaning in the moment, I nodded.

After all, this time, all people came over, the main purpose is to tell them that the news that you have rescued from the big Jane Tao Tao's hands, and the second is to learn about the progress of the current task.