Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 215

When all everyone in the scene, all of them have relieved their own slide, after a gradually disappearing, the entire stone room hall is only in the same moment, and two people are left.

Silent as if only listen to each other's breathing.

' ?? Didala?, Then see all everyone left, Xiao Nan a pair of beautiful places have some hesitate to bring some hesitized.

This kid is really a guy who is a score: ._. '' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . ''

'Say: ._. Don't know which guys are sent out this leaves. One.' 'Said here, the eyes of the moment seem to have a little slightly fascinating, muttered in the mouth.

"Small South ._. '' Recovered some gods of the gods, and immediately reached out and pulled the black red clouds of his own body. The eyes of the mouth of the mouth got a tareiful curvature, 'I have to go out _.' '

In the air, the voice of the voice is in the air, under the staring at Xiaonan intoxicated, the whole person will disappear in the hall of the stone room.

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Chapter 275 of the collapse of jade system is again (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 275 encounters (seeking rewards and automatic)

Wrapped within the boundless forest.

The finely fragmented sun passes through countless mottled Shengmao branches into the jungle.

Kakasi, Big and, Naruto, Little Sakura, Sakura, Dog, Oil Girl, as well as the nutar, eight people assembled, rushing, rushing between the woods.

'Relative to murder? J tongue the target more skill. So everyone should pay attention to the tacit understanding of each other' 'rapidly flying in the woods, serving as the team leader Kakasi, opening the action Content, 'So the cooperation between everyone is the key to this action.

Once A is knocked down, Sasuke will lose its goal, so we must live to catch up with the corpse between several big branches, flexible and flexible. Side next to the little bit of dutary, but the eyebrows But it contains a loubility. 'But a member of A? We really can be less.

No matter how! This is the best way to get back to the wooden leaves! So our 20th movement must be successfully caught in., 'Sakura next to it has not finished, it is called the tone of the Naruto Broken, the blue eyes revealed firm look.

At this time, everyone quickly flew the jumping foots suddenly stopped, dragged out of the long trajectory on the ground in the woods, because it seems that the voice that seems to be familiar with it enters the mind of all of them. .

Catch a ?! ".

Is there a problem with my ear ??

I don't want to use the three generations of wind shadow people to kill the Sakura and the millennium is anti-killing.

Do you know the Didara, which is helpless and written and written in the eyes?

I don't want to use five attributes of high-end sickness, using five attributes.

In short, in front of this group, in front of the protagonist, there are too many original powerful names that will be inexplicably under their aura.

and so.

I don't know how to face such a group of heads, the protagonist, and how will my ending? "I thought about it.

'The ridiculous thing is that you actually think that you can catch A to catch A,' Rui arrive here, flash is almost a laughter, 'I am really curious about where you come here. ?, '

Listening to the words of the eyes of the moment, a yellow face of a dried wood, a young red, although I would like to refute to the moment, but I have nothing to say.

' ?,'

The soft and delicate voice came, I saw that the pure white bibli of the young fields around Xiao Ying is slightly treated in front of the moment.

'Well ?! What is it?,'

It seems to hear the sound of a long-lost voice in the young field. At this time, he raised his eyes, saves a young man who had already fell a long-haired hair. A snow-white little face is filled with me. Pity weakness.

'I haven't seen it for a long time? Are you growing up?

In the tone, it seems to have some remembering, in the past, the young girl is only a little girl in front of him, but now it has grown to slim soft I girl.

'Head brother? Are you?,'

I looked at the moment before the eyes, some stared at his perfect face and lying. The mind was flashing in the mind. After the father and her, he said, I won't know why the young fields are slightly underneath. My head.

'Okay? Since my sister, I haven't seen you in a piece of sister,' I'm looking at some helpless shrugs, and I have a slightly, I'm really luck today.? Also taking a little ticking the ingredient of the shot? Less.

Less less to open the river! Heart, you, yourself !! "

I saw sudden appearance in front of my own 087 and others, except for the young fields in the middle, I said that there were so many ridicule words, but I didn't even look at them. I was eager to pursue Sasuke and a fallen Naruto. Tao, I don't care you! I must bring the sakura back !! "

When the voice just fell, the Naruto broke out and passed quickly from the moment.

Don't impulsive! Naruto?, '

According to the rigmatics of the people, I have penetrated a sweat in front of Kashelton, which has penetrated a sweat in front of the momentum that is tough and tired.

Rabbit hair needle!!

However, Carti stop reminded is too late. Everyone did not see the movement of the moment. The Naruto just passed around him suddenly stagnant, and the whole person fell on the ground because of inertia Far away.

What's going on! Why can't I move!? ', I can't move my body, unbelievable, unbelievable, no matter how it struggled, I couldn't move.

In the face of the level is much lower than his opponent, this trick is really convenient ?? Nothing to go back to the road, the nun people struggled on the ground, and the heart is dark.

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Chapter 276 of the Crash System Warning (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 276 Warning (seeking rewards and automatic).

What did he do?! ',

Deeply puzzled all the mind of all people of the leaves, the moment of Chakra wrapped a subtle head and launched the vocals of the Naruto, blocking all his actions, even the most excellent Kakasi in everyone There is no obvious movement of the moment.

At almost all the people in the field, all the people of the leaves were flashing. Before the five generations of eyes, the contest, 'If I met the day outside the blind, I didn't fight with him anyway.? Whether you live! "

However, the philosophone suddenly fell behind the moment, and the mission was entrusted to see the big sum of the protective person, and he had to quickly print his hands.

Wooden draft surgery!!

I saw that the big and arms were slightly stretched forward. There were countless hosted wood to extend from the arm, and quickly extended to the Naruto after the moment, the goal of the province came to save the Naruto.

But the next scene made all of them were horrified, and he only saw that the moment is slightly smashed, and a white light suddenly flashed into the big wooden.

Some of the frozen sounds sounded, as if the whole space in front of the eyes were frozen, I saw the countless thick wood extending from the big and arms, and I was frozen into a frozen ice crystal in an instant. It is glorious with glory.

After all the frozen frozen wooden ice crystals were broken from the big and broken arm, suddenly fell on the ground to break into powder shaped crystal particles, as if to cover the ground of the whole forest, a dazzling crystal, appeared Wheel is free.

However, it is apparent that this beautiful dream scene can only bring extremely piracy to all the woods in the woods. Isn't he shot?

'Just the tissue blowing a breath? Two "two,' Kakasi has opened his scarlet written eye, and the huge waves of the heart of the heart. 'This kind of ice is more than ten years ago When wooden leaves?, '

The growth of this monster is never ended.